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CALLOUT | Casing Fitness Fashion @ Target GIVEAWAY

Fitness Fashion Style Challenge | Agent Mystery Case

Can you help? This week, I’m looking for someone to ‘case’ Fitness Fashion on my behalf for our latest style challenge (#fitnessfashionfinds).     This is all about keeping it real fitness fashion, and having some fun in the process, when working out. For me looking the part, helps motivate me and get me out the door. In the scheme of things though, it really doesn’t matter what size, shape or level of fitness you are, just as long as

Fitness Fashion | Plus Size Workout

Plus Size Workout | Musings of the Misguided | Guest blogger Agent Mystery Case

I’m excited (and slightly nervous) to welcome our latest featured blogger to AMC who is touching on issues faced when trying to find practical and affordable plus size fitness fashion.   After the vicious attack on my lack of a thigh gap recently, I put the brakes on the fitness style challenge but I’m hoping all of that negativity is now behind us and looking forward to kicking our latest style challenge into overdrive with a giveaway and guest blogger

Crazy Ideas {Worth Casing Wednesday Link Up}

52 Blog Ideas | You will want to steal and call your own | Agent Mystery Case

I strongly believe there is no such thing as a crazy idea but lately I’ve been having more than my fair share of ideas. Crazy, blogging and otherwise. I also believe that somethings are better out than in, which seems to be a running theme with me at the moment as I find myself knee-deep in the detox zone of day 1 of my 5 day juice cleanse.   This week I’m sharing a little round-up post of what’s on

Casing the Menu | Brunch is on Me

Brunch is on Me | Mystery Case

      When I put feelers out just over six months ago looking for food reviewers for brunch, I was overwhelmed with the response. Especially considering that a lot of my blogging friends were keen to jump on board even though there would be no photo sharing, blog posts, special VIP treatment or events. Just a real meal on me with a real review in return.   Why brunch?   Well it’s my favourite meal, no matter what day