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SMASHED | Worth Casing Wednesday Linkup

Blog Linkup | Agent Mystery Case | Worth Casing Wednesday

  While I’d love to report that it was all smooth sailing with our 23rd house move, this pretty much sums up how things went down…     The first of many causalities (thankfully not my phone but a tragedy all the same), in a week that saw more than a few tears and the odd tantrum, as we played a huge game of your life on the lawn… or in this case on the back of a massive truck.

Aussie Giveaway LinkUp February | Packing it

Aussie Giveaway LinkUp now at Agent Mystery Case

Moving on UP | Moving on OUT | Nothing can stop me… or our Aussie Giveaway Linkup for February.   That time I took hubby away for a dirty weekend and took the Dyson  I’m currently neck deep in packing boxes, camped out in my practically empty bedroom with the laptop, a charger, a rather comfy beanbag and a very frightened cat as we finish packing up the house for our 23rd move. How I wish I was packing for a

Worth Casing Wednesday Linkup | Flying High

Australia Day, Perth, Agent Mystery Case

I’m arriving later than usual to the Worth Casing Wednesday Linkup party this week. Even though I’m moving house next week and currently neck deep in packing boxes, I was fortunate enough to score a last minute invite to a fab Australia Day event here in Perth yesterday…       ‘Bloody Ripper’ Aussie Day Bash TUESDAY, 26 JAN  3:00 PM Tony Sage’s Kings Park Pad Penthouse Rooftop SUBSTANTIAL FOOD & DRINK PROVIDED Bring your bathers if you want a dip in

My Top 5 Places to Go for Inspiration

Agent Mystery Case | Business Mama | inspired mama | 5 go to places for inspiration

  Looking for Inspiration    I must confess, it hasn’t exactly been the best start to the new year. An unexpected relocation sprung on us, our daughter’s jaw surgery not exactly going to plan, our newly adopted cat attacked and the normal day to day things that keep me busy regardless of whatever else is thrown my way.   As I pack up our house for what I believe is my 23rd move (not counting the temporary accommodation we had here