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My signature style is about to get a much needed make-over thanks our latest style challenge with Almost Posh. There’s even a GIVEAWAY to celebrate.


Style challenge, signature style, finding my style, almost posh, agent mystery case, giveaway

I’m not wanting to sound like a broken record here but if my latest trip to Sydney and the seven events I attended in the lead up are anything to go by, I’m still having far too many ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, even though my wardrobe is bursting at the seams.


I have a designer wardrobe that isn’t exactly working for me.


I’m also not getting any younger or taller. My body shape has also changed in the last 18 months and I’m between sizes. The signature style that worked a treat for me in my late 30s and early 40s, now just makes me look and feel frumpier than frumpy.


The weight gain and health issues that come with my thyroid condition and latest meds have me in a holding pattern and I hardly want to leave the house. I’m told once we get the meds sorted my weight should return to normal. I’ve been hearing that for a little while now. I’m not sure how much longer I can actually wait. It’s been a long 18 long months, with me getting frustrated and more miserable by the second. The swelling associated with my flight to Sydney can push me up a dress size mid flight and make matters rather uncomfortable. Wish I was kidding.


Enough is enough is really enough though. I’m really not wanting to put myself in hibernation mode until things settle because who knows when that will be and seriously where is the fun in that? BUT I also don’t want to leave the house or attend events while I’m not looking or feeling my best. I’m also rather over battling with my wardrobe on a daily basis.


I need a wardrobe that works for me and not against me. I need a new signature style and I need it now. Preferably on a budget!




If I had to put a name on my current signature style or uniform it would be… camouflage. Not of the military khaki kind, more in the way of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. As I try my best to hide the weight gain, hide how I’m looking and feeling, attempting to blend in with fifty shades of black and grey to not be noticed. The complete opposite to my younger days where a red and gold skirt suit and a mustard maxi (all sounds rather hideous now) were on high rotation.


The one thing I do hear often, is how hard I am on myself when it comes to my looks/style and I suppose I am. I think if I had a signature style and a functional wardrobe that worked no matter what state I was in, it would make things a whole lot easier and I may actually ease up on myself. Getting ready in the morning or for an event might not be such an ordeal. Right now though, I’m struggling with health issues, I’m struggling with my style and I’m struggling in general.


This month, I’m on a mission with Beth from Almost Posh to find my signature style. I’m hoping the mere process of discovering my signature style will help me develop a more functional wardrobe and be a lot more adventurous and low maintenance in the process.


Each Friday throughout May, Beth aka Almost Posh and myself will be sharing tips on finding your SIGNATURE STYLE on a budget.


There will also be a lot of experimenting on my part. I’m not a style blogger though and I’m certainly not comfortable in front of the camera, so you probably won’t see me front and centre for a lot of this challenge but never say never.  Beth on the other hand will be all over this challenge like a rash teenager with Facebook for the first time. So keep your eyes peeled not just on the Almost Posh blog but her Instagram feed as well.




Because I’m needing all the help and inspiration I can get right now in the wardrobe department, I would love it if you could jump on board and share what is working for you when it comes to signature style (#signaturestylechallenge) and also what isn’t exactly working for you (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo).


As an incentive, we have two designer mystery prizes up for grabs for this style challenge.  The easiest way to play along is share a picture on Instagram but for the style bloggers that would like to jump on board, I will open up a linkup next Friday, where you can link up your signature style blog posts.


Don’t have Instagram? Not a problem. Just share your image or description in the comments here or on Almost Posh, or send us an email.



DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE ONE (#signaturestylechallenge)


Share your Signature Style pictures to Instagram (or in a blog post), providing lots of details on your outfit and your signature style. Remember to tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using our dedicated hashtag for this challenge #signaturestylechallenge.



DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE TWO (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo)


Share something questionable from your wardrobe to Instagram. Tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using the dedicated hashtag #shoulditstayorshoulditgo. Include as much detail as possible about the item. When you purchased it, how many times you’ve actually worn it and why you think it is no longer working for you.


Too easy! I’ll be looking to feature my favourites both here and on Instagram throughout May and we will select our two winners June 1st.


Terms and conditions:

  • Game of Skill
  • Not associated with any third party
  • Winners selected by Almost Posh & a mystery judge
  • Two winners (as above)
  • Can enter more than once
  • Australian residents only
  • Entries Close May 31st (9pm WST)



Do you have a signature style or uniform? When was the last time you updated your look?

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    • It’s been a little while between style challenges here, so hopefully it doesn’t take too long for our stylish blogging friends to catch on.

      If I hadn’t pulled up so poorly from my flight to Sydney, I would be tempted to fly over and do a live style challenge with you. How much fun would that be?!

        • Cheap flights just landed in my inbox. So tempted.

          Not doing ProBlogger. Apart from the fact it is so far away from Perth, hubby is at sea and we have no family here in Perth to keep an eye on my three girls. I’m also not convinced I would get much more out of the trip than networking. I like to do things a little, maybe even a lot differently to most other bloggers.

  1. My signature style is geek chic (as much as I hate that term). Nerdy t-shirt, cardigan and skinny jeans. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win any style awards any time soon.

    • The thing about signature style is how confident it makes you look and feel. This challenge isn’t about being the most stylish. It’s about rocking your signature style whatever that may be. Would love to see a pic of your geek chic, I may even attempt this style myself.

  2. Hello Raych, what a great idea. I love finding out about other people’s personal style. Mine ranges from Boho chic to sporty casual, although I also love jersey dresses, so I’m not quite sure where they fit into this because I’m in now way corporate 😉 I hope you get your meds sorted out soon. That’s no fun. But glad you had a great time in Sydney – you whirlwind!

    • Actually you raise a good point. We probably all need a signature style for different occasions. What would work in the corporate world isn’t necessarily going to fit on the weekend. I just need one or two styles that I know will work, no matter what state I’m in, so I’m in some sort of state to leave the house right now.

  3. Great comp and great idea.

    As you know I’m carrying a bit of a weight (well, lot of weight) at the moment so clothes aren’t really at the top of my agenda. I’ve kept some of my old faves in case I get back to (just) 20-30kg overweight. As opposed to 40-60!

    • Have you adopted a style that works for you in the meantime? Especially now you are back at work? I’m really struggling with this. Don’t want to fork out a heap of money on clothing when I have a perfectly good wardrobe here waiting for me.

  4. I’m not one to be sharing my style in front of the camera, but good luck to those entering! I am in a state of transition with my style at the moment too….more on that later. But I have just done a wardrobe cleanup and put a bunch of clothes in the donate pile. Feels good to do a clothes purge!

    • I’m not one to be sharing my style in front of the camera either. Can’t wait to hear more about your transition with your style. Sounds intriguing. Catch up soon!

  5. I’m loving dressing up these days so this challenge is exciting. I’ll try and remember to hashtag and ping you guys!

  6. I had a blast last year for Frocktober, because I had to wear a frock every day I found some great dresses at op shops and really got to play around with lots of different styles! Dresses are great too, I’m carrying a bit extra around my middle and it’s so nice not to have waistbands dig in, so I would have to say at the moment my signature style is a dress. Roll on winter weather though when I can start wearing separates again!

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