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You may have spotted my recent post 7 tips for looking younger without cosmetic surgery, it explains a little of the background into why I’m exploring all my non surgical, cosmetic options this year. It also provides you with a few cheeky and easy ways to help you instantly look younger.


I must confess, my ongoing health issues and weight gain from those issues have me feeling rather self conscious of late. It’s probably one of the main reasons, I’ve put off exploring cosmetic options for so long but I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be a millimeter off picture perfect to want to do something about your looks or the aging process. You don’t need to be young or almost picture perfect to see great results. You’re also never too young or (as is the case in my case) too old to start making an, age appropriate, effort.


I’ve been finding it hard, especially in a social media sense, when I’m 20 years older than most and far from looking the picture perfect part. Even harder, when you put your hand up to have your clinic experience (& inadvertently your double chin) videoed and shared to the masses. Which is exactly what I’ve done with my recent treatment at Skin Resus but I seriously could not be in better hands…




In November, I spotted an ad from Skin Resus on Instagram for IPL hair removal on your upper lip, nicely packaged for Movember with all proceeds going to cancer research. I’m all for supporting businesses that support worthwhile charities. I’m all for businesses that permanently remove unwanted facial hair and support charity at the same time. FACT!


At just $49 a session, I tried my best to clear my schedule to make it happen but two trips in the one month (Adelaide and Malaysia) had me playing a lovely game of catch up on the home and work front. Sadly, the appointment didn’t eventuate and the month of December wasn’t much different.


I set my eye on the IPL hair removal prize for January. I also noticed a friend was literally glowing after just one treatment of IPL Skin rejuvenation through Skin Resus and I wanted in on that glow and gorgeous skin. It had me wondering if that too might be an option for me and what all my options actually were. Being completely new to the types of procedures and treatments Skin Resus have on offer, after perusing their website, I was left a little bewildered by some of the terms, like Fraxel, it almost read like Double Dutch to a newbie like me.


It was suggested I phone and make an appointment for a FREE consult to discuss all my options which had me excited but also a tad nervous. What was I getting myself into? I eased those nerves by telling myself I could start with hair removal, something I knew a little about but had no personal experience with and I could ease my way in. Secretly though, I wanted the full 100k service (speaking in terms of mileage aka old age not costs here), I just knew I didn’t want surgery and I didn’t want to look like I’d had work done. I wanted to look fresh but naturally so.


You see, I’ve had friends that are my age (& don’t look it), sign up for discount voucher deals or with students offering free or cheap treatments for training purposes and end up with disastrous results. I didn’t want a piece of that action and I didn’t want anyone looking at me at wondering ‘what on earth has she done to her face’ or worse still, not recognising me at all.


The things that set me at ease, having had a few bad experiences when casing something similar a little while back and why I’ve chosen Skin Resus to help me find my glow this year are as follows:


  • Word of mouth from a friend
  • Seeing real and impressive results on said friend after just one treatment
  • The informative FREE consult which was honest, tailored to my needs with no pressure or upselling
  • There was no questioning my current skincare routine, unless it related to what you should and shouldn’t do post treatment
  • No hard sell on the cosmetic line and other products on display and available for sale at reception.
  • The fact you are dealing with qualified professions that are able to take my health issues and medications into consideration
  • The backup and follow up after treatment from doctors and nurses on staff (no visiting consultants)
  • The fact that everyone on staff from the receptionist to the social media manager has amazing skin without looking like they’ve had work done
  • All staff are friendly, approachable and relatable, almost like family (the non dysfunction type family you like to be around)
  • At no point did I feel judged or out of place. Something I haven’t felt at other establishments in the past.
  • The impressive before and after photos.
  • The fact Skin Resus offer complimentary cancer radiation tattoo removal.
  • The affordable prices and payment plan options
  • The handy (to me) location




Skin Resus treatment room


So, what can I say, like most things that make you go hmmm in my life right now… a funny thing happened on the way to my first FREE consult with Skin Resus. Funny, not as in hahahaha or bahahahaha but more cue the X-Files music and hold onto your seat because my seat is already spinning.


