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If you’ve been playing along here or over on Instagram, you would know that I’m on a mission right now as I fast approach 50 to find my glow. There are a few reasons why, which I explain in more detail with my 7 tips for looking younger without cosmetic surgery post.

Having a debilitating chronic illness, albeit somewhat invisible, means it can be an effort to just get out the door on a daily basis. A lot like back when I had 3 under 3 in a new home (and town) with the baby 10 weeks premmie and needing 2-3 hour feeds and no family around, I’m needing to cut corners. I’m needing to pick and choose my battles.

I could have used online grocery delivery in those days. I still can’t believe I once attempted to do a fortnightly shop with the baby in a pouch, my 1 year old seated in the trolley and my 2-year-old holding my skirt. With hubby away with work, I had little choice. Thankfully when I arrived at the checkout and couldn’t actually unload all of the trolley due to pouch getting in the road, a helpful store manager stepped in to help.

These days, I have choice and a lot of help from my friends. Keeping things, especially my morning getting ready routine, low key is essential right now. I don’t have the time or energy for fuss but I still want to put my best foot (& face) forward when heading to events and just for my general wellbeing.

There are a number of ways I’m cutting corners and certain products that I’m using almost daily that make life a little easier. Quick and easy ways to boost my appearance and in turn my mood which all help get me out the door, while I’m struggling to get the auto-immune disease side of things into remission. I’ll be sharing more about this soon.

Thanks to my recent IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment with Skin Resus (review below), my skin is looking and feeling the best it has been in years. It means I no longer feel I need to put on a full face before leaving the house. Which is a huge help!




IPL Skin Rejuvenation with Skin Resus



When I started sharing the photographic evidence on Instagram following my treatment, the emails started flooding in. Questions in relation to the pain factor were prominent, so I’ve decided to address this first.

SLAP… It’s a lot like childbirth. Not in terms of how much pain you experience but the fact that it wouldn’t matter what people told you about the procedure beforehand, it’s not until you experience IPL Skin Rejuvenation firsthand that you fully understand.

The procedure and what I could expect both in terms of the treatment itself and the results were explained briefly in my initial consultation {more about that here}. This was followed up just prior to infliction commencing the treatment with a lot more detail.

I also spoke to a friend who had recently had the treatment. Honestly, it all went in one ear and out the other. It all came flooding back the minute the treatment started.

Yes, it was painful to an extent. Like being flicked or zapped repeatedly with elastic bands. More painful in certain areas, like around the eyes and directly under and around your nose. I certainly questioned my ability to go on at certain points due to the pain factor.

That painful that I wouldn’t go back for more? NO!  It’s not that unbearable but I suppose it comes down to your pain threshold. I gave birth without pain relief. IPL is honestly more uncomfortable than anything else and unlike childbirth rarely is (I did manage to pop one child out in under 30 minutes), this is a fairly quick process and the results speak for themselves. I feel like I should say ‘skin like a baby’s butt’ at this point but that might be taking things a little too far.



Directly after my IPL treatment, I opted to have an added treatment of Dimalux LED Light Therapy, to help with the redness factor and give the healing process a boost.


on the beauty case; beauty review; led light therapy


Half an hour under bright lights, which are a bit hard to take for the first few seconds (even with super strength googles) but surprisingly once you get used to the bright red glow, the humming fan of the machine can lull you to snooze. If you’re one of those people, like me, that goes bright red following any skincare (or exercise etc.), this is a great treatment to compliment the IPL. I’m told it also works well for people suffering from acne or prone to breakouts.

There are a few things to consider and keep in mind once you leave the salon. These are explained to you before you commence and you’re given a post treatment pamphlet to take home with you.

I’d already cancelled an event for that evening, due to deadlines I needed to meet but also in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure how I would react to the treatment itself. I was advised most people can pop a bit of sunscreen and mineral foundation on and head straight back to work. Only a rare few suffer from so much swelling or redness they need to take time off work.

If you are the face of a company though, I would suggest you schedule a little down time just in case. As it was, I did swell (you can see this swelling in the video below taken 5 hours after treatment). It was around the 5-hour post treatment mark that the swelling for me really kicked in. Lumpy, bumpy, red and patchy with pigmentation (I didn’t even know I had) popping left, right and centre.




I work from home and didn’t have any face to face appointments, so it was really no skin off my nose (I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere).

Would I have attempted a 50 Shades Freed film preview if I didn’t have deadlines? Probably not but that’s more to do with the fashionable set that attend those events and less to do with the amount of swelling.

