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What came first the chicken or the egg or in this case the Eggspresso or the Karvan Coffee Kick-Starter Smoothie?

My Smooth Operator 30 Day Smoothie Challenge might be drawing to a close but I’ve left the best smoothie till last. Although, I’m feeling like I need to offer up a joke or at the very least an explanation right now following the Karvan Coffee Eggspresso share that went viral on my Facebook page. If only I’d thought to turn that idea into a smoothie!

So while I’d love to say… ‘What Karvan Coffee did next…’ I believe their smoothie recipe came first.

Even before that video went viral (see here: When Coffee met Chocolate and the world ended up with egg on their face) I had approached Karvan Coffee, my favourite coffee roasters here in Perth, to come on board for my 30 Day Smoothie challenge with a recipe.


Agent Mystery Case Smoothie Challenge


There were plans to film the smoothie being made while I was visiting their warehouse. Unfortunately my busy schedule meant that the only time I had free, the barista training room was being used for a barista class.  So I grabbed their recipe, a handful of photos, a really good coffee (or two) and left it to them. Why they even had their own Kambrook Blitz2Go blender on hand. I was impressed.

Impressed with not only the recipe but the effort the whole Karvan Coffee team put into creating it. I had plans to share the Karvan Coffee smoothie recipe the following day. Only the Eggspresso viral video shenanigans that happened after I left, gained so much momentum following my share to Facebook, that I put our smoothie collaboration on hold till after Easter, while I tried to keep up with the viral post.



Karvan Coffee might not have invented the Eggspresso but they certainly made it famous this Easter but it wasn’t for everyone it would seem. I would really love to find the seven people that the Eggspresso post made sad, together with the two angry people and give them a massive hug…but enough about that post, let’s get back to my smoothie challenge.



I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and had a whole lot of fun experimenting with smoothies this past month. Some were tastier than others and I believe I only really had the one miss. It involved beetroot and left the kitchen looking like a crime scene.

The rest were definitely hits. While I’ve loved all the recipes that you’ve shared with me, my favourite smoothie by far is the Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter.

When I approached Karvan Coffee to suggest a smoothie colloboration, I was looking for something that would help give me that much-needed kick start first thing in the morning. As I tend to eventually start my day one way or another with Karvan Coffee (my coffee catch 22), a Karvan Coffee smoothie just made sense. Perfect sense.




You can view the Karvan Coffee All-In-One Kick-Starter Smoothie recipe HERE.


My top 5 smoothie recipes from this challenge

(not including the All-In-One Karvan Coffee Kick-Starter)


Peanut Butter Tim Tam Chocolate Smoothie


Smooth Operator | 30 Day Smoothie Challenge | Agent Mystery Case for Kambrook | Peanut Butter Tim Tam Choc Smoothie


Peanut butter Tim Tams, Magnum chocolate ice-cream, milk and ice. Blitz2Go till smooth and enjoy.

What can I say? I needed to use up the peanut butter Tim Tams and there just happened to be a tub of Magnum chocolate ice-cream with my name on it. Rather indulgent. Probably not the healthiest smoothie but oh so good. If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, just use normal Tim Tams.




Figalicious | 30 Day Smooth Challenge | Smooth Operator | Agent Mystery Case

Fig, chopped almonds, dates and almond milk. Combine all ingredients, Blitz2Go till smooth and enjoy.

I adore fresh figs and I’m lucky enough to have a friend that always seems to have an abundance of them on her tree when they are in season. The ones that are just a touch past their prime are perfect for smoothies.


Strawberry Aide


Strawberry Aide | Agent Mystery Case | Smooth Operator | 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

Aloe Vera juice, strawberry, pure maple syrup, lemon and mint. Combine all ingredients, Blitz2Go till smooth and enjoy.

I’m super fortunate to have a lemon tree in our new backyard. Not as sweet as the lemonade lemon tree in our last house but lemons, all the same, that work really well for smoothies. I tend to squeeze the juice in first but also throw the chopped flesh in as well.

If you have the Aloe Vera plant on hand, you could also use this with water to get the right consistency. We don’t have access to the plant, so I cheat with Aloe Vera juice.

Peachy Keen Mumma


Peachy Keen Mumma Smoothie |Agent Mystery Case | Smooth Operator | 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

White peach, pistachio, banana and almond milk. Blitz2Go till smooth and enjoy.

This little smoothie is named after one of my blogging friends Peachy Keen Mumma. It’s light and fluffy and almost like a mocktail. I’m a bit partial to the odd pistachio and serve them as a snack on the side for this smoothie.


Smooth Operator


Blue Avocado Smoothie | Agent Mystery Case | Smooth Operator | 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

Avocado, frozen blueberries and rice milk. Throw it all in, Blitz2Go till smooth and enjoy.

Apart from my greener than green smoothie, where I know I’m getting all my greens for the day in the one hit, I’m always going to love my Smooth Operator avocado smoothie.  If you want more of a sorbet consistency, something you can eat with a spoon, just use less milk.

I tend to opt for less milk, then pop in a tall glass with fresh blueberries and a long spoon.


My top 5 smoothie recipes from Kambrook


smoothie | Blitz2Go |


Apart from their free downloadable book with over 200 recipes (also available in hard copy), Kambrook has some fabulous recipes online at A Perfect Pantry. I’ve selected my top 5 Kambrook smoothie recipes below:


Apple Pie Smoothie

Nutella and Banana Smoothie

Pine Lime Smoothie

Baklava Blitz2Go Smoothie

Macadamia Snowy Mountain Blitz




I was completely overwhelmed by all the recipe shares this past month. So much so, that I had a mystery judge select our winner. I had hoped to try each and every recipe but there were just so many, especially via email that I couldn’t keep up. Thank you!

Without further ado… The winner of my Smooth Operator giveaway, who has won themselves a Kambrook Blitz2Go is….. Amanda Gorton with her HAWAIIAN LAYER smoothie.




More giveaways and recipes are just around the corner. Starting with our next Aussie Giveaway Linkup that hits the blog tomorrow, April 1st. No April fools’ day jokes around here, just some fantastic competitions with fab prizes up for grabs.

We also have our On the Beauty Case giveaway that ends tonight {you can enter here}!


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Was there a smoothie recipe that tickled your fancy during my Smooth Operator challenge?

What’s the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever seen in a smoothie?

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