Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie

Agent Mystery Case Smoothie Challenge

Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie

karvan coffee kick-starter smoothie


Karvan Coffee will make you jump jump….

When I asked Karvan Coffee, my favourite coffee roasters here in Perth, to collaborate for my recent Smooth Operator 30 Day Smoothie Challenge, I had no idea how seriously they would take this assignment.


Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie


I suspect Karvan Coffee had a lot of fun in the process of creating this kick-starter smoothie. I hear it was a team effort. You only have to look at the video that followed (that viral Eggspresso one) and their Eggspresso Martini image (below) to know that this is one fab family owned business.


Karvan Coffee Team | Eggspresso Martini

You only have to taste their award winning coffee and be on the receiving end of their fabulous customer service to feel a part of the Karvan Coffee family.

Their All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie will definitely jump start your day and is probably my favourite smoothie recipe from the challenge.

For someone that needs a strong and decent coffee first thing, in order to function, this one from Karvan Coffee definitely hits the spot. Not only do they know a thing or two about coffee but they know how to make a decent smoothie.


Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie


karvan coffees moothie shot

Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie

Smoothies, Eggspressos as well as Eggspresso Martinis… what will Karvan Coffee come up with next?





Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie



The Mystery Case Factor

As there is a bit of preparation involved with making the porridge, (just between you and me) I’ve been known to take the lazy approach and just throw oats straight in with a bit of milk and skip the making porridge stage altogether.

The less lazy approach certainly tastes better but sometimes, time isn’t my friend and unless porridge is on the menu and I have time to allow it to cool, I’m just wanting something quick and easy. It still tastes delicious either way.

You can view more of my favourite smoothie recipe from my Smooth Operator 30 Day Smoothie Challenge here.


Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe? What do you think Karvan Coffee should come up with next?

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