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I’ll just come straight out and say it… I’m fast approaching 50 and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Old springs to mind. I’m certainly feeling and looking a lot older than I feel I should at this point in my life. I’m not exactly happy about that.


Health issues and weight gain from those issues have impacted my looks (& feels) and I’ve basically aged significantly in the past two years as a result and I’ve somehow allowed that to happen. Although it feels like I’ve had no control over the matter, especially with thyroid issues impacting the weight gain and my ability to lose weight, as much as I’ve tried. Oh how I’ve tried, to control everything!


I do my best to put my best face on when I leave the house or head to an event. In all honestly though, I’ve been avoiding a lot of the more fashionable events because I just haven’t felt that fashionable. At this point, I know I honestly just need to get over myself and the aging factor because it’s a given and I’m not the sort of person that thinks surgery is an option. I’m also not the type of person that gives up without a jolly good fight. Excuse me a minute while I put my fighting gloves on and roll my sleeves up.




So rather than admit defeat and head into hibernation mode, I’m on a mission to get my glow back this year. From head to toe, I’ll be exploring all my non-surgical options and sharing the results.


There will be raw before and after photos. Heaven help me and you because I know from experience (and ongoing trolling) this side of me isn’t for everyone. It’s far from picture perfect, not that I’ve ever been close to that. I’m thinking you’ll need to swipe left or right on IG for the before images but that doesn’t exactly sound right.


Here’s a glimpse of where I think I should start… I’m also open to suggestions, just nothing diet or health related!






Seriously, why head out into the real world when you can grab a selfie from the safety of your own home?! The right approach here, will have you looking years younger in next to no time without any effort or outlay. All you need to do is find the right light, your perfect angle and choose the right filter.


From experience, it should only take 2-300 shots to get the perfect one. Actually, who am I kidding, I haven’t mastered selfies and I’m not about to start. I also prefer to live in the real world. Yes, for me that does occasionally require a bit of oversharing, selfies, social media and heading out to fashionable events feeling 20 years too old and unfashionable.




Groomed and shaped eyebrows can dramatically change your look and instantly make you look years younger. I’ve seen some rather impressive before and after photos which have me currently exploring all my options in this regard.


I have a long love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. Growing up, with a strict mother who refused to entertain hair removal or beauty treatments for her teen daughters even though she was a beautician, was hard to take. The fact I was being hassled at school on a daily basis due to my excessive hair and the makings of a pretty impressive mono brow fell on deaf ears. It was only after my mother attended a Tupperware party with school mums, where they introduced her as the mother of the girl with the hair issues, that immediate action occurred. I was 15 at that stage.


It was that action that saw my hairier than hairy arms waxed into submission and the commencement of my plucking obsession which quickly developed into over plucking syndrome, a syndrome synonymous with the 80s. Those eyebrow hairs never did grow back in full. How I wish the rest, that have popped up in awkward and inappropriate spots since, would follow suit.


I’ve done a few home remedies over the years, a bit like a comb over but for brows (it wasn’t a good look, so I won’t bother explaining further). I then became rather excited when some of my eyebrow hairs turned grey. You know that saying… ‘pull a grey hair out, 7 will grow in its place… it doesn’t work – which makes me think I’m a shoe in to join myth busters now. The non-life-threatening edition.


This year, I plan to explore all my eyebrow options, potentially even tattoo ones. I’ll be looking for suggestions and recommendations but I’m keen to get my skin sorted first.




Skincare and facials just aren’t cutting the mustard for me at all. My fine lines aren’t so fine these days and I’m noticing sun damage, pigmentation and redness, especially on my décolletage because I don’t extend my foundation that far and I refuse to wear turtlenecks.


I probably haven’t treated my décolletage with as much respect as it deserved over the years. I clued on to the ‘whatever you do to your face in terms of skincare, make sure you also include your décolletage’ tip a little late in life. Like a lot of people.


At this stage I’m not entirely sure what all my non-surgical options are. I have a facial droop and tooth loss from a benign tumour on my jaw to take into consideration. I’m told constantly, I’m the only one that notices it. Regardless, it makes me subconscious and if it’s something I can tweak, it opens up options for different hair styles because I’ll no longer feel compelled to hide behind my hair.


I haven’t ruled out Botox or whatever you are officially allowed to call it when advertising online (not that I’m advertising here). I’ve just recently discovered that because Botox is considered a drug, businesses (the reputable ones that play by the rules) are not actually allowed to mention the B word online or in advertising. So, when you go to google it, you’re basically not getting the full picture. Instead, I believe you need to google cosmetic injectables, wrinkle relaxers or fillers. Let me get back to you on that one but seriously, I would avoid google and rely on word of mouth and real results where possible.


Even without the health issues to consider, finding a reputable salon or medi-spa and getting advice from a professional is definitely the best place to start.  I personally don’t want to end up looking like a caricature with people asking, ‘what has she done to her face?’ or not recognising me at all. It needs to be me. Just a better more glowing, hopefully slightly younger looking version of me. Any work or treatments I undertake need to look natural on me.


