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I’m in love… I’m in love… with the other woman. My life was fine… life was fine… until she blew my mind!





There’s a new woman playing house in my home of late and I’m in love. In love with the time and effort she has saved me. In love with our stress free meal time each night. In love with the quick and easy healthy meals that have been hitting the table as a result. In love with the fact that someone else is letting off steam in the kitchen and I’m reaping the rewards. So many rewards.


I must confess, the other woman is in fact my Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker. I should also confess, that I’ve had my new appliance for more than a little while and I love her so much that I probably should name her. I had grand plans to bring you this review and launch the giveaway late last month but well… I’ve been too busy cooking. Although, busy probably isn’t the right word here because if anything this appliance has cut my cooking time, just not necessarily my time spent in the kitchen.


In a nut shell, this multi cooker has increased my production and given me back my love of being in the kitchen in the first place. Something I lost when we moved into our temporary accommodation and found ourselves back in the 1960s. A time when it would seem bench space and power points didn’t lend to more than one appliance.


Playing a daily game of kitchen appliance twister saw me pack most of my appliances up and place them into storage. Then there is the original 1960’s Fahrenheit oven that almost needs a good hour to preheat. Its lack of fan force, forces me to rotate food every five minutes and even then most things come out of the oven half burnt or half baked. Not good.


Ohhh… and did I mention the deep and dark cupboard that doubles as a poor excuse for a pantry? Is it any wonder my kitchen mojo took an extended holiday?


Thanks to my new Multi Cooker all that has all changed. This fab appliance not only takes pride of place on the limited bench space in our kitchen, it does most of the cooking, most nights. This may be a pressure cooker but it is so much more. For the past six-ish weeks, I’ve been testing the appliance with some impressive results.


Given I’m time poor most nights and rather allergic to anything that takes too much fuss or effort in the kitchen, had me putting the pressure cooker to the test more than any other function. The results are now in…


Kambrook Pressure Express Digital IN REVIEW


Is it a pressure cooker? Is it a slow cooker? No… it’s the Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker. An appliance that is both pressure cooker, slow cooker, soup/curry maker, rice cooker (white and brown) and if that wasn’t enough it also sautés which means you have the ability to dish up some impressive one-pot wonders.




Pressure cooking is just one element to what you can do with this appliance but for me, it’s probably the most impressive. You can have a pot roast meal on the table in around 40 minutes OR LESS, with very little preparation time needed. Drool worthy risotto takes even less time.


What has impressed me the most is how quick and easy it is to both use and clean. Once you get over your pressure cooker nerves that is. If you are new to pressure cooking, like me, it can be a bit nerve wracking to start with. Although I’m not sure why? Possibly the horror stories I’ve heard over the years with pressure cookers and people doing the wrong thing.


Let me tell you, it’s very hard to do the wrong thing with this appliance, especially the pressure cooking side of things.




I’m a huge fan of slow cooking, I just never seem organised enough in the mornings to take advantage of this side of things. Given I’ve had almost the same juicy pulled pork results using the pressure cooker compared to the slow cooking function, I honestly have only used the slow cooker function twice.




There are several dishes where I’ve only needed to use the one pot with one or two functions on the appliance. It means cleaning up is also a whole lot easier when you can sauté in the same dish as you cook. It also means that a lot of meals take little preparation or fuss. Being able to set and forget, then get on with more important things for time poor me, is all kinds of wonderful.




While I’m hoping to bring you some of the personal recipes I’ve created with this appliance, today I’m sharing my favourites from the Kambrook’s A Perfect Pantry:


Pea and Ham Risotto

Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder

Beef Cheeks

Moroccan Beef with Chickpeas


Being new to pressure cooking, I found it preferable to stick to tried and tested recipes initially. Once my confidence grew, so did my creativity. While it is important to stick to certain liquid ratios when using the pressure cooking function, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun experimenting AND it certainly doesn’t mean a whole heap of stews and sloppy food.


Kambrook Pressure Express Roast Beef




This is honestly my first experience with pressure cooking, so I have nothing to compare it with but even still, I’m more than impressed. At just $129.95 RRP, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better multi cooker or pressure cooker, for that matter.


I’m also impressed that we can put a decent meal for a family of five on the table in less than 40 minutes, with very little effort (usually 5 minutes prep) on my part and most of the time there are enough leftovers for lunch the following day. The fact I’ve been able to use much cheaper cuts of meat and still dish up a meal the whole family will devour, has me more than sold on this appliance.


