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If you’ve been playing along with me on Instagram or social media you would know I’ve been pretty much missing in action for most of the past month. Some of it intended and some not so. Life’s like that, full of unexpected surprises and curve balls that occasionally stop you in your social media tracks.


Take the overseas trip to Singapore with hubby. While it was partly work related for me, it was also our first holiday alone since having our three girls. They are now 16, 17 & 19, so this trip was long overdue.


Going old school and not switching on the data roaming or accessing the WIFI was my way of ensuring we actually spent quality time together on this trip. An interesting exercise in itself. I’m not sure if getting lost and doing more leg work instead of googling constitutes quality time but it certainly added to the experience.




Then there was our 24th move when we returned home, into our new (to us) home following the sale of our NSW property and purchasing here in Perth. Thankfully, I’d prepped 85% of the move before we left because the same night we settled and took ownership, I slipped down tiled steps at the old property, fracturing a rib in my back and busting up a wrist and elbow. Didn’t that send my well laid out moving plans into a spin.


Hubby had to take a few extra days off work before he flew interstate and was more hands on than he has ever been for a move. All our previous moves, I pretty much got on with single handed. I can generally have our house packed up in 4 days flat and unpacked with everything in its place in about the same time frame. Not this time. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I have time (if not patience) on my side given this is a permanent move.


At this point, I’d like to thank everyone that has sent messages of concern and offers of help. It meant the world to me. I would normally respond to each message in person but I’ve been following my doctor’s orders and lying low. The new place also doesn’t have phone or internet and heading to the office or to an internet café hasn’t exactly been a top priority.


Timing could not have been worse for this move. Not just in terms of my injuries, hubby heading interstate but also for our two youngest daughters who are in the midst of 12 and year 10 mid-year exams. Getting their bedrooms and study space set up as quickly as possible has been my only priority.




A few people have commented on my recent run of bad luck which threw me. You see, I actually consider myself pretty lucky. I have the most wonderful and supportive hubby. We celebrated 23 years together in March and have our 22nd wedding anniversary in November. We have three beautiful daughters. We’ve just moved into our new home. We’re just back from a wonderful time in Singapore. I’ve recently completed a Business Diploma. My work has evolved into something worthwhile that can accommodate my ongoing health issues and fit in with my family obligations.


Take health issues and broken bones out of the equation and you could say… life is pretty wonderful. Even with all the curve balls thrown my way, I count myself really lucky.


Speaking of lucky. How lucky am I to have had three wonderful co-hosts joining me for our Aussie Giveaway Linkup these past few months? A huge thanks to Kell (All Mum Said), Jody (Six Little Hearts) and Felicity (The Baby Vine) who are not only fab co-hosts but all know how to run a giveaway or ten.


From next month, the Aussie Giveaway Linkup is getting a makeover and we will be kicking off the festivities with a massive GIVEAWAY! I can’t wait to share the new look and a small change to the line-up. Right now though, I think it’s time to get the June Aussie Giveaway party started…


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If you are an Aussie blogger or business running a giveaway this month, this is the place to link up.


You can read more about our co-hosts and review our guidelines HERE.


Do you consider yourself lucky?

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  1. I’m hoping things start to pick up for you Raych! You’ve got a positive attitude which is great. Glad the move is over and you had a good holiday!

    • Still a whole lot of unpacking to do. Something that will have to wait until the girls have finished exams and can help or I can do it myself. I think things have picked up for me, I’m just refusing to bring the health equation into it. 🙂

    • Thanks Sandra. I clearly didn’t factor breaking a rib into the moving equation but it still went well, if not to my usual, everything in its place in a few days standards.

    • Thanks Denyse. Have been thinking about you. The unpacking is almost complete. I’m in disbelief at how much ‘stuff’ we actually own and wondering why. There isn’t nearly enough storage in the new place. Easily fixed but should we really be spending money to house more stuff? I think not.

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