Following all the enquiries I’ve been receiving about my new and improved eyebrows of late, I thought it was high time I let you in on a wonderful little beauty salon I discovered recently, Nakisa’s Beauty BoutiQ, and the special offer they have running at the moment for new customers.


Nakisa's Beauty BoutiQ


I honestly can’t believe I’ve taken so long to tell you about my new eyebrows and the fantastic beautician that is keeping all of us Case girls in check. Anyone would think I’m trying to keep Nakisa all to myself. An amazing little Salon in Main Street, Osborne Park that covers everything from waxing to problem skin and did I mention eyebrow reshaping?


Nakisa’s salon is located within a favourite local hair salon of mine (Elma Lauren Hair and Beauty).  Discovered by pure chance when we were looking for last minute hair and make up for my daughter’s year 12 graduation earlier in the year. The fact they offered an affordable package deal, near where we had to be and allowed my daughter to go straight from school and also change into her gown, allowing us to indulge with a few hundred photos in the salon, sealed the deal.




It was a real Cinderella moment for my daughter Beth, just minus the prince, the ugly step-sisters, the glass slipper and pumpkin carriage, although there was a party bus. The results speak for themselves. Nakisa and the team at Elma Lauren Hair and Beauty certainly were fairy godmothers.


Nakisa Beauty | Graduation Makeup Perth


A free consult a couple of days out from the event, picked up the fact that my daughter’s brows needed some attention. Truth of the matter, we just hadn’t gone there and I honestly had no idea my daughter who wears minimal makeup and is rather low maintenance in the beauty department had any interest. Unlike me at that age, she wasn’t sporting a mono brow.  So, when Nakisa suggested neatening Beth’s brows up before the event and my daughter’s eyes went wide with excitement, I thought why the hell not. The results were amazing.


Beth Grad collage | Perth Graduation | Hair and Makeup


I was so impressed that I booked my over plucked from the 80s brows in the following week. Then returned with the rest of the family. Well not hubby but seriously he could do with neatening up his chest hairs. Just saying. That whole 70’s open chest, hair hanging out, cop shop belongs in the 1970s.




All jokes aside, Nakisa currently has a special offer for new customers that is well worth casing if your brows need an overhaul. Now brace yourself, it’s time for my before and after photos…


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If you’ve been following my hair and beauty journey on Instagram, you would know that I’m experiencing a few issues with super sensitive skin right now thanks to an autoimmune disease flare up. The silliest thing has me breaking out in hives or worse… blisters. It’s no fun. It’s probably the main reason I’ve been avoiding beauticians and beauty products lately.


So you can imagine how delighted I was to find someone that listened to my concerns, took the time to do test patches and had products and a technique that worked for me, taking the time with me afterwards, in case I had a reaction.  And there was a slight reaction but honestly no different to the normal redness you experience after any good waxing.


I really love that there is a hairdresser and beautician under the same roof. It meant I was able to have my brows done in between having my hair dyed, which saved me a huge amount of time. Right now, Nakisa and Elma Lauren have joined forces for a special Mother’s Day pamper package.


Nakisa Beauty
If you are looking for a last-minute gift for Mother’s Day, it’s definitely worth casing. I know I would be over the moon to receive a pamper session from these lovely ladies. I’ll certainly be heading back soon. This time round I imagine it will be head to toe waxing and a facial to address some of the aging issues that come with old age. LOL



What do you think of my new brows? Do yours need reshaping? Could you do with a pamper package this Mother’s Day?


UPDATE: Since posting my review, Nakisa Beauty has had an impressive revamp both online and off, having also moved premises and are now located at 104 Thelma Street, Como. 


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**I was gifted services for this review. As always opinions and bad selfies are my own and not swayed by gifted products or services. For the record, I’ve been back since and will definitely be returning for more.
*** You may have noticed half my face has drooped and I’m looking a little (ok a lot) different to this time last year. I’m also doing my best to avoid photos head on or at all. No real cause for alarm but thanks for your messages of concern. All down to an autoimmune disease flare-up, a growing benign tumour on my face and also old age I suspect.
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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.


    • I may have had my mo treated at the same time. I kind of feel like I’m the Sydney Harbour Bridge when it’s painted when it comes to hair removal. You just finish at one end and you need to start over. LOL

  1. Excellent deal and results all round. love the idea of a one-stop shop. I get my brows tinted and threaded but it would be nice to have them done while my hair is processing and save some of that precious time!

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