Casing the Cocktail with Kambrook

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My latest blogging assignment has me in the test kitchen (which looks a lot like a bar) with Kambrook this month. I’m officially ‘Casing the Cocktail’ for Christmas and really hoping you can join me… as my end of year GIVEAWAY party continues.


Casing the Cocktail


Christmas in Perth for our family, means being 4000 km away from family and friends. These days with our three girls that little bit older (almost 15, 16 & 17) it is a lot easier to focus on the positives involved with being so far away from extended family.


We are all about making the most of our own little family of five foodies and taking advantage of the fact we get to do our own thing at this time of year. It also means that we’ve adopted a couple of traditions since moving to Perth.


We no longer need to spend the Christmas season playing a game of join the dots on the NSW map, traveling great distances on Christmas and Boxing day to catch up with our extended family. One side of Christmas I really don’t miss at all. But we do miss our extended family at this time of year and we do try to over compensate for our girls by making the day extra special.


We’ve had to let go of some of our long running traditions but have more than made up for this by adding some new and improved ones into the Christmas mix.


One tradition that I invented we recently adopted is our Christmas Eve cook up. Basically we cook all our Christmas menu favourites and sit down to a late supper on Christmas Eve, which allows us to feast on left overs on Christmas and Boxing Day. We then host a boxing night BBQ and once again feast on left overs for the next few days.


It does mean a bit of work on Christmas Eve but not having to lift a finger in the kitchen on Christmas day but still having quick and easy access to gourmet Christmas food, makes it all worth it.


Our Christmas Eve menu usually looks something like this…


Christmas Eve Menu Agent Mystery Case



This year, for very good reasons, we are blending mixing things up.


If you’ve been following the blog, you would know my eldest daughter recently had jaw surgery and is currently on a liquid diet with her mouth wired shut. It means our Christmas Eve menu, the one we look forward to each and every year, needs to look a lot different this year.


This year, it’s going to be all about the mocktails and cocktails, as we try and jazz things up for our daughter who after three weeks on a fluid diet is rather over soup and smoothies. I don’t blame her. I tried to join her liquid diet and caved after a week. It’s no fun being around people who are feasting on your favourite foods when your mouth is wired shut and your food needs to be blended.


To help with my daughter’s liquid diet and my ‘casing the cocktail’ endeavours, Kambrook have me casing their Blitz2Go personal blender this month together with their Blizt2Go Shake It Kit. They couldn’t have arrived at a better time. My rather expensive blender (the one I’ve replaced three times under warranty) died a slow and shattering death, just outside of warranty. Given my track record with this expensive brand, I wasn’t keen to go back.


I wasn’t convinced a budget friendly blender like Kambrook’s Blitz2Go (RRP $49.95) would measure up either but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The blender is used daily in my house. I tend to start my day with a fairly substantial green smoothie. I like to finish my evening with a quick and easy homemade soup.


I’m not one to muck about in the kitchen (unless it involves cocktails) and need a blender I can trust, that will take a daily green smoothie beating but is also relatively easy to clean. The fact the Blitz2Go has an impressive optional extra Shake It Kit ($29.95) to take the hard work out of cocktail making, which also doubles as a milkshake/thickshake maker is a WIN WIN in my books.


Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my favourite cocktails on Instagram (@agentmysterycase) together with a Blitz2Go review here on AMC next month. There’s also a very strong chance you might see me hosting a little ‘casing the cocktail’ blogging party once the Christmas chaos settles. Who wants to join me?


Until then, I will be in the test kitchen coming up with a mystery mocktail and cocktail for Kambrook who have just released a new Blitz2Go Shake It Kit downloadable cocktail recipe book (HERE) with over 100 naughty cocktail & nice mocktail recipes just in time for Christmas.


Kambrook Blitz2Go Casing the Cocktail



I’m probably playing more naughty than nice right now but you can guarantee I will be casing each and every recipe.


I know… I know… It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!


As I’m fairly new to this DIY at home cocktail business, I’m looking for inspiration and recipe suggestions. Which is where you and this latest giveaway comes into play.