After an extensive search over the holidays, I’ve chosen the friendly team at Skin Resus, Floreat to help me get my skin looking the best it can this year, for a number of reasons (which I’ll share in a separate post with some before photos) but the main reason was word of mouth from a friend and seeing the impressive results on her in person, after just one treatment. I believe I’m not the only person that phoned and made an appointment for a free consult after asking why she was literally glowing.




Great teeth or even whitened a few shades lighter can take years off your look. As does a having a confident smile. Great teeth help in that regard too. Plumping your pout (not necessarily to Kylie Jenner extremes) or just selecting the right shade of lipstick are other great options when trying to improve your smile and look younger.


I should add, I was hesitant to include your smile and teeth in this lineup. Mainly because I have an online friend going through horrendous procedures and treatment that affects her smile and teeth, following what I believe is jaw cancer. Through it all she is still smiling and sharing that smile. A wonderful inspiration.


For me, going forward, I’m going to keep this particular tip short and sweet, probably leaving my smile to last because I hate the dentist and dental procedures and I have a couple of health related issues that have impacted my teeth and jawline that also need to be factored in. So if like me, you don’t have the greatest of teeth or a massive budget there is still hope. I know there is and I’m determined to find it and share it with you!




It can be easy, as you age to fall into the whole comfort over style when it comes to your wardrobe but I say… ‘why can’t you have both?’ Comfort doesn’t necessarily need to equate to frumpy. Your wardrobe can make or break you in that department. A winning and workable wardrobe will have you leaving the house with a spring in your step, looking the best you possibly can and hopefully even years younger.


For pure organisation, I tend to do a wardrobe audit every season but I think it’s important to take it one step further and call in the experts as you approach a birthday milestone or you’ve changed your look/shape/colouring dramatically.


A lot of shopping centres offer discounted or free styling sessions but these are usually quick and to the point, one particular point. Generally an upcoming event, where they source the right outfit from the shops within the centre. Personally, I prefer a stylist that can come to you at home, work with your existing wardrobe, weed out the bad, maximise the good and take you shopping to fill the gaps, as well as give you tips on styling for your age, not your shoe size and leave you with a colour chart and more than a few ideas to work with for when you are shopping on your own.




You’ve got to love make up, it can accentuate the good and camouflage the bad, making you look more youthful, less exhausted and the rest…. but the wrong make up can also have the opposite effect, aging you dramatically.


When I turned 40 the first thing I did was book in for a private one-on-one makeup workshop with a local makeup artist to revamp my look. They completed one half of my face, while I completed the other. It was certainly an interesting experience and possibly the best way to learn and take things in on the go, so you can replicate the look once home.


Now that I’m approaching 50 and taking into consideration my face has changed with the weight gain (& aging) I’m keen to revisit a makeup workshop because I know how much of a difference having the right makeup and using it for me, rather than against me is going to make.


With this in mind, I’ve slowly been depleting my once extensive makeup supply, only replacing the essentials and waiting for the right moment (once I’ve got my skin sorted) to make an appointment.




Having the right haircut based on your look and lifestyle can also make a huge difference. Picking a modern up-to-date style and the right colour to compliment your skin and your age isn’t always easy and it’s best to turn to the professionals in the interim. Once sorted you can then look for cost effective, easy ways to maintain and go forward at home.


For me, I probably should have thought about this post and my new approach last week before heading to the hairdresser, feeling frumpy with my holiday 99% grey regrowth and faded ends, which had me asking for something different with a new hairdresser. Not my best decision.


I’m thinking I now need to live with the outcome, give myself some breathing space to find the right hairdresser because I would like to see my skin in top shape before I do anything too drastic with the cut and colour.


I’m tempted. Very tempted. To embrace the greys. I would save a small fortune in dying and my hair would be in a lot better condition but the best way to go grey when you’ve got longer hair and you don’t want to strip the colour and damage it even further… is to cut it short. I’m not ready to go there just yet. After I get my skin glowing, who knows, I might even get to the point where I do embrace a short style with my 50 shades of grey hair… but that my friends is a whole other post.


Do you have any tips for aging gracefully?


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Not a sponsored post. I did receive a FREE consult from Skin Resus (as does any new potential client that walks through the door). I have been offered my first treatment complimentary in exchange for allowing filming (of the procedure) and promotion of my triple chin in the process. All further treatments will be at my personal cost but I will continue for the interim to include collaboration in any social media shares. And you should know me by now… complimentary products or services do not impact my ability to tell it like it really is… have you seen my recent video on IG?!
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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.


  1. I too did the over-plucking thing & now regret the loss of my fabulous brows. The make-up is an interesting one. I don’t wear a lot most days – usually just tinted moisturiser, bronzer & mascara if I’m out and about on the coast – but I’ve had to change the amount of liner (& how) I use. I always used to like a bit of shine on the eyes and have had to tone that down too. At (nearly) 51 I’m nowhere near ready to embrace the grey though. I’ll continue to do my bit for small business (my hairdresser) every few weeks for some years, I suspect. #TeamLovinLife

    • Interestingly, one of the first things I’ve been looking at casing in terms of eyebrows, is a product that helps them grow back. Will keep you posted on that one!

