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No new year resolutions here. I don’t see the point. I prefer to set my goals for the year in February, following some much needed time out from the business of being busy, in January. It’s how I’ve always operated since having 3 under 3 daughters. January is our time to connect as a family, go slow and recharge the batteries.


This year with my daughters being so much older (16, 18 & 19), with their active social lives and summer jobs, I’m enjoying a lot of time out with just hubby, who has some rare time off. Even if that time off does require him to be on call and respond to calls and emails throughout the day, it’s nice to connect as a couple. After almost 24 years together quality time is what you make it. When you make it!


I appreciate I normally do a long reflective post at this time of year and tag in all the gorgeous people I’ve worked with and been touched by this past year but that post would be a mile or two long and I’m sure in my current state of haze, I would forgot to acknowledge someone.


Rather than reflect too much, I’m excited for the year ahead. New beginnings. New projects. New people. New approaches. You could say… something new!


when was the last time you tried... (2)





Welcoming new things into my life, often means saying goodbye to others as I don’t have a lot of white space in my schedule at the best of times. I’ve spent a good part of the past year becoming friends with goodbyes and white space, so I could better embrace new beginnings.


Selling our NSW property and finally purchasing in Perth after 24 moves, was a huge turning point both personally and professionally. It closes that door to us easily relocating back, nearer to our extended family. In return it opens so many other doors.


In many ways, it feels as if we are finally able to unpack our mystery case. Of course, falling down stairs and fracturing ribs the day we took ownership of our new (to us) home slowed that unpacking process and it took me a lot longer this move than the 23 moves before it, for me to feel settled.



That settled feeling did eventual hit, with force (about the time my mother-in-law came to visit and our ceiling caved in) but with it came even more contentment than I ever thought possible, after 22 years of marriage, on the home front. That probably has a lot to do with the cracked ribs slowing me up but I’ve had a lot more time and inclination to stop and smell the sweet roses as a result. Ironically we’ve gone from a place that had 47 rose bushes and an abundant lemon tree, to a non existent garden in our new home. Life’s like that.


Throwing two overseas and two domestic trips into the mix this past year, has sown the seed for more travel. With a solo Gold Coast trip to look forward to in early February and another jaunt to Singapore with hubby in May, I’m already off to a great start.




At this stage, I have no idea what my online life or adventures look like for 2018. I’m kind of waiting for the dust to settle. The increased traffic (another 250k plus hits this past month) saw us move to a new server and host recently. This move clearly means that I’m serious about sticking around for this side of things for at least another year.


What I’m not so serious about is all the events, free cupcakes, social media influencers and the way things work, not just here in Perth but the online arena as well. To a lesser extent the sponsored content comes into the equation. The influencer equation isn’t adding up for me right now with so many friends and family battling cancer. Many of those who have been in remission only to have the cancer return ten fold.


It has me more than questioning what is the actual point with having this influence if we are just sharing the same old thing if we aren’t making some kind of difference to those that need it most. It also has me wanting to focus on more charity work in the new year. But that point, the one about making a difference with your influence, rather than just being paid for comment, is for another time.


On a more positive point, we are welcoming the new year in with our first giveaway for 2018!




Two of my favourite things returned to my life in 2017. Reading for review (& pleasure) thanks to cracking ribs and needing lots of bed rest and also coffee. Karvan Coffee in particular. Due to ongoing health issues, I had a not so brief stint where I needed to break up with coffee. True to Instagram form, the break up was all rather public (GOODBYE MY LOVER) but thanks to Karvan Coffee and Leaf Bean Machine… not so complicated. Hello Pure Tea!


Coffee, latte, agent mystery case, Perth Coffee, Reviews


Thankfully Karvan Coffee is now back in my life because I honestly could not have gotten through this time of year without my favourite coffee. It’s how I like to start the day. I know I’m not alone in this regard.


Thanks to Hachette Australia who sent me The Coffee Dictionary to review and my love for Karvan Coffee I’ve put together a coffee lovers hamper for one of our readers.


Karvan Coffee The coffee dictionary



To be in the running for this fab prize, just email with COFFEE LOVER in the subject line and tell me how you are spending New Year’s Eve!


NOT INTO COFFEE? No dramas… I won’t hold it against you. We have a second mystery prize for our non coffee lover friends. Just email with MYSTERY PRIZE in the subject line and tell me how you are spending New Year’s Eve!


I’ll select a winner on January 26 at 9pm (WST).


Game of skill – get creative with your answers; Two winners; Australian residents only; Not associated with any third party; Winner notified via email; Must respond within 48 hours or we redraw.


Speaking of winning….




You can review our linkup guidelines and meet our co-hosts Jody (Six Little Hearts) and Felicity (The Baby VineHERE. Although, Felicity is currently having a little time out with a new bub keeping her suitably distracted.



Wishing you all a safe and happy new year. Catch you on the other side!




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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.

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  1. Happy New Year lovely and I hope you’re now feeling well! I know what you mean about the lack of white space – we just can’t do everything. I hope this year is wonderful for you 🙂 x

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