All I want for Christmas is… a MYER Giftorium Giveaway

Giveaway in collaboration with MYER Giftorium


I must confess, I like to think I have a rare talent when it comes to gift buying. I put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect gift and I like to think they are well received but it does end up taking up a lot of time and effort on my part. This year I’m needing to do things differently.



All I want for Christmas is...


You could say, all I want for Christmas is… for someone else to do the hard work for me!


This year, I’m not my usual organised self. Why, I’m not myself at all. I haven’t actually started Christmas shopping and truth be told, for once, I’m not entirely sure where to start. I’m also rather under the weather with an auto immune disease flare up. It’s zapping all my mojo and energy. My 12 spoons of daily energy are pretty much gone before breakfast which leaves me struggling for the rest of the day. Really struggling.


While the thought of cancelling or postponing Christmas sounds rather appealing, the rest of my family might have something to say about that. From my perspective though, out of necessity, this year will be all about keeping things simple and stress free. Doing the absolute bare minimum but still making it special. A big part of that will be Christmas gift shopping, which is where Myer’s Christmas Giftorium and online shopping need to come into play.


Last year when I put Myer’s Christmas Giftorium to the gift buying test, I wasn’t convinced I really needed help I was the right person for to be ‘casing’ this one, so I outsourced the assignment to possibly the worst gift buyer in the world… my hubby (Mr C).


With the help from a Myer Giftician, I’m pleased to report Mr C passed the gift buying test with flying colours. In under ten minutes (blogged here). A gift buying record and possibly a small Christmas miracle for Mr C who is allergic to shopping and isn’t known for his gift buying skills.


For this GIVEAWAY, I’m once again putting the MYER Christmas Giftorium to the test for two lucky winners!




Why Myer Giftorium?


I normally prefer to hand select gifts and add my personal touch to gift wrapping but I’m not great with crowds at the best of times. Shopping for gifts when you are time poor and low on energy, like me, at this time of year is not the best of times. Far from it. Which is why Myer Giftorium and all the services they have on offer really appeals to me.


An entire department dedicated to taking the stress out of shopping this Christmas with all the gift giving help and inspiration you could ever need, with something to suit just about everyone, even those hard to buy mother-in-laws relatives.


With plenty of Gift Guide Stations to help you on your gift giving way:



Personal shoppers aka Gifticians available to help with your every need, including gift wrapping. You just tell your Giftician who you are buying for and they will happily point you in the right gift guide direction. They will even hold your hand through the whole gift buying process. Well not literally but you know what I mean.


My biggest tip for a stress free shop, is to make a list of who you are buying for and your budget, then book a time with a Giftician so you know you are going to get one on one top quality service. Alternatively, I would head in super early before the crowds and check out the amazing SALES they have on at the moment. Most stores have extended trading at this time of year, which really helps.


If you really can’t face the stores, you can also take advantage of their delivery service side of things online. Keeping in mind, you will need to order before December 18 for pre Christmas deliver.  If you are heading online looking for inspiration, I would start here…



There are plenty of gorgeous pamper gift packs available depending on your budget. I’ve selected my top four favourites for under $30, just in case Mr C drops by looking for Christmas clues.


I’m thinking a few of my blogging friends might NEED the Napoleon Perdis ‘The Selfie’ Christmas gift pack (was $29 now $24.65). All your must haves for a perfect selfie.


All I want for Christmas is… @ MYER Giftorium for Under $30





Two winners, one Perth and one Australia wide.

If you are in Perth, I will be heading in store to purchase your MYER mystery gift and hope to have it delivered to you just in time for Christmas. Australia wide winner, will have their gift purchased and express posted to them.





Let me know a little bit about who I’m buying for and why they deserve to win. It can be for yourself or for a friend.

For starters: Age, Sex, Interests, Gift Guide Department (see list above) and anything else that might help our Giftician select the perfect gift.

Make sure you let me know you are from PERTH when you comment.

You have $50 to spend!


PRIZE TWO: MYER Mystery Prize (Australia Only)


Head online to the MYER Giftotrium department and select a gift for yourself or a friend and leave the details below including why you or your friend deserve to win this.

You have $50 to spend!





Two winners, one from Perth and the other Australia wide.

Perth entrants are eligible for both prize draws.

Australia wide entrants can nominate a Perth resident for the Perth prize draw.

Game of Skill

Entries Close 20/12/15 (9pm WST – Perth time)

Not associated with Facebook or any third party.

Australia wide winner will have their gift selected and express posted. It may not reach you before Christmas.

Perth winner will have their gift selected and delivered hopefully before Christmas.


