Winter Wardrobe Ten Commandments

Last week, I may have likened my approach to clothing shopping and getting my wardrobe sorted to my failed attempts at menu planning (see: Signature Style the real challenge). This week, I’ve called in reinforcements before Beth aka Almost Posh (my stylish partner in crime for our Signature Style challenge) staged a winter wardrobe intervention.


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My signature style endeavours took an interesting twist this week, thanks to a little help from stylist Vicki Thompson aka The Fashionable Mum. Following my wardrobe cull and audit, I felt almost ready to hit the shops.


I’d managed to isolate the gaps and appreciate my obsession with jackets, bags and shoes (in that order) was completely out of control. In terms of actual clothing that fits and suits me, I was down to one or two rather casual outfits and not much else.


My wardrobe was now looking rather empty.


With a number of events on the horizon, it certainly wasn’t going to see me through or entice me out of the house. With the change in size and shape thanks to a thyroid condition where weight gain from current meds seems rather attached to me, I honestly needed to start over.


With a change of approach and a change of season almost upon us, what better place to start than with a winter capsule wardrobe. The only thing is, I just knew I would fall into my old and chaotic spending ways and still find myself having far too many ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments.


While I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I honestly had no idea where to start. I’m also on a fairly strict budget, which is why in the end I phoned a stylist friend…





I probably picked the worst week in the world to place a wardrobe distress call to Vicki who was having a bigger than big week herself (all will be revealed soon). So while Vicki couldn’t pop over and hold my hand through this ordeal process, she gave me the next best thing… her ten commandments for a winter capsule wardrobe.


Something I took to my own wardrobe first before taking the list with me for a little online shopping.



MY Winter Wardrobe for under $320…


Signature Style Challenge Winter Wardrobe for under $320

Breaking it down at H&M for just under $320. I couldn’t find the right jumper dress here but nailed the white shirt with ribbon tie. The boots also come in black and I’m half tempted to ditch the trench for a really cool biker jacket (it would almost be considered a bomber jacket?).


Signature Style Challenge Winter Wardrobe for under $320


My Winter Wardrobe for under $300…


Signature Style Challenge Winter Wardrobe for under $300

Breaking it down at Target for $281.00 and taking advantage of the massive sale they have running at the moment. It can be hard rummaging to find sale items in your size in store, so I would be tempted to place an online click and collect order, then pick it up for free in store.


Signature Style Challenge Winter Wardrobe for under $300


My Winter Wardrobe for under $230…



Breaking it down at Rivers for $228.00 with a number of the items part of a 50% off member deal. It’s free to join! I’m pretty sure they are about to start a 40% off sale on other items, so this total may come day even further.






I’m actually rather happy, I chose to do this exercise online and via Polyvore before I hit the shops. It’s making me more aware of why I’m in wardrobe chaos in the first place. You see, I tend to hit the shops with no real plan of attack. In the back of my mind, I have an event on, I have nothing to wear or that makes me feel good in my existing wardrobe and I need a new outfit. I hit the sales, find a bargain buy… and same old, same old… just end up adding to the chaos and I’m back to where I started.


Probably why I have a truck load of jackets, bags and shoes (I shared the exact numbers last week!) and I still have nothing to wear moments.


I completely failed in the bag brief for this one. As I already have so many bags, I probably shouldn’t be looking at adding more. When I do look, it needs to be on sale to justify my love a purchase. So I’ve kept to the sales section for bags for this mission and didn’t stick to specifics.


While I love Vicki’s ten commandments. I’m not convinced pleather leggings will ever be my thing, considering my largish legs are also currently prone to swelling but ponte leggings are definitely something I would consider.


I also would have put both trench and bomber jacket on the list but I think you may have noticed I have a thing for jackets. As I already own a couple of trenches, I really should take them off the list and shop from my wardrobe first.


I’m also not really sure what constitutes a suitable bomber jacket or if I actually own any. I find they fall a bit short on me and emphasis my shortness and over emphasis the extra junk in my trunk. I think biker jackets and more structured jackets may just be more my style.


The other thing… striped tops and white shirts. Vicki owns far too many striped tops to count. I know I’ve lost count trying to keep up with them. It’s definitely her signature style. I own one and it hardly gets any wear. Probably because I have it in the back of my mind that when you are carrying extra weight you shouldn’t go there?


I think with the right top and possibly some layering I could and should definitely go there.


Now for the white shirt… does it come in black? I must confess, white isn’t really my colour and I lack an ability to keep white clean for more than five minutes but it really is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.



How low can you go?