Kambrook Blitz2Go Shake It Kit | Xmas Cocktail



Casing the Cocktail for Christmas GIVEAWAY


Want to join the mystery review crew on this one and WIN your own Kambrook Blitz2Go and Shake It Kit?


  • Just come up with a mystery mocktail /cocktail and give it a name. Share your recipe below and let me know why you are the perfect person to be ‘casing the cocktail’.




  • Select your favourite Kambrook cocktail from A Perfect Pantry and share below, letting me know why we should select you as our winner.



Our mystery judges will select one winner, who will receive their very own orange Kambrook Blitz2Go personal blender and Shake It Kit together with 200+ hand picked smoothie, juice, cocktail and mocktail recipes to get you started.




Our winner will also have the option to guest post a review and share their favourite recipe here on AMC but no pressure… this is optional.



MORE MORE MORE!!! Why not check out our Aussie Giveaway Linkup while you are here. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs this month, including our ‘All I want for Christmas is…’ and MYER Giftorium GIVEAWAYS. Our giveaway party continues right up till Christmas Eve, so check back daily.


Terms & Conditions:

  • One winner
  • Game of skill
  • Entries close 30/12/15 (9pm WST)
  • Australia residents only
  • Prize distributed directly from Kambrook


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  1. Your menu sounds divine and I hope it blends well for your daughter.
    My cocktail recipe is the Bacardi Bruiser…..

    A big sploosh of Bacardi
    A big sploosh of Vodka (Smirnoff!!)
    A not so big sploosh of Midori
    A not so big sploosh of Malibu
    Pineapple Juice
    Plenty of Ice
    A sprig of Mint

    Blitz it and Enjoy!!!

    As you can tell, I’m not so good with measurements and they can be tweaked to taste. I would love to “case the cocktail” so I can sharpen up my millimetres and centimetres (and it would be pretty awesome for recovery smoothies the next day) hehehe

  2. Wow your Christmas eve menu looks fantastic! Can we come over? Lol! We also try to do the Xmas eve thingy and then have left overs on Christmas day, but I generally only do ham and turkey with roast like trimmings and veggies.

    We’ll certainly be having our own modification of the Italian ‘Aperol Spritz’ though, which I call the Orange Sunset. You can play around with measures, but this is how I do it.

    In a bucket-type wine glass:

    Two fingers of Aperol poured over ice.
    Top the glass up with equal amounts of champagne and soda water.
    Add, A squeeze of orange and some slices of orange in the drink and one on the side of the glass.

    Then check the lovely orange colour and photograph before quaffing!

  3. Your menu is insane. I want to come over lol.
    I already have the blitz 2 go as I bought it “for hubby” last Christmas. Love it live it love it. Have yet to use it to make cocktails and mocktails and would love the shake it kit and recipe book! I would happily pass the blitz 2 go to a friend if I won.

    Here is my attempt to recreate a drink I had recently
    1 shot of tequila
    Little bit of fresh ginger
    Small bunch of mint leaves muddled with the ginger to release the flavours
    Combine all in tall glass with ice and top with ginger beer

    Refreshing and perfect for these hot Queensland summers!
    Calling it a ginger quencher.

    • If you don’t end up winning, you should seriously consider putting the Shake It Kit on your Christmas wish list. It’s so good. Even as a milkshake maker. The blade is perfect for frothy milk.

      I’m a huge fan of anything with ginger, so I’m going to give your ginger quencher a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. There’s a cocktail I would like to try (and I excitedly realised I have the ingredients), called a jam doughnut. It’s basically just Chambord with Baileys and sugar on the rim of the glass. I’ll have to give it a go for Christmas.

  5. This looks fun! That cocktail shaker is exactly the same as one Dad kept in his cocktail cabinet! Yes, in the 1960s & 1970s that was cool! I feel sorry for your daughter but let’s hope the hard yards are almost done and she is feeling well and is able to eat soon. I hear you on the distance thing, and yesterday I met someone who now lives in NSW near me who misses her mates in WA. Australia – you are tooooo big! Thanks for your kind support in 2015. Denyse xx #teamIBOT

    • I love the cocktail shaker. The fact it attaches to the Blitz2Go and has an inbuilt strainer makes life a hole lot more fun. Especially for my daughter at the moment who is really enjoying the frothy milkshakes and mocktails.