      That’s the thing with hairdressers, who like our ongoing business, none of them think going grey is a great idea. LOL

    • Make sure you get a workshop, not just a makeup. It makes all the difference when you are hands on at the workshop, on your own face. Don’t be afraid to take notes, even if it’s by way of recording or filming the session. It all helps.

    • And curious to know if the redundancy is a good or a bad thing? I was made redundant when I was on maternity leave with my eldest. The company sold and there just wasn’t a job to go back to. For me, it was a good thing.

  2. These are some great tips Raychael! I’m 53 and will be 54 this year. I cannot believe it because that is the age my mother is supposed to be. Shockingly, she is actually now 76. Time stands still for noone. Speaking of an insta filter. When are they going to invent a way that we can carry those suckers around with us in real life huh? I hope your health is improving. You’ve had such a rough trot! I feel like I haven’t touched base with you in absolute ages. I have not kept up with everyone or everything lately as we’ve been through a bit of a family crisis and it’s taken quite a toll. All the very best of luck and enjoy the transformation of yourself so that you feel and look fantastic! xo #TeamLovinLife

    • I would have thought you were in your early 40s, so you must be doing something right Min. I’m like that with my dear aunt, still think she’s 36 and growled at the hairdresser when they gave her the senior discount. Only for her to kick me. Later reminding me that she was senior and it was a rather impressive discount. LOL

      I’m also in the same boat, in that I’ve been struggling to keep up with everyone, like I use to online. It just isn’t a priority with so much going on, on the home front. I do think of everyone and worry people will think I’ve withdrawn my support but it really is important to attach your own gas mask first before helping anyone else at times like these.

      Thinking of you and you know where to find me, if you want to chat.

    • I’m having huge issues with hair dye at the moment. There are only a few that don’t irritate my scalp and they are generally expensive or don’t take on so much grey hair. With being blonde a few grey hairs wouldn’t probably be noticed.

    • I so desperately need to do something with my teeth too. The front on video has me self conscious, as does the facial droop, which I didn’t realise until filming just how noticeable it is when I talk. It also makes me look a bit long in the tooth. Don’t I sound delightful? lol

  3. I have a decade on you and believe me it doesn’t get any better. I’m currently undergoing teeth implants to make my smile a lot more attractive. Hopefully the end result will be worth it! I agree with all that you say, particularly avoiding botox – I think it looks ghastly! #TeamLovinLife

    • Shhh don’t say that… about it not getting any better. I had my first treatment with Skin Resus yesterday and I’m really hoping it will make a huge difference to my skin and then I can get to work on the rest. Honestly though, I probably need the whole 100k service (in terms of milage not cost).

    • I honestly don’t have an issue with botox, especially with my facial droop because if it is done correctly it can enhance your look. The problem is so many people don’t use experts in this field or don’t know when to stop and use businesses that profit from this. Botox or fillers, is definitely something I would consider down the track for my droopy eye, jaw and mouth, if the experts felt it would help but not to the Nicole Kidman or Kardashian extreme.

  4. I am few years ahead of you and would not mind a few of my wrinkles smoothed out a little, but just being a bit vein, thankfully I still have very oily skin and that is stopping their development a bit more than others so I should not complain and I do moisturise religiously, always have.

    • That’s the one good thing about the weight gain for me, it puffs some of those wrinkles out. I know it can all sound and feel a little vein, chasing after a more youthful appearance and I certainly know there are more important things in life than vanity but I’m not aiming for picture perfect. Just a little bit of improvement, having taken such a hit with the health issues of late.

  5. I love this post and thanks for writing it. I’m the same age and eating better, exercising gently, getting just enough sleep are my health tips. Being groomed better overall has become more important. As one thing goes (eg my arse) reflect attention to fabulous lip colours. I agree with masks and face treatments – I really never see the benefits there. Attitude is something I want to embrace – or fake until I make it – I see some fabulous older women who rock it with a look at me I fabulous attitude. I’m not sure thats obtainable but here goes… daaaarling x

  6. Now that I’m working full-time again I feel like I’m allow to spend money on stuff like massages and facials. I’m yet to have a facial (since finishing FT work previously – over 5yrs ago) but thinking I need ‘more’ as well, but really don’t know where to start. There are a couple of places locally offering all sorts of treatments and some have visiting ‘cosmetic nurses’ or similar who do botox etc presumably. Keen to hear how you go!

    • Honestly, I’ve never seen any real improvement from facials alone and I wonder at our age, if we aren’t just throwing money away with facials and certain products but I’m completely amazed at the results I’m already seeing so far with the IPL skin rejuvenation. As is hubby, who like most males, usually doesn’t notice these things. My half way results post coming soon.

      I think getting a consult from an expert is a great place to start. I opted for a clinic that only has qualified nurses and doctors, not visiting ones. It means I’m in good hands with after hours help if I need it (so far I haven’t). I had meds and medical issues to take into consideration but the qualified staff were all over that, so I was more than confident exploring my options with them.

    • Thanks Lyndall. I was finding the facials just weren’t enough, even though I’ve religiously looked after my skin with cleansing and moisturising. I’m hoping the IPL treatment will wind back the clock, just a little so I have a good place to start.

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