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Prepping for 2018 with my favourite way to get organised and a giveaway!


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I must confess, I’m completely overwhelmed right now. I’m currently packing for a week in Malaysia with my daughter while attempting to cram a month of work into one week. That means 20 audits/edits, 3 photo shoots and all the behind the scenes shenanigans that comes with that and I haven’t really established my office in our new place. It has me feeling a bit left of centre and out of place.


I’m also waiting on mammogram results, thinking about my Christmas to do list, doing minor renovations on the home front and basically, doing my best to keep up with hubby and my three teen daughters at this crazily chaotic time of year. I’m craving white space. Breathing space, so I can think straight. I know I’m not alone in this regard, at this time of year. It’s the season to be overwhelmed and utterly exhausted it would seem.


With so much on the go and everyone in the house coming and going (& generally requiring mum’s taxi service), the one thing keeping me on track and helping me with the overwhelm is without a doubt my family planner. Followed very closely by my day to a page diary. I couldn’t live without them. Of course, the family planner only really works if everyone in the house is on board with it. I find it only takes one daughter not being able to get to an end of year party (because I can’t be in three places at once & if it’s not in the planner you miss out) for family to get on board.




Our current family planner has a spot for every member of the house, including the cat. You’d be surprised how bloody social our cat is at this time of year. I notice he is booked in to have his teeth whitened the same day we are having pest control in to tackle a few pesky spiders, so my arachnophobe hubby doesn’t burn the house down.


I always tend to get a bit anxious at this time of year when events and plans for the next year start rolling in and I haven’t sorted next year’s planners BUT thankfully not this year. Earlier in the year I popped over to Sydney for the Collins Debden Press Day hosted at the swanky Ivy Penthouse.


A glorious afternoon spent looking at their impressive line-up for 2018 as well as catching up with a couple of my favourite online Sydney people (waving to Fashionista in Suburbia, Kimba Likes, and Life through the Haze my trusty, take charge, plus one for the day). It was a great chance to discuss my plans and projects for the year ahead.  In particular, my Something New Project launching next year.


Collins Debden Press Day


And what a line-up Collins Debden have to help you get organised in style for 2018. Everything from the classics, you’ve come to know and trust to something new in the way of their impressive lifestyle diary. I know I had a hard time picking my favourites. In the end, there were two standouts that could easily help me be more organised and on top of things next year and more than a few gift ideas for Christmas.






Collins Lifestyle 2018 Diary


New to the Collins range, this is a uniquely holistic planner designed to help you achieve more. Featuring a number of helpful articles from goal setting to health tips and recipes, this diary aims to inspire and encourage a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Available in unique B5 week to an opening the wiro bound includes a clear PVC snap closure cover with pockets, monthly tabs and full colour graphics inside. The complete all-in-one planner can travel from the office, to the gym, to school, home and wherever your busy lifestyle takes you.


Absolutely packed with features, this would also make a wonderful gift for family and friends:


  • Specialised planning pages: health, wellbeing, personal & professional goals, finances and more
  • Recipes
  • Meditation exercises and routines
  • 3-year calendar
  • Goal setting and yearly planning pages
  • Public holidays and school terms (both Aus & NZ)
  • International information (travel, travel, travel)
  • Conversion and reference pages




collins hampton 2018 diary


I’ve always been a day to a page kind of gal and the Hampton range from Collins with its luxurious padded cover, detailed stitching and gold page edging make this the perfect addition to my office desk. Not only does it look and feel luxe, the Hampton is packed with all the right features to keep me organised:


  • Day to a page layout with ½ hourly appointments from 8am to 9pm
  • Luxury padded cover
  • Blind embossing
  • Intricate gold foiling
  • Gold page edging
  • Staff holiday planner (which I’ll actually use for keeping on top of family events and birthdays)
  • International information (to inspire me to travel more)
  • 2018 and 2019 planners (no more panicking at the end of the year)
  • Colour world maps (more travel inspiration)
  • Ribbon marker


It’s the perfect diary to keep me organised, as well as record my Something New Project. The embossed “Nunquam non paratus” – for those who are ‘never unprepared’  on the front of the diary, seems rather fitting.




While I’ve listed my top two diarys for 2018, the Collins Debden range really is extensive, with  a number of new collections that have been added for the coming year. If you’ve stuck with the same diary year in year out, perhaps now might be the time to try something new?!


Debden Designer Diary 2018





For over five years now I’ve been partaking in a personal challenge, where basically I try One New Thing each week. A way to force me out of the mother and wife rut I found myself in and put myself first for a bit. Some weeks it’s as easy as trying a new food or restaurant. Other weeks I jump completely out of my comfort zone for my something new. Although, no jumping out of perfectly good planes at this stage but never say never.


My biggest regret with the challenge to date, is that I haven’t recorded all my efforts. I’m not necessarily meaning online either. More back to basics by way of a journal or diary like the Hampton. Something that I can pop on a shelf and look at my achievements for motivation and inspiration down the track.


In 2018 my One New Thing challenge turns into more of a project with a name change for starters. A project that really has me excited and feeling positive about the direction 2018 is already shaping up to take. More on our Something New Project, coming soon to AMC but for now it’s time to get yourself organised with our latest GIVEAWAY.


Bucket List Project; when was the last time you tried something new





Thanks to Collins Debden we are giving one lucky reader the chance to get themselves organised for 2018. To be in the running for this prize…


  1. Register your details by clicking the banner below.
  2. Visit and check out their current collection.
  3. Pick your favourite Collins Debden 2018 planner, diary or organiser.
  4. Comment below with a) the Collins Debden diary/planner or organiser of choice AND b) tell me about the last time you tried something new.




Game of skill. One winner. Australian residents only. Click on the giveaway banner to register for further terms and conditions.




Keep an eye out this coming month as we roll out more of our end of year gift guides and giveaways from December 5. There’s a little something for everyone as we share a few of our favourite things with you for Christmas. All going to plan our December Aussie Giveaway Club drops 3am tomorrow, just before I catch my flight to Malaysia.


Speaking of Malaysia, I’m planning on being completely social media free this trip. The only reason my phone is coming out, is to take photos or in an emergency.  I honestly need to disconnect to reconnect and be in the moment. I’m hoping to return to the land of social media living, bright eyed and bushy tailed on December 5. Till then, I’m only available via snail mail or carrier pigeon and it had better be a real emergency.


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