Yes, you can do the same thing with your slow cooker but this doubles as a slow cooker, a rice cooker and much much more. Given the lack of space in my kitchen, being able to have one device that is big enough to feed the entire family without the need to fork out a small fortune or join a cult, has me giving the Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker… 4.5 worth casing stars out of 5.


It would need to be self-cleaning for 5 out of 5. Although, I should add cleaning this appliance is relatively easy, I’m just not a huge fan of cleaning. Who is?



See… I wasn’t kidding about the lack of bench space and our 1960’s oven.




• Even if you know your way around a pressure cooker, it is best to read the instruction manual before use.
• It might take you a couple of takes at the same recipe to get the liquid ratio just right if you are making recipes up as you go along. Probably best to stick to tried and tested recipes in the interim (see A Perfect Pantry).
• It’s important to properly clean the vent after each use but this is a quick and easy process.
• Best not to leave the appliance unattended while the pressure cooker is in use. For me that was easy. Once you set and forget, I just move to the kitchen table and tackle my emails while I’m waiting. The longest I’ve had to wait was for our pressure cooked roast beef (35 minutes cooking time).
• If you want photographic evidence of your cooking endeavours, for a blog post or Instagram, it might be best to throw the starving hubby and children a bone. Mine come running the minute the appliance beeps and the steam is released. They have no patience for photo taking at meal time. None.




Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Express Multi Cooker


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**I was gifted the product for review and a second product for giveaway thanks to Kambrook, one of my ongoing blog sponsors this year. As is the case with all my reviews… opinions, crazy cooking antics and torturing my family at meal time to attempt to get photographic evidence of the results… are my own.


Clearly I need a better strategy with the photographic evidence. Something I will be attempting to share on Instagram throughout the month. Any tips?

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  1. It’s almost magic and looks like the perfect appliance for those of us in the TKC (Tiny Kitchen Club.) I’ve got a slow cooker which I love but it’s huge and I’ve heard such great things about pressure cookers. Your recipes sound yummy – no wonder everyone comes running when the machine sings it’s ready!

  2. I didn’t even know pressure cookers still exist! I NEED THIS because I’m trying so hard to be all innovative with my cooking lately but I just don’t get my act together in time and I’m totally regarded as the mum who can’t cook I’m sure. Just not a foodie I’m afraid so the care factor is way down when it comes to getting creative. A new appliance may be just what I need!

  3. Wow, I’d love to own this!! I don’t own any sort of appliance that can help me in the kitchen (ie kitchenaid, slow cooker etc). I’d probably make a delicious casserole of some sort. It’s one meal that my family of 5 all like!

    • We struggle too with finding one meal the entire family like apart from chocolate and cheese (they are meals… right! lol) I think we have about four or five now thanks to this appliance.

  4. I’m useless – I’d love this if it meant I could take some pressure off (see what I did there?). Morrocan Beef and Chickpeas because I love spicy…

  5. I haven’t used a pressure cooker since Mum’s exploded in the 70s (she never did get all the tomato splatter off the orange & brown floral wallpaper). So, I’d probably bring something back from the past… old fashioned corn beef with all the trimmings 🙂

    • Orange and brown floral wallpaper sounds so retro. Did your mum ever use it again or did the explosion and clean up process turn her off pressure cooking for good? This one has several safety features, so as long as you follow instructions, I can’t see it exploding all over the place.

      • It was all over…..the pressure cooker went to the tip (which is just where the wallpaper should have been too hahaha).
        I need all the safety features I can get in the kitchen, including a cast iron stomach 😉

  6. Being the only female in a house full of males I sometimes feel like I am a cook in the army barracks or something. Meals need to be made in surplus so everyone isn’t left ‘starving’ but they also needs to be deliciously tender and flavoursome because they are also master chef judges in training ? I have been dying for a pressure cooker to cut my cooking time in half so I can spend every alternate day cooking up a storm and freezing meals so I can enjoy a day off from time to time without worrying about dinner.

    • This more than cuts cooking in half. It’s the no fuss approach that I’m loving the most. Some recipes require a bit more prep but most it’s a simple case of throw everything in and hit a button.

  7. I am all for anything that makes our lives easier and the kitchen is definitely one of those places that I need a hand. I like the idea of not having to think through what I need to do and make for dinner so far ahead. So often I think, I know I’ll make a roast at like 5.45pm about 15 minutes before I should be dishing up dinner! HA! Sounds like this Kambrook baby could help me out and because it’s wintery here today I’d love to give the pea and ham risotto a burl in my new Kambrook baby!

  8. I won’t enter as I already have a pressure cooker but can confirm it is live changing. Coupled with having a dishwasher for the first time in my life, it has really encouraged me to move away from the jars and packets and into free styling recipes!

