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Picking and choosing your battles headings


A little food for thought this month.


I don’t know about you but when I produce online content or any content really, I don’t give a lot of thought to headings initially. I tend to focus on the content and hope the right heading will evolve during the writing process.


When the content refuses to come, I have a few different approaches to tackling this. Coming up with clickable headings being one of them but I’m not a fan of clickbait and I merely use the heading as a prompt to get the writing flowing rather than an actual heading.


I must confess, lately with so much on my plate, the content just isn’t flowing as freely as it use to.


Yes, I’ve finally finished my business diploma, so time should be on my side. The truth is, the time I’ve freed up has been swallowed up with another course through UTAS, as well purchasing our new home, organising a move in less than three weeks, an upcoming overseas trip and my ongoing charity work. There’s also my normal work, hubby heading to sea at the end of the month and a few other (not for publication) issues I’m contending with on a daily basis.


Just when I think I can catch a break and have some white space to play around with it’s gone in a flash. So when the words refused to come for this month’s Aussie Giveaway Linkup, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I started with two headings…


  • Mum’s the word
  • May the force be with you.


Both headings kind of work given certain forces at play this month (if you’re not taking SEO practices and clickbait into consideration), which only got me thinking and further away from the post I actually wanted to produce.


What does it mean when someone says ‘Mum’s the word’?


Mum’s the word” means to keep silent or quiet. “Mum” is a Middle English word meaning “silent”. The word may be derived from the “mummer” who does pantomime and just acts without saying anything. Note the phonetically similar German word “stumm” (Old High German “stum”, Latin “mutus”) meaning “silent, mute”.

Mum’s the word – Wikipedia


While I had planned to tell you all about the fab giveaways we have coming up for Mother’s day this year, looks like I’m now needing to keep quiet. What a blessing, given I’m practically lost for words right now.


All jokes aside though, we are approaching Mother’s Day a little differently around here this year. For starters, I’ll be overseas with hubby without our three daughters. Our first overseas trip or holiday in general together on our own since having kids. Given they are now 16, 17 & just turned 19, it is long overdue.


I blame the fact that hubby is always on call and that we have always lived away from family. Child minding, the kind needed to put my mind at ease and enable me to get on a long haul flight, with hubby, without my girls was never really an option.


As it is, my gorgeous younger sister is leaving her own family on Mother’s Day in NSW to fly over and keep an eye on my lot. While I’m sure they would have coped on their own for five days, I’ll rest (and enjoy the holiday) a whole lot easier, knowing they are in safe-ish hands. Keeping in mind this is the fun aunt sister who got up to all manner of no good fun as a teen.


The overseas trip, although partly sponsored for an upcoming campaign, will see me attempt my latest social media free stint as well. I feel I owe it to hubby and myself to put my phone and social media away for this holiday.


Social Media Free initiative


In my absence, while I’m disconnecting from my online existence and reconnecting with hubby and my offline self, I’ll have a mystery blogging friend keeping an eye on things here, there and everywhere.


Sure, I’m missing Mother’s Day with my girls and the rest of social media land but should that matter? Instead I’ll be… well I’d like to divulge but I’m needing to bring ‘Mum’s the word’ into play here. Rest assured the over sharer in me will return and all will be revealed soon enough. I’m actually hoping my social media break and the break in general with hubby will be just what I need to finally get back into the swing of things and move house for the 24th time, when I return.


So, while I’m staying ‘mum’ on the specifics this month, giveaways will be kicking off all month long and you don’t even need to be a mum to enter. Our next giveaway starts tomorrow but for now our our Aussie Giveaway Linkup is a whole lot of fun…




Aussie Giveaways May

If you are a business or blog hosting an Australian giveaway this is the place to link up…





Joining me in 2017 for our Aussie giveaway linkup is Kell (All Mum Said), Jody (Six Little Hearts) and Felicity (The Baby Vine). You can read more about my gorgeous co-hosts, grab our official banner (optional) and revisit our linkup guidelines HERE.


How do you like to spend Mother’s Day? Who thinks I may actually need a holiday to recover from the holiday and all I’ve got going on this month?


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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.


    • Glad you are mostly having a break. I think I just need a break period. I do have a little work to do while I’m there but I’m really looking forward to downtime and exploring. I suspect our adventure will be a little different to yours.

  1. Enjoy that break – you’ve earned it. When you think about it, every day is Mother’s Day when you’re with the ones you love. Maybe we just need to work on the breakfast in bed thing! Happy travels – I’m looking forward to the big reveal!

    • Thanks Sammie. I’m not so great with breakfast in bed. Need a good hour or two from when I take my thyroid meds to when I can eat, so it would either mean going back to bed or not getting up for hours in the first place. I’m assuming it would be the same for you?

      • I only wait half an hour because I have no patience! Sometimes, if I wake up super early, I take my meds and go back to bed for some extra zzzs, I really appreciate the luxury of being able to eat/caffeinate as soon as I wake up 🙂

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