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Signature Style, Style Challenge, Almost Posh, Giveaway

My latest style challenge and GIVEAWAY with Almost Posh is all about finding your Signature Style on a budget. I’m more challenged than normal with this one and determined not to fall back into my closet chaos ways.


Signature Style, Style Challenge, Almost Posh, Giveaway




As I’ve been having far too many ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments with my full to over flowing wardrobe, I’m on a mission with Beth from Almost Posh this month to find my signature style. I’m finding the mere process of discovering my signature style is helping me develop a more functional wardrobe and be a lot more adventurous.


I’m hoping the end result will ensure that getting ready in the morning or for a special event is a lot less of a struggle.


You see, I’m not exactly looking or feeling my best right now. Health issues and current meds have me up a size and a half which in itself poses many daily challenges. Finding a wardrobe that works for me and not against me, is just one of them. Trying to embrace my current size and shape is another.


Each Friday throughout May, Beth aka Almost Posh and myself will be sharing tips on finding your SIGNATURE STYLE on a budget. There’s plenty of ways and incentives for you to play along (giveaway and linkup details below), the easiest way is to take a leaf out of Beth’s style book and share a quick pic to Instagram.




Last week, I started clearing my wardrobe of the chaos. Only items that fit and make me feel good have remained. The rest are currently being sorted in to six piles. I’m looking at it as a relocation program…



SZ 10-12 almost new that I hope to get back into by the end of the year (with the help of my new miracle worker meds/DR).



Newish items that no longer fit and/or no longer suit my style. As I’m still working on my style, I must confess, I’m finding this section a real challenge.



Anything that is showing major signs of wear and tear is hitting the bin.



My three daughters may now be teens but we still have a running useful box that doubles as a dress up box. It has saved us a small fortune and a whole heap of last minute ‘I need a costume for school’ drama over the years.



Items that need a quick fix or have the potential for a mini make-over or an online sale. Although I don’t really have the time for online sales right now and wonder if it is actually worth the trouble?



This is my too hard basket but for the closest. Items that were purchased on a whim worn once and then discarded. There’s also the sentimental items that really need to go but I may need a helping hand to set them on their way.





Speaking of the questionable items, this is the other area that is causing me grief and it’s not just for the sentimental side of things. It’s a real challenge, knowing what to keep and what to throw. I have a small tendency to hoard. It’s hereditary and I like to think I’m a watered down version of my mother and grandmother.


In order to move on and get this mountain of clothing behind me, I plan on sharing a number of these questionable items in the next week over on Instagram and will be looking for your advice on if they should stay or if they really should go NOW (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo) and where they should actually end up.


We moved house earlier in the year, which gave me the opportunity to have a quick cull but I didn’t have the time or inclination, at the time, to be as ruthless as I could have been.  I have no idea why I’ve held on to certain things for so long or why I need 54 jackets (over 20 of them black), 83 pairs of shoes or 67 handbags (34 of them designer).


Which brings me to my next plan of attack for our Signature Style Challenge and that’s a wardrobe audit. I honestly think the only real way to curb my adding to the chaos shopping ways, is to list what is left after the wardrobe relocation program before I even look at hitting the shops and the sales. Especially when I’m trying not to spend much money this month.





As I try to approach my wardrobe and style a bit differently to avoid past mistakes, I wonder if winter wouldn’t be a great incentive to start a seasonal capsule wardrobe. I’ve been inspired by The Fashionable Mum’s latest style post {HERE} and will also be looking at the free style sessions offered at nearby shopping centres. They are such a great way to grab some expert advice, peruse the latest trends and occasionally find yourself a bargain buy.


I must confess, capsule wardrobes to me are a lot like menu planning. I fail at both. I tend to start off shopping with good intentions but get distracted by the SALES and then end up with a trolley full of specials that I really didn’t need and I can’t seem to make a meal of what’s in front of me. If that makes sense?


It’s certainly given me a bit of food for thought for next week. Which will see me not only auditing my wardrobe but tackling a winter capsule wardrobe in the process.






Because I’m needing all the help and inspiration I can get right now in the wardrobe department, I would love it if you could jump on board and share what is working for you when it comes to signature style (#signaturestylechallenge) and also what isn’t exactly working for you (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo).


As an incentive, we have two designer mystery prizes up for grabs for this style challenge.  The easiest way to play along is share a picture on Instagram but for the style bloggers that would like to jump on board, we’ve also opened up a linkup so you can link up your signature style blog posts HERE.



Don’t have Instagram? Not a problem. Just share your image or description in the comments here or on Almost Posh, or send us an email.


DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE ONE (#signaturestylechallenge)


Share your Signature Style pictures to Instagram (or in a blog post), providing lots of details on your outfit and your signature style. Remember to tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using our dedicated hashtag for this challenge #signaturestylechallenge.


DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE TWO (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo)


Share something questionable from your wardrobe to Instagram. Tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using the dedicated hashtag #shoulditstayorshoulditgo. Include as much detail as possible about the item. When you purchased it, how many times you’ve actually worn it and why you think it is no longer working for you.



Terms and conditions:

  • Game of Skill
  • Not associated with any third party
  • Winners selected by Almost Posh & a mystery judge
  • Two winners (as above)
  • Can enter more than once
  • Australian residents only
  • Entries Close May 31st (9pm WST)


What’s the most questionable item in your wardrobe right now and how long has it been with you? Do you have any capsule wardrobe tips?

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  1. That’s a lot of piles! I only ever do three – stay, go and stow. Otherwise I’d never get through my closet. Good luck with the capsule
    Wardrobe, nail the basics and the rest will be easy x

  2. Wardrobe clearing is super hard but you’ve made a good start with your piles upon piles! I’m really making the effort to stop and think before buying new stuff – what will this go with – and have a hit list of items to prioritise rather than just buying all the things.

    • My piles upon piles approach actually seems to be working. I’m attempting to do the same. I have a couple of big events coming up and I’m determined to get my wardrobe sorted before hitting the shops.

  3. I need to clean out my wardrobe as it’s amazingly full but barely any of it is wearable. I got rid of a heap of stuff when I moved here but 35kg and 3yrs on most of it is now not an option and it just sits in there nonetheless. Sigh…

  4. This sounds like fun! Last year I had a definite winter wardrobe of jeans, boots, jackets and cotton scarves. I’m, feeling like it might happen again this year although I am leaning towards longer tops this year that are shorter at the front and longer at the back to hide the sins of the wayward traveler (ie too much eating out and drinking cocktails). I can’t wait to join in!

  5. I’ve finally jumped on board the hashtag after totally forgetting last week! My tip for deciding what to do with your clothes is to go a little Kon Marie and ask yourself “How does this make me feel” if the answer is sexy, happy, pretty etc then keep it. If the answer is “frumpy, daggy, ugly etc etc then THROW THAT SHIT OUT!!!! Get honest with yourself and if you can’t do that call Vicki over for a full on intervention!!!

    • The problem is I feel frumpy in everything right now with the meds and the weight gain that comes with them. I think I just need to put myself in time out till my health is sorted and if it doesn’t sort then find myself an invisibility cloak. LOL

      I do need an intervention but the gorgeous Vicki is a little distracted with a massive mystery project right now.

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