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Where am I Wednesday?

Agent Mystery Case | Miss 16

I’m a tad stressed and distracted this week. I had plans to finally bring you a snippet of my Perth mystery tour with Zita from It’s Time blog but instead I’m playing a game of ‘Where Am I?’ this Wednesday.   Where am I?     If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you will already know why I’m so distracted and where I’m currently based.   For everyone else…. It’s the current view from my daughter’s hospital

Business Mamas – Clown to Ringmaster in 6 easy steps

Business Mamas | Agent Mystery Case

  This week I’m mastering the working mother juggling act with a capital F… for FLEXIBILITY. Which makes a nice change from the other F word and how things normally go down. You could say, It’s been an interesting couple of weeks with me running around like a chaotic clown, as I race to finish deadlines and tick off as much as I can for the next month and master that whole juggling act when it comes to work, life and

Life’s Little Treasures… World Prematurity Day


  Tuesday November 17th marks the 5th annual World Prematurity Day. Which has me revisiting a post and a time in my life that touches on my youngest daughter’s premature birth.   While I consider ourselves rather lucky in terms of our healthy daughter and our very brief time in neonatal care, it was still a rather stressful time.   A time that I really could have done with some support and understanding outside the medical profession and our family, who were

Event Ready with a little help from my friends

Event Ready Frocktober event featuring Perth designer Jonte

  Sometimes getting yourself event ready actually means organising or contributing to the event before you can even start to think about getting yourself and your outfit sorted. As was the case for the recent Event Ready open day at Jonté’s studio. An afternoon of fun, fashion and fabulous friends, where we also had a chance to support Frocktober and raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.   In the end though, being event ready for me always involves