      Have a wonderful Christmas Denyse. We should look at collaborating in the new year. xx

    • Not really cocktail glasses but they were a special gift from a friend and I try and use them every chance I can get. So do tell… do you have a favourite cocktail or mocktail to share?

  6. My mystery cocktail is called The Spider because one taste and you’ll feel eight legged like a spider. The recipe is a shot of scotch, ice, coke, and a scoop of ice cream.

  7. I would put my favourite Summer fruit mangos to good use and make both a cocktail and mocktail – Mango Mahem Cocktail: Mango blitzed up with the Blitz2Go, a dash of Bacardi rum and topped with lemonade & Mango Madness Mocktail – Mango blitzed up and topped with lemonade.
    I hope you enjoy your Xmas Eve feast x

      • They are about $2 each at most supermarkets at the moment. But the veggie shops have trays of them for $20 or the older softer mangos trays for $10 – they were in Morley Galleria, Morley Fresh this weekend 🙂

  8. I LOVE the idea of a cocktail evening – invite me round on Christmas Eve!!!

    My cocktail is of my own devising and I’m going to call it the British Girl’s Excellent Iced Coffee.

    -Brew a strong espresso and leave it to cool
    -Fill a glass with ice, crushed if you have the will and the equipment
    -Pour the coffee over the ice
    -Top up with a generous measure of Baileys Cream Liqueur
    -If you want to make it a little less potent (WHY??), add a little milk to the coffee, a scoop of good quality vanilla ice-cream and top with whipped cream.

    It’s only 11am and now I can’t think of anything I want more than to put my feet up, watch Love Actually and drink my British Girl’s Excellent Iced Coffee.

  9. Passionfruit Mojito, ticks all the right boxes for one that both my wife and I will enjoy.

    And I should win because I’ll use it for good as well as evil, albeit delicious, decadent, alcohol infused evil 😉

  10. Lime, grapefruit, mint, blood orange – it’s called Sour Delight. I know how to have a good time with awesome NON ALCOHOLIC drinks..who said only boozy people have all the fun!

  11. Your menu is crazy. In a good way and like everyone else… I want an invite. I much prefer a mocktail and my favourite would be more of a punch. Lemonade, ginger beer, a splash of raspberry cordial and filled with fruit slices.

    • Completely crazy but it just makes so much sense with a family of five foodies and me not wanting to cook on Christmas day. If we were in NSW we would spend all day traveling to catch up with family who would end up doing most of the cooking.

  12. Anything with gin, ice and grapefruit juice is a winner – chuck in mint or lychees or both. I call it the ‘Give me another one’, as you can throw it back quickly and it’s refreshing and summery….(I know that’s not a word but after a few cocktails it is….)

  13. I honestly have not made any cocktails myself. Partly because I am afraid of getting it wrong and secondly, it seems like so much effort. My girlfriend however goes the extra mile and makes an amazing ‘Singapore Sling’. She swears it tastes exactly like the ones she knocked back whilst at Raffles, Singapore!!

  14. I’ve never been game to make cocktails at home. It always seems too complicated and you need far too many ingredients but we are having people over for drinks in the new year and I already have the Blizt 2 Go, so the cocktail kit under the tree for Xmas might be a good idea. Is it really easy to use?
    My favourite cocktail is a Singapore sling, I have no idea what goes into it but it tastes sublime.

  15. My eldest is 18 on Christmas Day and to celebrate I’d love to mix her a cocktail. She has never had alcohol before and exists on mocktails. What a surprise it would be for her.

  16. Mix up 1L soda stream sugar free cranberry with a bottle of wine, a cup of brandy, steep in some orange slices and cinnamon for my version of a fruity Sangria.

  17. Eve’s Garden – Apple, Vodka and Soda, I just made it up but it does sound interesting and naughty. 🙂 I could do with some fun for the holidays 🙂

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