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It’s a rather short and not so sweet post for me this Worth Casing Wednesday. An extension to yesterday’s post and that 3 minute video… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Basically, during the school holidays we thought it would be fun, as a family, to put the unlimited part in our new Vividwireless internet plan to the test. This involved us all partaking in a bit of (older) family fun by way of what you might call online gaming. Not as bad as it sounds. Honest. Although some of my reviews of the actual games do make it sound like I was being tortured at times.


In a really loud, empty nutshell with an echo that goes on forever this is apparently a really funny sound effects game, where each player creates an audio experience to represent a given phrase.


If you are old school, like me, just think of it as your modern day family board games. The ones where you still connect as a family, it still involves actual real life interaction and a lot of belly laughs. It just means you bring your online devices into the lounge room and into the mix.


In an attempt to do a bit of a review for Vividwireless, I thought filming an entire session to share on the blog would be hilarious. We were having a whole heap of fun and rolling around laughing at a lot of the games. Out of the 3 hours that was captured, I only managed to find 2 to 3 minutes that was actually fit for publication.  Here’s a little clue as to why…


I’d put the entire family on warning for this particular round… “KEEP IT CLEAN PLEASE. I would like to have something I can actually share on the video”. Then we get this question from Fibbage 2…


Fibbage 2 online gaming


Because the aim of the game in Fibbage 2 is to fill the blank with a ‘lie’ that seems vaguely believable, so that in the next round your opponents will pick your lie over the real answer and the questions are rather suggestive to start with, this is where things got, shall we say, interesting.


With five of us playing and trying to keep it mostly clean, the computer threw up the real answer, an answer that wasn’t particularly suitable for sharing on the blog but I’m sharing it anyway…



Care to guess the answer?  Taking the real answer out of the mix, would you say all five of us managed to keep things clean?


I’m now thinking, I should have put the parental mode on this game to the test before attempting to film anything. Anyway, you can find the raw and rather real video of some of our online antics with my family on yesterday’s post (HERE).



If you have a blog post worth casing this week… words, wordless and everything else in between… this is the place to link up!  



You know that saying… ‘Don’t work with kids or animals?’ I’m extending it to include online gaming and teens. What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I think we just bought a game called Fibber for one of my son’s Birthday gifts, this looks really similar? Might have to check out this online one since we are all into the internet and my boys (hubby and son) are such gamers!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • It was hilarious. I really should check out what the game is like in parental mode, although my girls are so older and it was only after we finished that they let on there was a parental mode option.

  2. We often play games together – it’s great to get a bit of a bond when things are tough going (with the teens)

    • Couldn’t agree more. For us, especially this school holidays where the girls are all focused a little too heavily on exam prep, it was all about getting them away from their books and lightening the mood.

  3. Looks like a fun game!! Nothing like good belly laughs with our kids! 🙂 I hope you got my email. Talk to you soon!

  4. Haha love this – Fibbage sounds like the online version of a board game we used to play years ago, called Balderdash, and I can say from experience it’s hours of entertainment for the whole family (just not family rated necessarily!!!)

  5. Finally remembered to link up this week Raych! Love that you got to enjoy a game as a family and very amused that it turned out you couldn’t use most of recording!

  6. Safe to say, whatever the answer, I won’t be using that treatment! What a fun game, have to remember it for our next family get together 🙂

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