Active wear goes undercover…

Active wear goes undercover… for our latest style challenge, as I hand the blog over to one of my favourite Aussie style bloggers, Bron from Flat Bum Mum. With a style challenge that is guaranteed to give your active wear wardrobe a real workout.


Active Wear Undercover



I love the secretive nature of Agent Mystery Case, the idea of casing something without others knowing really appeals to my inner Nancy Drew.


As a style blogger I am usually hunting for ways to show off rather than disguise items in my wardrobe but with Agent Mystery Case as my guide I decided to embark on a quest that would see me sneaking, hiding and disguising with the best of them. Pink panther eat your heart out.


My Active Wear Mission:


Allow active wear to infiltrate my regular wardrobe without being detected.


active wear trio, style challenge, flat bum mum, style blogger


With the rise and rise of amazing active wear it is no longer a crime to be caught out and about in your gym gear. In fact in many circles it is totes approps to wear your Lorna and Lou Lou all the live long day.


For the mum with more wobble than washboard in the abs department wearing tight lycra all day is my worst thrush-inducing nightmare. While I don’t want to embrace the sport-mumma look I would like to be able to integrate my gym gear into my daily wardrobe. So after a few push ups and squats to get warmed up I flexed my style muscle and showed those outfits who’s boss – Commando Style.



Look 1 – Active Tights


active wear leggings, style challenge, style blogger, flat bum mum


These bright pants really do rock my world when I am running. They are all sleek and streamlined and make me feel like a Giselle gliding along the roadside, instead of the galumphing sweaty mess that I actually am. But could I turn these tights into an actual outfit????


Short answer…YES! The muted boots and grey dress allow the tights to shine while a yellow necklace creates an interesting contrast up near my face.



Look 2- The Patterned Tank


Active wear floral, style challenge, style blogger, flat bum mum


Active wear has gotten so damn cute hasn’t it? So why leave all the cute patterns in the gym. I wanted to see if this floral tank could do double duty in my real life wardrobe. Would these cute bright patterns work in the real world or are they sweat duty only?


This was both the easiest and trickiest to style. It had black in the pattern so I could make it work with this simple all-black outfit however I am not sure that the breathable fabric would go un-detected in the office. All those teeny-tiny holes might give the game away. I’m giving this one a half score.



Look 3- The Graphic Tank


printed tee active wear, style challenge, style blogger, flat bum mum
Thanks to the amazing power of Kmart I no longer need to spend up big to cover my assets when I get my run on. Skimpy singlets have never cut it for this boob-bouncing babe and I need ample strap coverage to hide the scaffolding required to lock my chest into position before exercise. It’s a two bra situation ladies.


So could my simple muscle tank do double duty as a real life outfit????


Tick! This top can make the transition easily to real-life wardrobe! Keeping things classic with a red blazer and jeans allows the graphic tee to shine and the writing across the chest certainly adds some interest to the outfit. Another winner.




I love a challenge and now it’s your turn. Drop and give me 20 (just kidding). Join the Active Wear Undercover revolution and show me how you style your active wear discreetly. I will be showing off all your amazing looks in a super-size blog post at the end of June so be sure to join in by tagging @flatbummum @agentmysterycase and use the hashtag #ActiveUndercover





Message from Mystery:

I’m all about the comfort factor right now and about getting more exercise into my life. I just love how If you’re dressed or half dressed in your active wear, you’re half way there and practically ready to go. I will definitely be joining this challenge one way or another. Keep an eye on Instagram for an active wear giveaway coming soon. 

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  1. I LOVE this! Seriously love it. Bron, that first outfit with the leggings starring is great. (They all are, but that’s the one that’s made me realise I LOVE the pattern of some of my leggings and I should just wear them all the time!) Great post. Count me in this month! x

  2. Love it. I’d live in active wear if I could, for the simple comfort. You’ve done a great job styling it up.

    • That’s the thing though isn’t it. If you have activewear or active wear in your wardrobe and you’re not being that active, it seems only sensible to find ways to actually get the most wear out of it. Doesn’t it?

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