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I must confess, like most people that link up with Kirsty from My Home Truths each Monday for I Must Confess I’m really going to miss this linkup. Some of my favourite personal posts here on AMC are part of that confessional, especially the ones where I took over hosting the linkup here while Kirsty was off exploring the world with her little family.


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Interestingly in writing my final I Must Confess post, there were a couple of unexpected turn of events that stopped me in my confessional tracks.


Firstly, a young girl from my eldest daughter’s school collapsed and died at school late last week. Clearly, not my story to tell and my heart goes out to the girl’s family and friends. We really only knew the girl in passing but even still, death especially when it involves someone so very young has the potential to stop you in your tracks and make you take stock. And that’s what I’ve been doing for most of the weekend, feeling shell shocked and taking stock.


The other event was much closer to home and once again not really my story alone to tell right now. It too rocked me to the core, stopped me in my tracks and had me craving time out and offline, as well as wanting to hit the pause or rewind button. If only life worked like that.


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I must confess it is times like this that your priorities, the things that matter most to you, the things that get lost in the chaos of being busy come to light. Things you may have been neglecting or taking for granted. Things that could really be taken from you in an instance with no remedy for recovery.


To me there really are only four possibly five things in life that matter the most to me… my husband and our marriage of almost 21 years, our three girls and the gorgeously eccentric Ragdoll cat that decided to adopt our family and turn me into a crazy cat lady. Everything else is a distraction.


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With the events of the past week, my farewell post for I Must Confess now looks a lot different to how I imagined and I’ve decided to take some time out from the personal blog to collect my thoughts. Just two-ish weeks. It will give me time to take stock.


In the scheme of things, saying goodbye to the confessional party comes at an interesting time, with my Blog Agency taking up more and more of my time. I’ve been in two minds about how to proceed here with the personal blog and losing the confessional linkup almost seals the deal for me in terms of a way forward. I’m certainly not ready to retire AMC completely, it’s a great outlet for me, not just to test the blogging waters but also to keep in touch and support my fellow bloggers. I do feel however, that I need to get my priorities in focus which will mean a slight change in proceedings is in order.


When I return, I’m assuming there will be less of the personal posts and more of a focus on reviews and giveaways. There will also be two new linkups added to the menu here. Both sponsored in part with major giveaways up for grabs.


A little snippet of what is on the agenda…




A one off linkup dedicated to review blogging. Kicking off at the end of September and running through till December.


My way of directing all of the review enquiries I receive each week to more suitable bloggers. With a giveaway to reward seasoned bloggers, as well as an opportunity to give new bloggers starting out the chance to dip their toes in when it comes to blog reviews and working with brands.





My Worth Casing Blog Awards will make a comeback from October, with a name change. This time, I will be looking to recognise and reward new and up and coming bloggers as well as seasoned bloggers that perhaps fall through the cracks (or niche guidelines) when it comes to mainstream blog awards.


This linkup will run from October through till December. Bloggers will be encouraged to link up their stand-out blog post from the past 12 months or write a new one specially targeted for the awards.


I’m currently in talks with a couple of sponsors for this linkup and giveaway but there is the possibility a cash incentive could be on the cards.





As I head into my 4th year of hosting Worth Casing Wednesday, I feel a change is in order for this linkup. It will remain (for now) but I’m thinking of using it as a platform to share my ‘one new thing’ each week. A personal challenge I’ve been partaking in for well over four years now.


My ‘one new thing’ very rarely makes it on to the blog but I think it might actually be a great way for me to up my review game, keep my personal challenge alive and potentially keep a small amount of the personal on AMC, if somewhat more professional.


Who knows, I may even drag a couple of bloggers along for the ride on occasion. Anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good plane with me? Actually… not going there. Not now. Not ever. That saying ‘never say never’ doesn’t apply here.





Now with added co-hosts which means just because I’m taking a little break from blogging this fortnight, doesn’t mean this linkup is. There are already some fab prizes up for grabs with more bloggers and businesses linking up daily.


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Before I head offline… I would really love your help naming the two new linkups and their dedicated hashtags. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them, especially in terms of what prizes you would like to see up for grabs!