  9. Saving time but not compromising on health and taste suits me, My first dish will be, Beef stroganoff for a winter meal that’s hearty

  10. I work so the option to load and go is ideal for me. I would make a traditional greek rabbit stew with onions, called Stifado.

  11. Need to win this prize so good old Mum will share her ‘secret’ recipes with my wife and I, they’re seriously too good to be taken to the grave. Mean, yes, but she won’t tell all the ingredients and techniques to us, until we buy a pressure cooker first!

  12. I NEED to win this prize because I LOATHE cooking and anything to make it quicker, less painful or handball it entirely is WONDERFUL. I’d make soup. Vegie soup. And serve it with crusty bread. Great, now I’m drooling.

  13. With my first baby on the way this slow cooker would be a like having a much needed helping hand in the kitchen! I’d love to try the Pea and Ham Risotto as I usually avoid making risotto as I don’t have the time to stand and constantly stir it as it cooks. But with the Kambrook Multi Cooker I wouldn’t be a slave to the kitchen and could create healthy family meals in a flash and washing up would be a breeze!

  14. As a mum with a son with special needs,I would love love love to win this and save some time in the kitchen to be able to relax more.

  15. What a great wrap you gave this appliance. Sounds like a new BFF really. My slow cooker died this year and now I have no way of cooking up some meals in bulk. I batch cook and freeze meals for one. One for me (hub is on a very restricted diet) and one for my dad. Then when I visit Dad, who is 2 hours away, I am his ‘meals on wheels’. The first meal I’d cook would be a comforting beef casserole. mmmmm. Beef…casserole….

  16. I would love to make lamb shanks with rosemary, tomato and red wine sauce. I can’t cook but this apparently is very easy to make with a slow cooker – just chop and dump your ingredients into the cooker and push the button.

  17. I’d love to cook a vegetarian casserole. Desperately need a new slow cooker. My last one died after only a few uses & wont cook in high anymore. Really miss being able to put dinner on in the morning & have the smell waft through the house all day as it cooks.

      • A really yummy & simple recipe is… Tin of diced tomatoes in the bottom of a slow cooker & a large diced onion & some crushed garlic & a cup of water. Put the lid on & set it to high. Then cut up what ever veggies you like, spuds, sweet potato, pumpkin, mushroom, dice spinach, you name it, the hard veggies cut down to about 2cm cubes, the rest can be what ever size you like. Once everything is washed, diced & sliced, add it into the slow cooker with another cup of water & set it to Auto & let it cook all day. Thats my fave & easy veggie casserole 😀 Eat it with crusty bread & its soooo good 😀

  18. My Nonna makes the most succulent BBQ beef ribs in her pressure cooker. After cooking she then throws them on the BBQ to crisp up and serves the wig her home made sauces. They are amazing and with my own pressure cooker I can recreate them in my own home for my family and friends! YUM!

  19. I have been thinking about a pressure cooker lately! I have embraced the slow cooker but I think the pressure cook could bring a whole new dimension to the kitchen. Thanks for linking up with me on Flat Bum Mum this week. Bron x

  20. I had a pressure cooker a long time ago. There is no other way to get your meat so tender in such a short time. I would do a beef olive or some roast in gravy.

  21. My slow cooker is too fast . Seriously I cannot put the “Slow” cooker on and leave the house as I will come back to a burnt mess which defeats the purpose of helping a busy woman out. I would cook beef cheeks. I’m a vegetarian my family are not something like this could encourage the meat chef out of the vegetarian.

    • There’s really not much to understand. Just start with a simple recipe till you get the hang of it but basically you can just throw everything in, seal the lid and press a button for most recipes.

  22. Oh that is really affordable for a multicooker! I have a slow cooker but the dish is so heavy that I rarely use it. I think I would cook beef stroganoff. My partner had developed an intolerance to lactose and we were both lamenting the loss of beef stroganoff and sour cream. Recently we discovered though that greek yogurt gives the same tangy taste and we’ve been enjoying it again!

    • Hubby dropped our super heavy slow cooker and cracked it before we moved, so I was pleased to pick up this appliance from Kambrook to review. It takes up much less bench space, does much more in terms of cooking and is so easy to use.

    • Is there no lactose in Greek yoghurt? I have to give up dairy and gluten and I’m really struggling. I’m not sure if the dairy is due to lactose though. More it stops me absorbing my thyroid and other meds and a dairy and GF diet is suppose to help with the swelling issues I’m having.

  23. Oh wow! What a great price! I wish I had known about this multi-cooker before I bought my slow cooker (which I’m less than happy with, I might add). It’s either too slow or too fast. I would cook lamb shanks with this multi-cooker. I’ve never made them before as I think they’re too complicated to cook but I reckon they’d be a winner with this multi-cooker.

