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Agent Mystery Case is a PR friendly website but we are limiting sponsored content at present. Limited sidebar advertisements, feature posts and social media campaigns are available provided it suits our existing audience.

While we are known for our ongoing and pretty impressive stats (150k – 450k pageviews per month), having an Australia wide audience and at any given time, depending on campaigns running, four to six demographics feeding into the website, the overall stats do not show the full picture. There’s the viral Eggspresso video that sends us into overdrive each and every Easter and our end of year giveaway campaign that features non-sponsored prizes from all of our favourite local brands and businesses that boosts the traffic and stats, as well as gives us a way to give back to our local loves, each December.

It means our overall hits or unique visitor stats aren’t always going to be relevant or guaranteeable to individual campaigns. A lot of the time a feature here is more of an added extra and a bit of fun to compliment our offline work. For this reason, we don’t have a media rates card, preferring to deal directly with clients to quote on a case by case basis.

We’ve always worked a little differently to the rest and in a social media world where having a point of difference sets you apart, that can’t be a bad thing!



We are not a charity. We do accept payment for sponsored posts. We don’t generally take on contra deals but we do offer discounts for registered charities and not-for-profit organisations and businesses that support local charities.

Personally, I’m more than a tad over businesses paying public relations firms big bucks to source ‘bloggers’ or reviewers that will work for free or in exchange for throwing a few products their way, especially at launch type events when there is absolutely no long-term ongoing strategy in place. I also get businesses (and bloggers) starting out with little to no budget need to start somewhere. Why… I launched Mystery Case way back in 2012 with just $10, building everything from the ground up solo, achieving 25k unique visits that first month with the website paying for itself from the get-go. I know how to work to a budget and I know a lot about building a brand and business from the ground up.

We do not have a media kit or set rates, preferring to quote on a case by case basis with our sponsored post packages generally starting from $500. You get a lot of bang for your buck with my background in marketing and sales together with my experience running AMC over the years working with clients such as Dyson, Kambrook, Crown, Vividwireless, Kids Business, Maggie Beer, Disney on Ice, The Blue Room Theatre, Dinner Twist, You Plate It, Hachette Australia, Breast Cancer Care WA, Perth Royal Show and Skin Resus. Just to name a few.

All sponsored content is disclosed as such and links in these posts are all no-follow links. This is non-negotiable.




I’m a reviewer first and foremost, so you’ll find me rolling my eyes at a lot of what goes on with the picture-perfect influencer side of social media town. For the most part, I’m here to entertain not influence you. If we can support local charities, businesses and creatives in the process… even better!

Our review speciality is food, travel, entertainment, events and the arts. Not necessarily in that order. We also occasionally do product and beauty reviews and I’ve been known to run myself ragged with two to three shows a night the entire month Fringe is in town. I’ve also judged in the Blogger Best Awards for Perth Royal Show two years running.

We prefer to conduct our reviews of events or food establishments under a so-called invisibility cloak, so we manage to experience what a venue, show or service is really like, without the preferential treatment that you might experience at food menu launches or VIP events. We still do the occasional food menu launch or VIP event but these tend to appear as highlight reels rather than reviews.

If a review is sponsored in any way, it will be noted as such. All negative sponsored reviews will be returned to the client for feedback and will not feature on AMC without prior approval.

We are also available for audits or mystery shops on your business or website. We offer a fast, effective and independent report, which is provided to you in confidence and not for publication on our website.

We are passionate about our reviews, so if you have a product, offer a service or have a show or event coming up that is worth casing, we would love to hear from you.



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