Here is exactly how things went down. I plucked my blacker than black hormonal chin and upper lip hairs (shhh just between you and me) just prior to an event at Christmas, one last time, knowing that you need to either shave or trim the hair before a consult and that I usually have to pluck daily so there was time for them to all grow back on mass. I phoned and made an appointment for a consult in regards to IPL hair removal, for when the team at Skin Resus returned from holidays (the second week in January).


Knowing that I need to pluck those said hairs (& some others) almost daily, if not daily, I hid my tweezers. I kid you not. My hair issues are from way back and ten-fold now that I’m older. It’s pretty much like painting the Harbour Bridge in terms of keeping myself maintained upstairs and down with the hair removal. You basically go from one end to the other and need to start again.  It’s messy and exhausting.


So, imagine my surprise when those pesky hairs didn’t actually grow back. I kid you not. Skin Resus are miracle workers. One phone call and I’m cured, my hormonal hairs scared into hiding!


If only it worked like that. Eventually a hair or two did grow back but wait for it… they were WHITE. Completely and utterly white as a ghost. As was I, when the completely honest nurse, Donna, who figuratively held my hand through my consultation at Skin Resus informed me the IPL doesn’t work on white hair. URGH. It had me looking for the tweezers I’d hidden in a safe spot, so I wouldn’t be tempted to tweeze prior to my appointment, only I couldn’t recall the safe spot. Old age and a house with three teen daughters, who continually lose my tweezers will do that to you.


No fear though, I have at least 12 other areas we can target with the IPL hair removal. Just don’t expect me to follow through with my ‘photos or it didn’t happen’ approach for ALL areas but I will be taking advantage of their Febraury 20% off promotion and pre-purchasing treatments.






Everyone’s journey to great skin is going to be different. There are so many options available, you could end up jumping in the deep end and spending a small, unnecessary fortune, in the wrong hands.


That’s why for me, the friendly, honest, expert team of doctors and nurses at Skin Resus have been the best way forward. They’ve been able to take my health considerations and medications into consideration. They’ve looked at my skin and issues and given honest and reliable feedback into what would and wouldn’t work, rather than just taking my money and signing me up for the works.


For me, the best plan of attack as far as my skin is concerned following my initial consult, is IPL Skin Rejuvenation. I’ve already had my first treatment and it was interesting to say the least, you can catch a glimpse of me on video post treatment below. I’ll be sharing the full review of that treatment in a couple of weeks but in terms of results, I’m already wishing I had of extended the treatment down to my ankles décolletage.






There’s every chance, depending on what you are looking at improving, your skin type and condition that IPL skin rejuvenation might be for you too but I think the best way forward is to phone and take advantage of the free first consultation. Go in with open eyes and ears before making any decisions. If you’ve got any questions about IPL or any other treatment, drop me an email ( or contact Skin Resus directly via their website.


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I feel I need to point out… that while I’ve had my FREE consultation (every new client that walks through the door gets one), my first initial treatment was complimentary in exchange for allowing Skin Resus to film the procedure (double chin and all). All subsequent treatments will be at my personal cost but I will still continue to use collaboration for disclosure. As you would know by now, gifted products or services have never influenced my ability to tell it like it is but in this case, I’ve held back in sharing as much as I would have liked, as a result of the complimentary service I received and how it might have been perceived as sponsored, despite the fact the clinic has a huge 20% off promo running in February and I’ve got nothing but glowing reviews for Skin Resus. Go figure!
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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.


  1. Is it terribly painful, do you get a gel or something else pre treatment? Keen to hear more. I’m finding facials are no longer enough and looking at other affordable options.

  2. I’m impressed that you are sharing real images and video. I’m sick to death of the plastic, over produced promos that are popping up on my feed for cosmetic salons with the clients in full makeup. Your face looks sore in the video. Did it take long to go down?

    • Thanks. I’ve always been this way. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though. We seem to aspire to a picture perfect culture online.

      The swelling lasted about 24 hours. Will explain more in great detail in my follow up post next week. With some after photos.

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