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How to deconstruct a 12,000* calorie shake in 5 easy steps


  *calorie guesstimation – your guess is as good as mine here but it tasted like 12k in calories.     Following along with my blogging ‘photos or it didn’t happen’ approach to life…. it did actually happen. That insane Krispy Kreme Choc Coated Bacon shake, the one I shared a sneak peek of last week and threatened to shake down for my birthday…. happened!! And both myself (and my failing pancreas) survived to tell the tale and share the photos.   But before

Event Ready in 5 (when you’re not looking or feeling the part)

Event Ready when you're not looking or feeling the part

 Slight rant warning after a weekend of dealing with faceless trolls (again).   September here in Perth, seems to mark the start of event season and Christmas decorations appearing in department stores.   The festivities generally kick off in the lead up to Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF). Before you even have time to draw a TPFF breath, there is the festival itself and then you pretty much spring (pun intended) straight into spring racing, with a hop skip and

Blog Exchange | What’s Wrong with Instagram Challenge?

Blog Exchange | Agent Mystery Case | #whatswrongwiththispicture

  Actually the blog post title is probably more than a tad misleading. This month’s challenge has nothing to do with what is wrong with Instagram or at any point exclusive to Instagram. I suppose before we begin and I hand the blogging reigns over to this month’s Blog Exchange ‘exchangee’, I’m wanting to get a little Instagram picture perfect, pet peeve off my chest.   Firstly though, I just want to say how much I’m loving Instagram at the

Aussie Giveaway Linkup – October

Aussie Giveaway LinkUp now at Agent Mystery Case

    I’m feeling especially lucky (and old) this month with my birthday tomorrow. I’m 45. Old enough to put a number on it and own it. Young enough to appreciate life is what you make it, no matter your age or shoe size.   Unlike my approach to turning 40, there was no bucket list this year. If I’m honest, with hubby away for the past month at sea and me doing the whole part-time solo parent gig, I’ve