MORE MORE MORE!!! Why not head over and case this month’s Aussie Giveaway Linkup while you are here. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs this month. You should also enter our “All I want for Christmas is… a blogging giveaway” and check back each day this week for more AMC giveaways as we continue with our end of year GIVEAWAY PARTY.

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  1. Since it is drawn on my birthday I am going to nominate myself!! A little selfish I know but I highly doubt my partner will get me a present. I live in Perth, 38 and I like keeping fit, playing waterpolo and swimming. I would have to pick Summer Shop as the gift guide section.

    Good luck with you christmas shopping!

  2. Hmm. As a woman in IT, I was a bit sad to find that the only ‘tech’ category under ‘gifts for her’ was ‘technology accessories’. I would have loved a little remote drone, but maybe I’m a minority. Many of my friends are also women in IT so that’s a bit odd. Anyway, I love the In Essence Thai Temple Vaporiser collection. If I can’t be techie, my home can at least smell of something other than the essence of small humans 🙂

    Good luck with the shopping… you’re a trooper!

    • How interesting. Perhaps some feedback to MYER is in order for next year. I wonder how they come up with their gift guides. Surely there has to be some research involved. Perhaps they aren’t asking the right people. Food for thought.

  3. PRIZE TWO (Australia)
    I would love the BENEFIT ‘Balm Set Pucker Up and Party’ so I can have full, pouty, kissable lips.
    Duck face, anyone?

  4. My mother in law is so hard to buy for – she is not into make up and candles and is not a fan of perfume – she doesn’t garden and she isn’t a cook! She runs and paints – I always struggle to find her a gift. Love the Giftorium – I found quite a few potential gifts but the best were the DESIGN STUDIO scarves – I know she would love the Large Spot Print Scarf with Red Scarf – off to check out the males gifts now – hubby is always hard to buy for!!

  5. I finished all my Christmas shopping on Friday! Yay!! I usually like to use some of my leave loading pay at the end of the year to buy myself something a little special but with not working this year so no little holiday bonus, that won’t be happening! Lol…

  6. That $50 would be perfect to take the sting out of the Benefit 12 days of Xmas gift set – I’d chuck in the rest. I need it because I’m old and my face is declining, and I need all the help I can get. I want it because Benefit is sassy, fun makeup that works. I deserve it because you should give me the BENEFIT of the doubt – I’ve been good, honest!

  7. Ooooh the Star Wars standing pin ball machine. Whilst it would be wrapped as a gift to our son and placed under the tree, secretly hubby and I would have tournaments against each other when bug-a-lugs goes to bed at night.

  8. Myers Christmas Giftorium looks great. I never make it into the city these day but would if I have $50 gift voucher 😉 Hope you get your shopping done.

  9. I wish I had your shopping (and blog writing) talents. Yaaay I’m in Perth too 🙂 I’m a 45 year old single Mummy of 2 girls (19 and 12) and I’m also a NANA!! Not your usual blue rinse brigade Nan, more like a bikini wearing, full time working Nan who isn’t a fan of Christmas shopping AT ALL!! I’m also addicted to MOR….and the mini Marshmallow hand cream is a permanent fixture in my handbag – there could be worse addictions to have hehehe. Oh, I gave up smoking on 7th November and am feeling like a squillion dollars!!!

  10. I would choose the Maxwell & Williams William Kilburn 5 Piece Tea Set, Gift Boxed – Victorian Garden design. Sad to say, I don’t own a single tea cup or saucer. We had to downsize dramatically over 10 years ago to move to a teeny tiny house and I had to get rid of my nice tea set. We do love a cup of tea in our house, so imagine how awesome it would be to have a tea set once again!

    • I wouldn’t mind treating myself to that one either. I do have a lovely 20 setting tea service that was gifted to us with a matching dinner setting for our wedding but it’s white with gold trim and after 20 years it’s looking a little out dated but not in a chic kind of way.

  11. After having a baby and moving interstate to my parents place while we try to find our own home and I search for a post-baby job, my parents have given us so much this year! They’ve taken us into their home, helped us with our little bub and made us feel welcome. I would love to give something to them they wouldn’t normally be able to afford so they could feel extra special this Christmas. I love the Giftorium, there’s just so much stuff! I’d love to get my mother one of those Homedics Foot Spas, she’s always had bad circulation in her feet which leaves her arching by the end of the day, it would be a great way to make her feel a little bit pampered!

  12. I love the Myer Giftorium. Going to head into my local one tomorrow to finish up my christmas shopping. I better sort it out as the kids all break up from school on Wednesday – I’m not ready…!!!! Having a look at the site (again) I would choose the Barcs Criss-Cross Twinset Giftbox Bangle Boxed Jewellery in black. I’m quite light on with accessories at the moment so a statement bangle would help jazz up my look this Christmas!

