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Let the Games Begin

Worth Casing Wednesday LinkUp Blog Button | Agent Mystery Case

  It’s a rather short and not so sweet post for me this Worth Casing Wednesday. An extension to yesterday’s post and that 3 minute video… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!   Basically, during the school holidays we thought it would be fun, as a family, to put the unlimited part in our new Vividwireless internet plan to the test. This involved us all partaking in a bit of (older) family fun by way of what you might call online gaming. Not as bad

Get Connected & Making the Connection

online gaming for teens, Get Connected, Internet, Wireless

This school holidays saw us hitting the Get Connected button and putting our unlimited wireless internet to the test. A school holidays, where it was all about the study and not much else for all of us, so our downtime needed to look a little crazy.     MAKING THE CONNECTION   I’d like to say our recent school holidays were just that. A holiday. The truth is with three teens in years 9, 11 & 12, our school holidays

Everybody Link NOW…

Agent Mystery Case Worth Casing Wednesday

Hey party people, I’m feeling particularly chirpy and rather musical this week for our Worth Casing Wednesday link party. I’m hoping you can join me!     LAST WEEK’S LINK?   Before I share a sneak peek of why I’m so chirpy, I should apologise for last week, given our linkup didn’t even make it off the ground. I was missing in action, getting up to no good at a mystery internet free location (waving to Denyse who is possibly

Back in Business with Vividwireless

Vividwireless, Home Internet, Simplicity, Convenience, Value

I’ve been tackling my business launch to-do list this week. A week that started with me pulling my hair out in frustration with ongoing internet issues which had me almost wanting to close up shop. Thanks to a special delivery from Vividwireless you could say I’m well and truly back in business on the internet home front!       WHEN GOOD THINGS GO BAD   I’m at the tail or business end of my business diploma studies right now,