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Finding My Style | Outfit Under $50 Challenge

Finding My Style | Mystery Case Style Challenge featuring The Fashionable Mum

  With every change of season,  I make a renewed effort to somehow get my chaotic wardrobe in some sort of order. At the moment it would seem I’m in the thick of event season with one or two invites on the same night most nights each week and my wardrobe just isn’t working for me.   Last Thursday we had four invites across town and somehow managed to make it to three, one of which included the new Russell

52 Weeks of Memories Catch Up {Worth Casing Wednesday}

Worth Casing This Week on Agent Mystery Case

Like most ongoing photographic challenges, I start off on the right foot full of good intentions. I gain some pretty decent momentum and then life gets in the way. When I’m time poor, getting out and about with the camera, following a prompt, is an indulgence.     You could say the 52 Weeks of Memories photography challenge with Finding Myself Young is one of the easier ones to keep up with. Just one photo, once a week but I’ve

Blog Exchange | Thinking outside the niche

Agent Mystery Case | Blog Exchange | A new no niche approach to blogging

  In this over saturated world of blogging, it can be hard to find your voice and point of difference. There seems to be a huge emphasis on finding your niche, your blog tribe or gang but not everyone fits that mould or wants to be pigeonholed.   If you’ve ever felt left out or excluded, if you are struggling to find your niche, if you think you might actually be niche free (like me) or you just want to make some