As it was, I did go grocery shopping with hubby later that day. Colour blind hubby who only really noticed the extent of the redness and swelling under the fluro shopping centre lights. No one else, that I noticed, batted an eyelid in my direction. One of the distinct advantages of now being in that almost 50, invisible demographic.



I woke up feeling a bit irritated and scratchy in a couple of areas. These areas had a slight sting to them, which I was told I could expect. A lot like when you come home from a day at the beach with sunburn.

The lumps and bumps were slightly worse but my eyes were not nearly as puffy as I was anticipating.  I felt like scratching one particular area to the side of my left eye, where a large pigmentation spot appeared. I had to keep reminding myself that scratching can lead to infection and as you can imagine, I was keen for that not to happen.

At this point, with all the video and images of me being shared on Instagram and a handful of questionable emails offering me health and diet advice, I’m already starting to feel more than a bit self-conscious. More to do with the weight gain, lack of chin and generally not looking or feeling my best. Which is one of the reasons why I was looking to find my glow in the first place. I honestly can’t wait to hopefully turn this around, if only with better, fresher looking skin.

The nurse from Skin Resus phoned to check on me but I missed the call. There was a weird slightly weepy pimple-ish spot on the side of my face near my temple that night. It went down overnight, so I didn’t feel the need to contact the salon for follow up but I was relieved to know that the support was there if I needed it.



The larger pigmentation spot near my left eye feels scratchy and I feel a strong urge to scratch it off. I have a lot more pigmentation popping around my eye area. I’m told these will all flake off in a few days and not to scratch or itch (not that they are itchy) because it can lead to infection and possible scarring.

I’m noticing a real difference in my skin already. So much so, that I broke ranks (in that I was holding back for official review) and shared a selfie. Even colour blind hubby is noticing the difference, although he is mildly concerned and slightly intrigued by the pigmentation that is starting to appear. As I’m on deadlines and working from home with no client appointments, I’ve opted not to wear any makeup. This is not a requirement though, just a personal preference. Why Trish in reception applied sunscreen and light foundation on me, directly after my treatment.



Hubby can’t stop looking at my skin. He is actually impressed and amazed at the results. Which surprises me. He, like a lot of males, generally doesn’t notice these sort of things. The swelling and lumps are starting to subside. The pigmentation is really starting to pop, especially around the eye area. My skin is looking and feeling a lot smoother. I’m wishing I’d extended the treatment to my chest. All these selfies have me wanting to tackle my eyebrows next!


IPL Skin Rejuvenation results


HUBBY: “Your skin looks so much better”

ME: “Can you clarify that PLEASE! As in better than when I was all puffy directly after the treatment or better than before I had the treatment?”

HUBBY: “It looks smoother and clearer. Fresher than before you had the treatment. You still have a few speckled spots. Like the big one near your eye and under your eye but they don’t seem as prominent as when you first came home.”



The bulk of the pigmentation spots that have appeared have already flaked off. My skin looks and feels so much younger and fresher. I’m impressed but feel I should hold back on over-sharing on Instagram.

One of the important post treatment factors, to protect your skin and ensure the best results, is to avoid unprotected time in the sun. Given I headed to the Gold Coast for a few days of fun in the sun 4 days after treatment, wasn’t exactly great timing on my part.

Rather than take up vampire hours and avoid the sun altogether, I opted to ramp up the sun protection factor. I quickly discovered I didn’t actually own a sun smart hat or 50+ sunscreen. My first purchases when hitting the ground in Queensland. I’ve never been more sun smart or covered up in my entire life.


sun smart following IPL


My usual foundation includes sunscreen but it was only 15+. Not nearly enough. I was also finding this foundation too heavy once 50+ sunscreen had been applied.

Which brings me to my only real grievance about the whole process. BREAKOUTS. An issue that probably could have been easily solved if I’d had the time to access the right sunscreen products. Instead, I was off galivanting on the Gold Coast, trying to fit a lot into a little amount of time. All part of my Club Jetstar Review (HERE).

It meant I picked up the first 50+ sunscreen, that claimed to be non-greasy, that I could find. It was far from non-greasy. It was thick, it was hard to remove. I was also keen following the treatment to avoid abrasive cleansers on my skin. I believe this and the thick sunscreen that I applied a little too liberally, added to the unusual (for me) breakout issues.

While I’m still on a bit of a mission to find a good quality 50+ sunscreen that is gentle on my face, the breakouts have subsided now that I’m back in Perth, keeping vampire hours.



