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8 Rules to Live Your Life by

You don't need tofind out you aredying (2)

  I must confess, I’ve been more than reflective since starting my online business diploma with Business Mamas.  Only a month in, I’m currently finalising assessments for my first module and already reaping the rewards. A new mindset, a new more rounded approach to life, with my eyes firmly set on the end prize. An online business built on solid foundations. A new and improved, more balanced me which translates to a new and improved, more balanced life.   Today, I’m sharing my

Bad Apples? Social Media and the No Niche Me

Food For Thought | Bad Apples | Agent Mystery Case

  An apple a day apparently keeps the doctor away but apples aren’t all good. If reports are to believed they are one of the top 9 choking foods for infants but this doesn’t mean we need to be neurotic when it comes to apples, we just need to chop them into bite size pieces or cook until mushy before serving to infants.   If an apple a day keeps the doctor away…. what does a rotten apple do?   Apples

Self Neglect | Moving on up with Business Mamas

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  When I take on something new, it generally means I need to give up or neglect something to squeeze it in these days. This usually sees me putting myself last and neglecting an aspect or area in my home. Generally it’s sleep or exercise for me and turning a blind eye to my OCD approach on the home front.   This week, I’m sharing my pear shaped start to my online business diploma and why this course through Business Mamas is

Ditched | Worth Casing Wednesday {Linkup}

Agent Mystery Case | Perth Art |

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ditched or Dumped? I’m currently trying to have a major declutter both online and off. I’m struggling. Some people seem to have a knack for being able to easily ditch their possessions. I suppose I’m not one of them {blogged here: treasured possesions}. I tend to see potential where others don’t. Thankfully, I’m not alone in this regard….       When was the last time you ditched something or someone? Do you have a glass half