  13. Oh Raych, I do hope you feel a lot better very soon! I’m a huge fan of the Giftorium – I just wish I was small enough to take a ride on the Santa Express. I’d buy the Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball perfumes for my friend Lisa. She is always so giving to others, in both emotional and financial resources, and it would be really lovely for her to receive something for herself. Because caring is sharing, right?!

  14. I was so bummed to miss the giftorium this year, but the Sydney day was during my last weeks at tafe and I was so frantic finalising my portfolio that I just couldn’t make it. Definitely need to head in store to see some of the awesome things I’ve seen posted all over social media.

  15. I’d like to give my friend recovering from Breast Cancer mastectomy and axiallaryclearance yesterday something to take her mind about what is ahead. Nothing for me.
    Natio Happy Days Set $24.95
    A book to read while recouperating -Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

  16. I’d choose half a dozen CHRISTOPHER VINE ‘The Gentleman’ mugs for my son who’s just shifted into his first flat out of home – and promptly been retrenched… He’s needing both house supplies and coffee to work through those job ads. Again…

  17. 1. I’m from Perth, and would love a scented candle or reed diffuser to make my home smell lovely. I girl can never have enough scented candles in her life!
    2. I would love to spoil my furbaby and rescue dog Lexi with a new dog bowl, treats cannister, toys, so that she knows no matter what she went through in her past life, the abuse and neglect she suffered, all stopped the day she walked into our door (well was carried in after she was too scared to get out of the car for an hour). Lexi was the best gift from the heart I have ever received and I want her to feel as special as she is!
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway x

    • What sort of scents do you prefer Michelle? I’ve rather partial to French pear but just picked up the most divine lemon scented candle from Jonte’s design studio. I have one of the candles up for grabs in my ‘All I want for Christmas is…’ giveaway. Shhh don’t tell anyone 😉

  18. I’m in Victoria & would give my left arm for something Star Wars. The ‘STAR WARS
    Beach Towel Kylo Ren’ perfect to thrill my inner child, all while keeping my wife cool, calm and collected because I’ve been told no more Star Wars, unless it’s for the kids.

  19. Napoleon Perdis The Selfie Pack would be wonderful and if there is any left over the

    Design Studio Charm Trio Boxed Bangles are gorgeous too
    …I buy for all the family but somehow always seem to miss out…lol…

  20. Trilogy Age Proof Beauty Collection ($49.99), for my very best friend who’s birthday is on Christmas Day. A little something special to keep her looking her best with the barrage of late nights and parties the festive season brings, and it’s her 30th so to restore radiance naturally is definitely the way to go (she’s feeling old the poor girl).

    ** I’m not in Perth, rest of Australia entry for me **

  21. Australia wide. Wish I was in Perth. I would treat myself to a gourmet food hamper. We have a lot of unexpected visitors pop in at this time of year and having nibblies on hand works a treat.

  22. Australia Wide – I would love to win the Revlon sweet diffuser for both myself and a friend to ensure my home has a scent that is always inviting.

  23. Worst Christmas cooking disaster? Let me think… not to hard actually as it is still fresh in my mind. That would be last year when we hosted Christmas and somehow ended up with dodgy prawns and made everyone, including my about to be mother and father in law ill.
    I’m in Perth and if I won, would love to treat myself to the Karen Walker set of 4 gold rim champagne glasses. They’re a bit on the retro side and match a set we were gifted for our wedding. They are also on special for $29.95, originally $49.95.

  24. Australia Wide and I would love to win the Disney Frozen Lego for my daughter, one of her ‘friends’ stole her Anna and Elsa and now she has an empty castle and the figures cost $20 each to replace! so a whole new one and giving her existing one to the charity bin would be a nice gift.

  25. I am in QLD and I would spend it on my wife and buy her an inflatable doughnut. She has worked bloody hard this year helping at school, taking the kiddies to speech, OT, swimming lessons, ballet all while running her own business. Finally gets an end of year relax time and the cat clawed her current doughnut floatie. So a new one without 10 vinyl patches would be the perfect gift for her.

  26. Australia Wide, Napoleon Perdis The Selfie $24.65 and OPI Twinkle, Twinkle

    $23.96, I organise, lay by and wrap all the presents, Make christmas Lunch and clean up afterwards it would be nice to have a wrapped pressie under the tree for me, Hubby isn’t gift orientated

  27. Australia Wide: basque gift box watch
    I would love to “watch” my sister’s “face” if she could get her “hands” on this, “after” a rough “time” this “past” year!

  28. On the last day of Christmas, Agent Mystery Case gave to me… a Myer giftorium shopping spree.
    We have had a tough year and our budget isn’t exactly gift friendly this year. So I would love to win this prize but donate it to a women’s refuge or an appeal because I know there are people doing it even tougher.

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