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I’m contemplating goals and giveaways this month.


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I always have big plans around this time of year to jump on board for Christmas in July. Not to the extent that we pull out our massive Christmas tree and all the decorations we’ve accumulated over the years. It’s more a case of finding out what venues are hosting Christmas in July functions and possibly throwing one or two of my own at home.


Each year, my plans fall by the way side. It’s something about the end of the financial year and the start of the new one. A time where I take stock financially which leads to taking stock in other areas as well, which tends to send my to-do list into overdrive.


My to-do list and goals at this time of year have a tendency to keep me suitably distracted. Christmas in July and most of what isn’t perceived as essential on the to-list just don’t factor in. In the end, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to find the time.


This year, I’m taking a different approach. More in keeping with how I mean to continue. Much like how I start the year with no resolutions or goals. It doesn’t mean my goals have gone completely, it just means I’ve put the brakes on and I’m having a break from busy. Giving me more time for myself and doing the things I actually love to do, like celebrating Christmas… in July and hosting giveaways!


In keeping with my working smarter not harder approach, I will be bringing on two co-hosts for this linkup from next month. I can’t wait to introduce you to them.



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Are you a fan of Christmas in July?

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  1. A thoughtful read. Just as you say, lessons are being taught to us In life from the good to the not so good. When we reflect we can see what this means. You ARE your blog but it doesn’t have to be YOU!? Does that make sense? A business blog is not a personal blog.. So, is there a way to gently undo the two? I think your blog persona remains intact as you are reaching out to become the fit for the community you want to continue. It’s hard for me to see if what I wrote makes sense ! However, I do agree that taking time to consider the plans & not always doing what you always did is the way to both protect yourself health wise & family wise & then move towards what now makes the best sense for your renewed goals.

    • Thanks Denyse. Lots to ponder but looking forward to such much needed white space this coming month. Still lots to do but taking the pressure off in terms of deadlines and expectations will definitely help.

  2. I guess it’s ultimately up to you but I don’t think sharing health issues is a negative or unprofessional. We’re all human and humans have health issues of varying degrees of worry.

    • I’ve actually been wondering if I shouldn’t just let the health issues that are constantly consuming me, form more of a basis for a new personal blog. There’s definitely an audience. I’m just not sure how that will reflect on the business I want to launch.

    • I kind of like my nichelessness too. I suppose what I should be listing down is what I don’t like. Starting with the excessive amount of emails wanting me to place a link on the blog or PR firms (that get paid to find bloggers that will blog for free) wanting me to do infomercials for a $20 product.

  3. I love how you write and what you write. It is always something to look forward to because it isn’t always the same every time. I also don’t think sharing your life experiences health wise is a bad or unprofessional thing, it gives everyone who doesn’t know about particular things an insight. You are educating by sharing your experiences. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Agent Mystery Case.

    • Thanks Kell. Appreciate that. I suppose in terms of blogging because I don’t fit the mold I’m often over looked. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times I’m left scratching my head. There is a definite audience for the health side of things, just worry that that side of me should be kept under wraps.

  4. I think your writing here probably helps to attract the right kind of clients for you. Would you really want a client who wasn’t willing to accept that you are human and so have human emotions and health issues? I know I wouldn’t.

    • The blog agency is going to be a different ball game. I think I might actually need to run it as an enterprise (which scares me) rather than a solo gig for it to be a real success.

    • Yes, I really hope so. I don’t like murky or being out of control. I suppose I’m at a bit of a crossroads for the time being, being pulled in a couple of different directions and not having the proper time to dedicate to all I want to do.

  5. Wow, you have a lot going on, but it also sounds very exciting! Yes, mistakes are lessons – we all make them and we just have to learn from them, rather than making the over again… not speaking from experience or anything, ahem 🙂

    • I think I may be guilty of over complicating things. Something I tend to avoid. Much prefer a simple, more manageable approach. Something I really need to get back to.

  6. I love your ‘work smarter not harder’ approach. The to-do list will never be clear so you need pick out the important things and focus on those. Good luck with your upcoming changes! (PS – I’ve never done a Christmas in July, but I do like the idea of a hearty feast when the weather is a bit cooler…)

    • I’m really looking forward to Christmas in July. The girls are on school holidays, I’m road testing not only my new Kambrook pressure multi cooker but a spice hamper, so there’s no excuse not to have some Christmas in July fun in the process. If only I could convince the family to dig out the massive tree and go all out.

  7. I love all the planning you do Raychael to achieve your goals, working smarter not harder, to counteract any potential setbacks in your path. That’s probably why you end up being so successful at all you set out to achieve!

    Enjoy your upcoming white space!

    • Thanks Ingrid. Looking forward to the white space. Hopefully there will be enough of it. Can’t wait for the study to be done and dusted so it frees up even more time. Which reminds me, I need to touch base with you about something.

  8. Don’t discount the fact that showing the real you, and the fact you are human and have a personality, is not always a bad thing when it comes to running a business. Just a thought…good luck with all your musings x

  9. Thanks to everyone that took the time to comment. I’ve edited the post to remove some of the more personal aspects. It’s how I mean to continue here on the blog, even though it is a personal blog. No over sharing and posting so much of the personal in the first place from here in on.

    • Yes, I found some much needed clarity over the weekend. I’m still at a bit of a crossroads professionally speaking but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just need to clone myself or find a stunt double. Reality has me saying ‘no’ more often than I would like.

      Have been thinking about you. Hoping everything is going well!

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