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It’s the season to be… ???


I don’t know about you but I’m far from jolly at this time of year. Busy seems more appropriate. That isn’t necessarily a bad word or thing in my books. As it is, I’ve just spent the last week cramming a month of editorials and audits in, so I can actually have just over a week off. Starting with a trip to Malaysia with my middle daughter Beth who is celebrating the end of year 12 and who is also about to turn 18.


I was going to say… what I wouldn’t give to be 18 again but seriously, all things considered I’m rather happy where I’ve ended up in life. I couldn’t really imagine a do-over and I’m too old and set in my ways to be 18 again. Truth be told… at 18, I was studying part-time, working two jobs and burning the candle at both ends. The thought of doing that now just exhausts an already exhausted old me.


We are treating the trip to Malaysia as a kind of schoolies week, what with Beth having finished high school and me finishing my business diploma earlier in the year… just minus the schoolies, the slumming it and all the shenanigans that comes with that. So more like a spa holiday. A 4.5 star resort holiday.




Like the majority of my holidays of late, I will be 98% completely social media free. My smart phone is only coming out for photos or an emergency. We’ve been debating what constitutes an emergency, given how my phone seems to be permanently attached to my hand this past month and we’ve collectively come up with some strict guidelines to keep me on the social media straight and narrow.


While I do have someone overseeing things here/there and everywhere, I’m taking the opportunity to drop this post early and run. Leaving my helper to work on some much needed website housekeeping and back end maintenance rather than content or social media. If you haven’t already heard (via our IG or FB posts), we’ve had a continued spike in traffic to AMC (220k plus per month) up from our 100-150k per month usual but obviously down from our 450k per month heyday. Back in the day we had the time and I had more than the inclination to throw everything at AMC and blogging.


True to form, that form being nothing goes to plan… it meant moving servers at short notice. It also meant moving hosts and losing our website/emails briefly. In the end, we were only out of action for 72 hours but those nervous hours helped put more than a few things into perspective. When you’re faced with potentially losing everything, albeit momentarily, it gives you a new appreciation for what’s in front of you and what you might be guilty of taking for granted.


While I’m excited that without even trying we are continuing to get traffic, it does make me wonder what we are doing here. I personally feel a certain pressure to perform and not waste an opportunity (even if the opportunity came from years of hard slog). For now though, I’m just happy to celebrate our little wins and see the year out here, with a number of giveaways for our followers.





What exactly are we celebrating?


  • On the home front… getting another daughter through high school, with her last year 12 exam done and dusted last week. Two down, one daughter (currently in year 10) to go.


  • Finally selling our NSW property and purchasing here in Perth. After 24 bloody moves. Home has always been wherever we find ourselves but F it feels good to finally unpack our mystery case for good and knock a few holes in the wall for good measure.



  • On the work front… finishing my Business Diploma, launching the agency & publishing arms to my business. There’s also my palliative and aged care, blogging for therapy, initiative. Behind the scenes it’s been our Something New Project (launching 2018) and a whole heap more.


  • And of course, just this past week successfully moving hosts/servers and living to tell the tale.


I originally thought we would wait till I’m back from Maylasia (Dec 5) to kick start the end of year festivities aka giveaways but now I’m thinking why wait?! With two giveaways already on the go, it’s now time for our Aussie Giveaway Linkup with more gift guides and giveaways ready to drop from December 5.


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You can review our linkup guidelines and meet our co-hosts Jody (Six Little Hearts) and Felicity (The Baby VineHERE. Although, Felicity is currently having a little time out with a new bub keeping her suitably distracted.


Do you have something to celebrate? Our end of year gift guides and giveaways are just around the corner.


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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.


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