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I’ve just had the craziest February on record. I honestly didn’t think it was humanly possible to pack so much in to such a short month. Thankfully I’ve come out the other side to tell the tale.


That tale included 15 Fringe World Festival Perth shows, the Summerset Arts Festival, a trip to the Gold Coast, Rocky Horror Opening, just four movie previews, the French Film Festival media night and all things Urban Couture. There was a lot on the home front as well with our youngest daughter turning 17 and hubby leaving for up to a month at sea.


I didn’t even manage to case Perth Festival, The Perth Writers Festival or a cider and beer type event down in Bunbury.  There was a whole lot I said ‘no’ to as well last month. Makes me think I need a stunt double (or two)* and two extra weeks in February.


It also has me thinking about how everything seems to happen at once here in Perth. I’ve also been thinking a lot about Perth’s tendency (not just in an event and show capacity) to head into hibernation mode for winter. I think a Winter Festival (if only on a personal level) might be on the cards this year.


Before that though, as Perth’s resident outsider, I’m making it my mission to case the less fashionable side of town this year. Those products, places and people that mostly fly under the Instagram, picture perfect radar.


I’ll still be heading to the fashionable side of town occasionally but following a #oneshotwonder approach to social media. One shot to capture the moment with my new Sony Xperia or it just doesn’t happen. As I attempt to be more in the moment than behind the camera capturing it this year.


I don’t have the time or the inclination to style my life to within an inch of its life, so why on earth would I aspire to be any different with my online existence?!


As we still have an Australia wide audience and our review website is consistently achieving over 220k page views each month, we are sharing the love around by opening up an Australia wide Local Loves series later this month. I’ll be kick starting the festivities with a non-sponsored local giveaway. It’s my small way of giving back and thanking our readers for their ongoing support these past 6 years. It’s also another small way for me to support the small businesses and brands that I’ve come to love and trust.


Much like my approach to February, I have an action packed year ahead of me and I can’t wait to get all our new projects off the ground. Right now though, it’s time for our latest Aussie Giveaway Linkup, with my co-host, Jody from Six Little Hearts Blog.






You can review our linkup guidelines and meet our co-hosts Jody (Six Little Hearts) and Felicity (The Baby VineHERE. Although, Felicity is currently having a little time out with a new bub keeping her suitably distracted.


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Interestingly… I actually have a stunt double (or two) but rather than heading to events or working on content or promotion for AMC, they’ve been running interference with ongoing trolling. So much so, that I’ve decided (after a good 3 to 4 years of trolling & something that hit a little too close to home recently) to take a different course of action from here on in with an open letter to my trolls. Would dearly love your support when that hits AMC later this week. And if you’ve experienced trolling (or you are currently having issues) to any extent, I would love to hear from you!

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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.

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