    • We have had several slow cookers over the years and never really found one I was comfortable with. This on the other hand, I’ve used almost every night since we took delivery of it.

    • Have you had a bad experience? I was scared too, although I’d never gone near one. You do hear such horror stories of the old style pressure cookers. We haven’t had any issues with this one.

      • No I haven’t only because I am so scared of them lol … I have never actually seen a pressure cooker in action and I don’t think my mum even had one growing up! It is just all the stories you hear lol … Would love to give one a go!

        • I know. I was much the same. This one has so many safety features and just won’t work as a pressure cooker if you over fill it, as far as I can tell. The only real issue is the steam upon opening, but as long as you follow instructions, even that is pretty hard to get wrong.

  24. When my Gran went into a nursing home last year, Mum gave me her old pressure cooker. It is so daunting using one, but fair to say I am fairly used to it now, and haven’t managed to blow it up. I am learning not to add any extra liquid! Can anyone say runny casserole, It’s my go to for corned beef though, ready in no time! I would make a gorgeous rogan josh chicken curry in this fabulous new multipurpose machine!

    • Rogan josh sounds wonderful. I might need to attempt that. You hear such horror stories with the old style pressure cookers. This one has too many safety features, I’m pretty sure if you added too much liquid the pressure cooker releases itself rather than blows up. Not that I’m game to test that theory.

  25. With a small baby hanging off me half the day, this would save my last minute cheese on toast dinners ?

    I would love to try beef in red win casserole, which I normally have to stand & stir for a while

    • We are doing a similar dish tomorrow evening. It is so easy. I do tend to marinate the meat first and add a bit of apple cider vinegar to the pot before sealing. You end up with the juiciest pull apart meat in such a short time. I also opt for a slab of meat rather than chunks.

  26. This sounds awesome! I could get rid of my slow cooker, pressure cooker AND rice cooker and only have one appliance instead of heaps in the cupboards! The price is great too – I think we paid close to that for the pressure cooker. I think I would try our family favourite, massaman beef in the pressure cooker, first 🙂 .

  27. I NEED this because I’m struggling to eat healthy meals post breast cancer. Besides, I’ve been waiting for the lazy old Dinner Fairy for years and she never turns up. HMPH. I would try the recipe you photographed because it looks like something my family would eat.

  28. This does sound like a major asset to any kitchen but I’m disappointed it doesn’t self-clean – that would definitely win me over as I’m super lazy in the kitchen (as you know!)

  29. This sounds easy enough that even Mr Sparky could get in on cooking duty or at the very least I could put my feet up for a bit between jobs rather than slaving over our stove. Oh and to think the house not heating up with our dodgy oven.

  30. Just like a cat NEEDS to attack your hand during belly rubs, I need this because my slow cooker just kicked the bucket and this would be an amazing upgrade! I think I’d try some sort of lamb roast, haven’t attempted that yet!

  31. What a beauty, a thing to behold. Between night school and looking after my family I’m thinking this is a blessing to be had. <3

  32. I’ve got a great new recipe of my mum for a lamb vidaloo curry i’d have to give it a test run in this before all else!

  33. My mouth is watering as I read this blog and I’ve got to try this recipe, but I don’t have a pressure cooker so I’m stuck until I get one!

  34. I NEED this in my life because i dread dinner time!! I’m a great cook and i love baking BUT when it comes to dinner i never seem to have enough time. In between playing taxi for the family and studying, dinner is usually a last thought. I don’t know how many times i’ve cooked spag bog just because it is so quick and easy.

    If i had this multicooker the first dish i would try would be something fancy like duck breast. A dish i have failed at several times on the stove top and in the oven!

  35. Being a busy gal I need all the help in the kitchen I can get, so a pressure express would mean great meals on time and budget. I would make Pea and Ham Risotto because I love risotto but not great at having the time to do it right

  36. I love it, haven’t had any all winter but can never organise myself to find the extended time to cook it, so I’d love to try pressure-cooked CORNED BEEF – with carrots, parsnips and parsley sauce of course!
    The fact that the Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker also turns itself off is reason enough to own one for a scatterbrain like me!!!

  37. Chicken Curry would be the recipe I tackle because it doesn’t work out properly any other way I cook it!!!!!!! Maybe I need a new toy and I think this is it!!!! Thank you 🙂

  38. I’m pregnant with my first child and really hoping that I will be able to cook bub’s food once he starts eating solid. A pressure cooker would very much help as I will be a working mum too!

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