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The Perfect LBD 52 Ways | All that JAZZ

One LBD 52 Ways | Agent Mystery Case

    It’s safe to say that I tried and failed miserably in the Nightclub LBD stakes last week. Showing more than a bit of skin has never been my style and while clubbing was a favourite way to pass the time many moons ago now, it’s definitely no longer my scene. I lasted all of five minutes, was completely overdressed and totally out of my element.   I’m not entirely convinced but thinking a Jazz club might be more

How to Survive the Silly Season | One GIVEAWAY at a time

Agent Mystery Case Worth Casing Wednesday

Christmas might arrive early here on the blog this year as we contemplate bringing our twelve mystery prizes in December GIVEAWAYS kicking and screaming into November.   I’m thinking about going against my no talk of Christmas till December 1st rule because I really want the fantastic prizes we have up for grabs to hopefully reach you before Christmas this year and postage in Perth tends to take ten times longer at any time of year. It’s much worse in

Blog Spotlight | My Journey – Am I there yet?

Linda from My Journey - Am I There Yet?

For me, blogging is quickly evolving into a full time job. It creates work, a lot of work, so in my eyes it makes sense to treat blogging as a series business. As a result, it can be easy to forget that for some, blogging is more of a hobby. A way to have some fun and make a difference.   Today, we catch up with Linda from My Journey – Am I There Yet? the blogger behind one of

Mystery Case Confession | If the shoe fits…..

Agent Mystery Case | if-the-shoe-fits-purchase-the-matching-bag

Possibly the most hypocritical post I’ve ever written but that age old saying ‘if the shoe fits’…… has me thinking this silly season!   A lesson for all of us at this time of year   It would seem it’s the season to step on toes at the moment and right now my toes are feeling well and truly stomped on.   I must confess, I’m finding it hard to find the positives in certain people and keep smiling (virtually