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Completely out of character for this December 1st traditionalist, we decorated our tree a day early! I was reading online that people that put their Christmas trees up early are some of the happiest people in the world. Given I’m already in my happy place and I’m not overly superstitious, I couldn’t see the harm in proceeding with our annual tree trimming party a day early. The rest of the family took more than a bit of convincing.


Truth be told, our massive 9ft tree has been up without decorations for a month now. Our 20-year-old tree gave up the ghost last year and when an online sale with my dream tree at a huge discount hit my inbox, also offering free delivery, I jumped at the chance.


When the tree arrived the following week, I only had a short turn around time for returns and needed to see it in action. Putting the tree up to test it, required more than a little help from family and a friend with a ladder! Once up, there was no way it was going back down. The urge to decorate it was hard to subside and after an interesting week, I completely caved. One whole day early!


Hubby who thought we were going for a smaller tree than our old 6ft one, is still in a bit of shock. I, on the other hand, love the size against our high raked ceilings and given it was a bit of a hassle to reach the top to place our peacock, are rather relieved I didn’t opt for the 15ft tree.


I would show you the results but I’m going to need to either borrow a ladder for the full picture or share the tree in several stages. Speaking stages, keep an eye out for our end of year gift guides and giveaways virtual party this month. There’s a little something for everyone, even those hard to buy for family and friends. It’s guaranteed to have you winning in the gift giving department. Which brings me to our latest Aussie Giveaway Club…




If you are an Aussie Business or Blog hosting a giveaway, this is the place to link up. If you are just in the business of wanting to win some awesome prizes, this is a great place to bookmark and head back on a regular basis as new giveaways are being added almost daily.


We also have a closed Facebook group which has been buzzing this past month with FB exclusive giveaways and more.


You can review our link guidelines and meet our co-host Jody (Six Little HeartsHERE.

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