GIVEAWAY | Oz Comic-Con 2017 – Family Pass

Thanks to Oz Comic-Con we have a weekend family pass up for grabs for this year’s event. Valued at $150 and valid for any show -Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney!




Oz Comic-Con is coming to town and it’s almost like Christmas in our house. While I only popped my Oz Comic-Con cherry last year, my girls have been unleashing their inner geek on an annual basis for several years.


Like most die-hard fans, my girls start planning their next costume before they’ve even taken off their costume from the last event. This year they have the added element of freaking out over what my costume may or may not look like. I may be guilty of having a truck TARDIS load of fun with that right now. Secretly though, I wouldn’t mind finding myself an invisibility cloak and flying under the radar this year.




I had so much fun last year, attending talks, workshops and catching up with some of the leading Cosplay players. It was a real eye opener. I honestly had no idea how much effort goes into their costumes and how much I would enjoy the event.







This year Oz Comic-Con kicks off in Perth on March 25. With family activities, celebrity meet and greets, merchandise stands, workshops, Cosplay awards and much more, it’s such a great day out for the entire family, no matter where you sit on the geek scale.


I’ve had a quick peek at celebrity line-up and pleased to see a bit of Doctor Who action this year. Arthur Darville, one of the Doctor’s most loyal companions is commandeering the TARDIS for a trip to Perth (March 25-26) as well as Adelaide (April 1-2).  Arthur joins an all-star line-up for Oz Comic-Con 2017 and I’m not sure who I’m most excited to be casing and hanging out with this year. I can definitely see myself making a weekend of it.


PERTH: March 25-26 – Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre
ADELAIDE: April 1-2 – Adelaide Showgrounds
MELBOURNE: July 1-2 – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
BRISBANE: September 23-24 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
SYDNEY: September 30/October 1 – International Convention Centre Sydney






Following years of leaving my three girls and their dad to their own geeky devices, I feel like I’m winning in the geeky mothering stakes, now that I’m finally embracing my inner geek and joining them (at a safe distance) with their Oz Comic-Con adventures again this year.


Thanks to Oz Comic-Con you can feel like a winner too, with a weekend family pass (2 adults & 2 children) up for grabs.


As the Perth event is just around the corner, time is of the non Time Lord variety, so there is a quick turnaround for this giveaway BUT the pass isn’t Perth exclusive and can also be used for any of the five Oz Comic-Con shows for 2016 – Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.


For your chance to win…


Head over and case this year’s Oz Comic-Con guest list for your particular city, then leave a comment below letting me know which guest you’d love to get up close and personal with this year and why? Also, let me know which show – Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane you want the tickets for.


Any problems commenting just tick the guest box (you don’t need to register), give your name and then add your email (remains private), or email your answer through to before the closing date (see below).






  • One winner – Oz Comic-Con family pass for 2017 Show (see locations above)
  • Game of Skill
  • Winner selected by a third party
  • Entries Close March 17 (9pm WST – Perth time)
  • Australian Residents only
  • Winner must make contact within 24 hours or there will be a redraw
  • If you select the Perth or Adelaide show your family pass will be provided by the organisers at the end of the competition.
  • If you select either the Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane shows, you will be sent your family pass by the organisers once tickets go on sale.



If you are heading to the Perth event take a quick pic and tag me in on Instagram and do your best to come and find me. I’ll be the mum, doing her best to fit in, while the family do their best to walk several paces in the opposite direction.


Speaking of fitting in… have a bit of fun with me by helping me with my Cosplay outfit this year, what character should I run with?



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** We were gifted tickets for this giveaway and for the Perth show ** As always, gifted tickets have no bearing on my ability to tell it like it is or how over-the-top I may or may not go with my costume and event antics this year. 

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  1. Meeting Melissa Joan Hart would be awesome. A dream since i was a pre-teen watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I would be giddy with excitement and prob be quite the embarrassment to my family but i don’t care!!

  2. Thanks to everyone that has entered. Due to tightened security on AMC, most guest comments and any comments that include links or hashtags will go straight to moderation and need to be approved by admin first. Rest assured we have all your entries and will approve them in due course.

  3. My body pump instructor is a prize winning comic con-ner apparently! I reckon the whole shebang is quite a sight to behold. Good luck to everyone who has entered – sounds like whatever city you go to, it’s going to be a great day out!

  4. I love the Cosplay side of things and would go for that more than any celebrity. We went to the Perth show last year and I would love to win tickets and head back again this year.

  5. I’m not sure this is my thing but given you are heading back again, perhaps I should at least attend one year. Putting my hand up for Sydney tickets. Would love to meet Rory Williams.

  6. I absolutely love Melissa Joan Hart, watched every single episode of Sabrina and Melissa and Joey (which made references to Sabrina anyway). I would like to see her in the Adelaide OzComiccon

  7. I have fingers crossed Arthur Darville or aka Rory is at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con because love to talk with him about the Wheeping Angels and how they took him from Amy and The Doctor before Amy joined him!! Love tickets for Melbourne Oz Comic-Con please!!

  8. I’d love to meet Robert Englund, the star of A Nightmare on Elm Street. This man started my love affair for all things horror and I would love to meet him in person. I know he attended a few years back but I was unable to attend. I’d love to attend the Melbourne Comic Con

  9. “Check back soon to see what celebrities will be joining us at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2017!” So I’m hoping with all my might Ian Somerhalder will be there, I’d give my left arm to get up close and personal with this most gorgeous of Vampires, who off-screen has an absolute heart of gold, sharing my passion for animal welfare. (Melbourne).

  10. MELBOURNE – Mark Hamill, to make all my boyhood dreams come true. One can only hope, it’d seriously blow my mind to even share the same air as him.