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  1. Sorry to hear about those recent life events that have rocked you, and hope your recharge does the trick. But what exciting things you have planned on the agenda! Loving the sound of the Review Crew and blog awards and will be following along with interest!

  2. Life, and in this case death, sometimes seems so unfair and I feel for the girl’s family, friends and school mates, who are no doubt all still reeling from her death.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about those horrible events. They certainly would cause you t reevaluate. Best of luck with all the new link ups and new direction for the blog. Sounds like a good focus for you.

  4. So sorry to hear you’ve had an awful week but you seem to be taking what good you can of a bad situation and seeing it as a sign to spend some much needed time with your family. Enjoy the mini break and I’m intrigued to hear what you have in store for us when you come back! Take care xx

    • Thanks Michelle, I’m really looking forward to my break. Especially now that I’ve realised school holidays are only two weeks away and my eldest two (Year 11 & 12) only have a few more weeks after that of school. It is exam central here on the home front (for me as well) so more stressful than normal.

  5. Wow I imagine that the loss of that little girl would really hit hard. Take care of yourself, enjoy some time with your family…sounds like you have lots of exciting plans for your return!

  6. Gosh, that’s all so hard for that family. Glad to hear you’re going to take some time out to recharge your batteries.x

  7. Sending prayers to the family that lost their little one.
    I hope your break from blogging allows you to clear your mind and reconnect with yourself and your family. Sometimes it’s just what is needed xx

    • I think there is something in the air with change, not just with blogging. Are you going to ProBlogger this year? I keep wishing they will move it to Sydney or Melbourne so it is more doable for me.

  8. Sad to hear the confessional is closing and sad to hear things have been a bit rough for you and your gorgeous family lately! Sorry I have been a little MIA… moving to South Korea has done that to me!!! Crazy is an understatement!

    • I have been thinking about you. Lurking on your Instagram feed, rather envious of your latest adventure. Email me all the juicy details when you get the chance. Would love to hear from you!

  9. Raychael, it has taken me till tonight, Tuesday, to get here….and I am so sorry to read the news at the beginning of your post on the last IMC. So sad. News these days is just getting worse, and I too have news I cannot share but it has taken its toll. I am so pleased, though, to read how you are already seeing some great things ahead for you and your blogs. You do such an awesome job juggling and keeping so many balls in the air to help others. Thank you for your on-going support of my blog as I have continued since last year. it means a lot to me! Warmest wishes, and I hope that you can continue WCWed for a while longer..I love linking up. Denyse xx

    • You’ve reminded me that I need to head back and check in on the late linkers for I Must Confess.

      I’ve really been shell shocked the past week. Just wanting to keep my family close and enjoy quality time together. Nothing else seems that important but you know me, I like to keep myself busy and I love helping and supporting others.

      I’ll be looking forward to checking out your new linkup when I return to blogging later in the month.

  10. Even when it’s not our story to tell, the story behind the story can have a profound impact. I too have a story that’s not mine to tell and constantly hangs out in the bleaches. It’s a tough road when there’s something major going on to someone close to us. I feel for your Raych.
    It’s OK to press pause.
    On the up side, there is so much to look forward to with the direction of your blogging Raych. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for you in that regard.

  11. Big post indeed. So very sorry about the young girl. A child at our children’s primary school died at 11 a couple of years ago. It stays with you forever. Our children are blessings. So is our health.
    Here to support you in any way I can. I hope there will be an up-wind soon. X

  12. Just popping in briefly to clarify that my blogging break also includes the Worth Casing Wednesday linkup, just in case there was any confusion. WCW will return in a fortnight. Bigger and better. 🙂

  13. You are the busiest, most ambitious and most generous blogger I know. You know where I am if you ever need any help or willing accomplices, etc…

    • That is so nice of you to say Kirsty. I’m not sure all of it rings true. I do feel my blogging endeavours should sometimes be considered in cat (or dog) years. Not necessarily in terms of results more how I approach things. I have a long blogging wish list but getting better at picking my battles these days.

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