While under $300 and under $230 sounds rather impressive for a wardrobe that will form the basis of 90% of my wardrobe this winter. I’m sure I can do a whole lot better.  I’ll be back next week with the results together with our Signature Style Challenge winners and a brand new style challenge with a mystery blogger.


How low could you go to put together a winter wardrobe that suits your signature style?





A huge thanks to everyone that has been playing along, especially those that jumped on board via a blog post. There’s still plenty of time to enter both giveaways. Not everyone has been game to share something from the ‘questionable’ side of their wardrobe, so get sharing #shoulditstayorshoulditgo because you are in with a real chance there.


DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE ONE (#signaturestylechallenge)


Share your Signature Style pictures to Instagram (or in a blog post), providing lots of details on your outfit and your signature style. Remember to tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using our dedicated hashtag for this challenge #signaturestylechallenge.


DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE TWO (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo)


Share something questionable from your wardrobe to Instagram. Tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using the dedicated hashtag #shoulditstayorshoulditgo. Include as much detail as possible about the item. When you purchased it, how many times you’ve actually worn it and why you think it is no longer working for you.


Don’t have Instagram? Not a problem. Just share your image or description in the comments here or on Almost Posh, or send us an email.


Terms and conditions:

  • Game of Skill
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  • Winners selected by Almost Posh & a mystery judge
  • Two winners (as above)
  • Can enter more than once
  • Australian residents only
  • Entries Close May 31st (9pm WST)


Do you have your winter wardrobe sorted? How would you describe your signature style?


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  1. These are some fabulous capsule selections and taking full advantage of current sales! I actually picked up that same Rivers cardi in grey for 40% off in Brisbane (as well as a pair of tan ankle boots) and am wearing it today, it’s a good weight and perfect for layering! Rivers is often overlooked but it does have some good pieces in at the moment. I am so in love with H&M right now. I would also suggest a pair of leggings that are ponte + pleather (pleggings, as I call them) if you’re unsure of going the full pleather.

  2. Oh My FREAKING goodness these are awesome capsule wardrobes!!! I would ditch the trench and go with a biker style. Then wear the biker over a striped top to lessen the amount of stripe that shows through. Loving all the boot choices too.

    • My local Rivers is a bit chaotic. Heading back today for the boots and far too many other things that aren’t on my list but their sale is pretty impressive right now.

    • You have a wardrobe that works and suits your style, so you don’t really need to start from scratch like me. You also have some pretty impressive skinny jeans. 🙂

  3. woo! Doing better than I thought. I have at least three things on this list. Four if I count my biker jacket in place of a trench. Still I feel the need for some shopping…….

  4. Oh thank goodness pleather pants popped up! I just bought a coated denim look alike version from Cotton On last week. They are so comfy! I’m desperately trying to find my signature style… I’m a stay-at-home-mum in the country so the school run go-to is jeans, a jumper and gumboots {although I do love my gummies}! I’m absolutely dumbfounded when I have to dress properly to go to the shops and out for dinner sends me into conniptions! 🙂

    • I love the look of the coated denim, I just have largish legs so they don’t always look so great on me.

      I hear you with the signature style, especially when you are at the stay at home stage. It can be hard to justify spending big on your wardrobe for what will be one off wears. I tended to stick with simple basics. Dressed up with a nice jacket or more accessories than I would normally wear. A change of hair style and more effort with your makeup when going out. As long as you feel comfortable, that really is the main thing.

  5. This concept absolutely fascinates me! I am a minimalist at heart and long for simplicity but exactly like you described, I am a chaotic shopper and I recognize that I also use it as a stress reliever. Basically I shop when I am happy, sad, upset…and I always justify it with the fact that I never buy expensive things, just shop sales and such but I feel overwhelmed a lot when I open my closet. I also have put on a bit of weight and find a lot of things look sloppy on me rather than the cute I aim for. 🙂 I have read about Project 333 avidly for years and I do donate many items of clothing but not enough and then I go get more…

    Maybe I just really need to commit to this because I truly do LOVE the concept and the freedom it brings. I also think people who live this way are generally far more stylish.

    Great post!

    • Thanks Colleen. I think we need to start a support group.

      Tell me more about Project 333. Sounds intriguing. Also keep me posted on how you are going and why not head back and share the most questionable item in your wardrobe right now and join our latest giveaway.

  6. I am all about the ankle boot right now! Have both a pair in tan and black! Love that Target handbag. Will have to check it out next time I’m in there.

  7. What a great winter capsule wardrobe, although pleather pants don’t suit me either! I did actually buy a pair last year but regretted it and never wore them – lol!

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