  11. Emilia Clarke. Up close and personal with the Mother of Dragons, and perhaps a few secret little spoilers shared between her and I, oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame there’s no listing up yet for MELBOURNE.

  12. Melissa Joan Hart – I grew up watching “Clarissa Explains it All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and would love to meet her! This would be for the Adelaide show.

  13. Sydney and no guests have been confirmed yet but it would be cool to meet Tom Ellis or D.B Woodside from Lucifer as I think it’s the sleeper hit that everyone will be talking about this year

  14. I’d like to meet Jason Momoa so I can ask what conditioner he uses, that’s one impressive head of hair. I’ll be at the Adelaide Show!

  15. I’d love to meet Melissa Joan Hart, she gave my childhood a magical start, Clarissa and Sabrina were always on my TV, and I still watch them regularly on DVD! Brisbane please <3

  16. To be honest I would just love to attend and meet and see everyone but my hubby on the other hand is dying to meet Jon Sommariva, he loves his work!
    This would be a first for us to attend. Perth show pretty please

  17. As a family that sat down to Dr Who with our kids instead of the Wiggles, it would have to be Arthur Darvill. We’d love to go to the Sydney show please.

  18. I would love to meet Melissa Joan Hart AKA Sabrina The Teenage Witch.As a teenager this was one of my favourite shows.Hopefully that funny cat salem tags alone.

  19. I desperately want to meet Brent Spiner with my 14 year old son. Why? Because my husband and I are Star Trek fans from way back but my son (third son) has just discovered Star Trek and wants to meet Brent so badly that he’s bought a Data costume and is begging me to buy tickets! Love it!!! Adelaide show please.

  20. As a Game of Thrones fan, it would be awesome to meet Jason Momoa , my husband a “Trekkie” would die to meet Brent Spiner and my boys would love to meet Charles Martinet as they love playing their Super Mario game. It’s a family paradise Oz Comic-con!

  21. Melbourne guests aren’t up yet, but I if can pick from the Adelaide guests, I would have to pick Jason Momoa as he is a favourite of the whole family! Hubby likes Frontier, I loved him as Khal Drago in GOT and my son was an Aquaman fan – win win! Melbourne show please.

  22. My die- hard Trekkie husband would be thrilled to see Brent Spiner and my daughters who grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch would love to see Melissa Joan Hart 🙂 As for me, I’m just content to wander around and appreciate and admire the awesome costumes and fun atmosphere of the event!

  23. So sad Jason Momoa was cancelled for Perth (loved him as Ronon!) but it would be super cool to see Melissa Joan Hart – I grew up with Sabrina 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity – if I win the Perth tickets would be great.

  24. Im a huge star trek fan, Brent Spiner has the most piercing eyes – I have been a fan for years but keep missing him due to life – would love to meet him in MELBOURNE

    • Thanks for entering Linda. Nice to see new faces here. We draw this one tomorrow but have lots more giveaways coming up for Mother’s day, as well as some local ones as well.

  25. Hi.

    I’m from Perth.

    Looking forward to meeting and getting a signature from JASON MOMOA.

    I think that Aquaman is an under appreciated character and I have been waiting years for the 2018 film to come out. I would love to meet him, get his signature and just let him know how much aquaman fans like me are looking forward to the film.

    Followed aquaman for many years. And i know that since his recent appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and game of thrones, and soon in the 2018 Aquaman movie it will be harder for me to meet him and get his autograph.

    Please consider me for this entry. My bf and I would love to go. Thanks, and good luck to everyone. Hope to see you all there.

  26. I’d love to go to the Brisbane Comic-con, we went last year and Met Robert Englund, it was amazing. The Brisbane guest list doesn’t seem to be up yet, but I wouldn’t mind meeting Jason Momoa, as he looks very interesting and talented!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Melbourne guests aren’t up yet but I’d just be happy to attend and feel the atmosphere! My son and husband raved about all the cosplayers last year and I’d love to see for myself 🙂

  28. We’d love to ‘mingle’ with Batman in the Melbourne family activity room. Just like football teams remain favourites through the generations, … all MY family continue to have Batman as our hero!

  29. last year I volenteered in Adelaide it was so much fun. my family and I relocated to nsw and I would love to take my kids to sydney. the guest list isnt up yet but I will be happy to just be there

      • it was fantastic. at the information session we had a meet and greet then packed the show bags (maps and infp mostly) and there are difrent sections, ticketing, mainstage etc. I was on the front door greeting people, directing people to ticketing answering questions. we got a free shirt and lollie samples and a free autograph. there is info on the comic con web page. i would recommend it it was great being apart of the ‘other side’

  30. Cary Elwes, I have been a huge fan since The Princess Bride and Brian Krause, I loved Charmed. Both have attended previously. Melbourne.

  31. Arthur Darvill! ❤
    I loved him as Rory Williams, one of the Eleventh Doctor’s companions.
    Also as the Reverend Paul Coates in Broadchurch.
    (Perth please.)
    As for a costume suggestion for you – I reckon you’d make a great Poison Ivy! ?

    • My girls love him too and can’t wait to meet him in Perth. They were jumping up and down when I received the sneak peek email with him included in the lineup for Perth list.

      And YES… I would make a great Poison Ivy. My girls are slightly horrified at the possibilities and have suggested a family approach this year. I have no idea what that means and what I will end up looking like. I’m assuming it might mean an invisibility cloak.

  32. I would love to meet Melissa Joan Hart AKA Sabrina The Teenage Witch.As a teenager this was one of my favourite shows.Hopefully that funny cat salem tags alone.(adelaide please ).

  33. I would love to meet Jason Mamoa. He has been in so many roles that I think he’d be such an amazing person to chat to.

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