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Kicking the Bucket List with One New Thing a Week

I Must Confess | Mystery Case | One New Thing

  I’m back hosting I Must Confess again this week, even though it’s a public holiday here in Perth today to commemorate Anzac Day. A public holiday that has me scratching my head. You see there are no further official commemorations planned, they all took place on Anzac Day (Saturday) which was also a public holiday.   I’m not sure why WA decided to declare today a public holiday, when the rest of the country chose not to but I’m

Penny for Your Thoughts?! Aussie Giveaway LinkUp #182

Penny on hand | Agent Mystery Case | Penny for your thoughts

Thoughts?!   This week I’m looking for ways to spread the GIVEAWAY word to both business/bloggers hosting giveaways and the comping side of town. I would really love for this link party to become a WIN WIN for all involved.    I’m assuming a BIG giveaway would be the best way forward here. Possibly a combined effort with a few of my blogging and business friends but I don’t want to turn it into a Rafflecopter free for all where you

Smooth Operator {Worth Casing Wednesday Link Party}

Creme Brulee | Perth | Worth Casing Wednesday

  Last month, we celebrated 21 years together. 21 years since that very first official date where we went for a nice meal in Crows Nest, headed in to the City (Sydney) to see a movie (Schindler’s List) and I cried into my cocktail afterwards at the Marble Bar. On one hand it seems like yesterday and the other a life time ago.   With hubby posted to sea for the month, working on a marine science survey ship in