Official photos were taken before my first treatment and 3 weeks later at my follow up appointment. It’s a great way to track your progress and results. I’m saving those photos for another time. The images have also been further motivation, after seeing myself from different angles, to once again have my health team re-evaluate my current medications and plan of attack. Although I should stress, it’s important for my health journey right now that I don’t get too weighed down by my inability to lose weight.

At this follow up appointment, you are able to address any issues, as well as touch up any areas that may have been missed. I had nurse Donna look at a particular spot that was taking a little too long to heal. I suspect it was more to do with the sunscreen/breakout issues than anything else but we opted to address an area under my eye and the spot with a second round of IPL. A fairly quick procedure and unlike the first time there wasn’t so much swelling.

We also discussed extending the treatment to include my chest and when the best time was to do this, as well as top to toe Laser hair removal. I wasn’t pressured at any point to sign up to treatments that I didn’t want or need. I was talked out of procedures that had been suggested to me elsewhere to help with my facial droop. I was given honest and professional advice on what would and wouldn’t work for me and why.

I may have taken advantage of the 20% offer at the time to purchase a liquid mineral foundation on this visit. A light and luscious foundation that gives your skin a natural glow. A foundation I wouldn’t have been game to even look at before the IPL treatment as I always tend to opt for something on the heavier side with full war-paint type coverage.



They speak for themselves. My skin is looking the best it has in years. Less pigmentation. Less evidence of sun damage. Tighter even. Especially in regards to the fine lines around my eye area. Still can’t say I’m loving photos of me right now with the weight gain (especially the raw before and after images) but the fact that I’m allowing photos and videos of myself to be shared says everything about the quality service I’ve received from the team at Skin Resus and the wonderful results I’m seeing with my skin.

I joked about ‘if I could turn back time’ in a recent post but that’s exactly what I feel like we’ve achieved here.


IPL skin rejuvenation results


I’ve taken to using my sunscreen as a primer of sorts and feel I only need the liquid mineral foundation rather than my heavier one.  Then a dab of blush on the cheeks and lids. A quick turn of eyeliner, a brush of the mascara wand and a bit of lip gloss for the dry lips. It’s saving me a whole heap of time in the morning. I’m looking a lot fresher and natural as a result.

I will most certainly be heading back to treat my neck and chest. Something we’ve decided to do during winter when I’m more covered as the neck and particularly the chest have longer bounce back/healing times than the face and it’s easier to keep covered up and out of the sun then.

Speaking of the sun… I’m surprisingly more sun smart following the treatment. Keen to maintain the results and not add any further damage. I’m also looking after my décolletage more. Not just in terms of sunscreen but by extending my skincare routine further south, so to speak. Something I wish I’d started a lot sooner.

I’ve always taken good care of my face and neck but I must confess my chest is always fairly covered while I’m doing so and has missed out over the years. Understandably, it is now starting to show and I’m hoping that IPL Skin Rejuvenation will help turn back the clock and minimise some of the damage in this area too.



Apart from the pain side of things, the cost factor was the next question most people asked me. Costs change and the amount of treatment (or the treatment itself) that you might need compared to myself may differ greatly, so I’m not going to go into specifics here.

What I will say… it is definitely more affordable than I thought it would be. If you decide to go for the works (whatever that might be to you) there are also payment plan options available.  Skin Resus always have a great range of packages with discounts on offer and often have monthly offers for their VIP/newsletter subscribers. You also score a $50 voucher to spend on signing up. GO SIGN UP NOW and why not book in for your FREE consultation while you are there!

To me, IPL Skin Rejuvenation has been great value for money in terms of the results I’m seeing. Results you are not going to see with your average facial. The fact I now feel I don’t need to apply a full face before leaving the house saves me time and money in the long run. You can read why I’ve chosen Skin Resus to get my skin and a few other areas in order (HERE).


Skin Resus treatment room



I would like to point out, that while I’ve had my FREE consult (everybody that walks through the door gets one), my first initial treatment was complimentary in exchange for reviewing and allowing Skin Resus to film the procedure (double chin and all). All subsequent treatments will be at my personal cost but I will still continue to use collaboration for disclosure.

As you would know by now gifted products and services do not impact my ability to tell it (& show it) like it is. However, I did feel compelled to hold back in the over-sharing department on this occasion, even though I wanted to share the blow by blow details and results. I did this mainly due to the collaboration side of things. Which is probably a good thing because I suspect there are only so many selfies of me you can handle in one month.

Also, I appreciate all your emails and the sentiment but please no more health or diet advice!


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