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Mothers Day Gifts | Gift Guide | Giveaway


Mamma Mia… here I go again for my 18th Mother’s Day!


My eldest child turns 18 next week. I also have a 15 and 16 year old. Yes, if you do the math, I had three children under three. Three gorgeous girls.


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Apart from the time when I was in hospital for my youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday, I’ve only ever missed one other birthday. My middle daughter’s 10th, when I flew to Sydney for the Oprah show. We hosted a party before I left, which helped ease the mother guilt factor and I made sure it was a fly in fly out trip, so I could make it home late for dinner on her actual birthday.


So it might surprise you to learn that I’ve jokingly put in for long service leave from my parenting duties and will be missing my daughter’s 18th birthday and party next Friday. Instead I’m heading to Sydney for a blogger event and a mini mystery tour and not feeling one bit guilty. Thankfully my mother-in-law is flying into Perth from Sydney for the party but even if she hadn’t sprung a surprise trip on us, my hubby is more than capable. Although, I’m still rather nervous.


You hear such horror stories about parties getting out of control these days. I must confess, I may have hosted one of those in my day. A time before social media. I hate to think how out of control that party might have been if you’d thrown a viral invitation share into the mix.  As it was, there were over 300 people lining the street, the house was filled to capacity, a fight broke out, police were called and antique furniture was destroyed.


My three girls have been fairly tame so far. All in the mothering I suspect. All jokes aside, with my daughter turning 18 and Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking I might like to break with tradition this year and actually demand a half decent gift. Even if I have to purchase it myself.


Tradition usually sees hubby remembering on the evening before and then either cooking me breakfast in bed or racing out to pick or purchase flowers, usually from the nearest service station. In the 17 years I’ve been a mother, I don’t think he has ever taken our three girls shopping to select gifts for me. That’s just how it is. I’m sure it is the same in most families.


We’ve also never really attended schools that have hosted Mother’s Day stalls. Something I’m honestly thankful for. The girls have however, over the years made cards and craft (generally at school) for Mother’s Day. Just how I like it.


Although the odd gift at my suggestion would be nice occasionally…


Jet Empire Jewellery | Mothers Day 2016 | Perth jewellery


With that in mind, next week I will be sharing my Mother’s Day gifting wish list here on AMC.  I’m also opening up a linkup this week (see below) and next, so that all my blogger friends can link their gift guides up as well. I think between us, we might be able to get everyone sorted for gifts this year, even my hard-to-buy for mother-in-law.


As I’m generally in the habit of giving and not receiving, I’m also hosting TWO GIVEAWAYS as part of the linkup fun but also keep your eye out next week for my latest Kambrook giveaway, it is going to be huge.






Help me find the perfect gift for my mother-in-law, to be in the running for this giveaway. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Try and include a link or an image if you can.


The mother-in-law brief: HARD TO BUY FOR!  A retired woman that has everything she wants/needs. Loves overseas cruises, even when they break both her legs (not kidding). Hobbies include quilting, crafting, travel and her five grand-daughters.


Not much to go on is it?


Seriously, even after 20 years, I’m still rather clueless when it comes to the perfect or not so perfect gift for my mother-in-law. Especially now we are living over 4000 km away. Hubby is absolutely no help either, he has always been pretty bad when it comes to remembering birthdays and special occasions let alone purchasing gifts.


FIVE WINNERS: Thanks to StudioCanal Australia we have five in-season double passes up for grabs for MOTHER’S DAY which opens April 28. Starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson, this is a heart-warming film following the very different relationships between mothers and their children. You can view the trailer for the film HERE.


Mother's Day film flyer

To ensure I can get tickets to winners in time, this particular giveaway ends 25/04/16 at 9pm WST (Perth time). It’s up to entrants to check that the film is still showing in your location and check back here on the 25th to see if you’ve won.

TERMS: Game of skill. Must leave comment to enter. Australian residents only. Refer to pass for further terms & conditions. Entries close 25/04/16 at 9pm WST (Perth time).




Link up your Mother’s Day Gift Guides this week and next. A mystery mum will select her favourite one and that blogger will not only receive a one month advertising spot on our sidebar to either use themselves or gift to their favourite charity (worth $250) but a mystery gift from my personal worth casing wish list.








When it comes to gift giving, do you have someone that is particularly hard to buy for?


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  1. I had three kids all aged three and under too! It seems like so long ago now. My eldest are 16. How time flies!

    I hope to say hello to you at the Bloggers Brunch.

    • It does seem so long ago. Finding it hard to believe Ash is about to turn 18.

      You had better come find me at the blogger brunch or else. I’m doing the overnight flight from Perth, which means I will be a sleep walking zombie. I’m also not attempting to meet every single person in the room like my Melbourne trip for Voices.

  2. This will be my 3rd Mother’s Day and currently pregnant with my 2nd child 🙂

    Crafty you say. Hmh. An idea I would say is creating a timeline scrap book for her. Showcasing the start to now. Starting with her children (your husband) and continuing a path into your family and her other children’s family (sister/brother in law, nephews/nieces etc). Allow extra pages for her to continue.

    This gift would have a lot of sentimental meaning to you and her. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Great idea and something I think my three girls might actually do for Christmas when we have more time. Although, I attempted something like that for their 40th wedding anniversary and it fell flat and scrap booking is probably the one thing she isn’t in to.

  3. Ideas for grandma:
    – A grandma cup with a collage of photos of the grand-daughters printed on it.
    – Messages in a bottle or jar. A message from each grand-daughter.
    – A framed map of the world with all the places the grand-daughters dream to visit.
    – A globe with all the places she has been marked on it.
    – A voucher for a travel bag store.

    Good luck!

  4. This film looks awesome! As for a gift for your MIL – how about a weekend babysitting your gorgeous girls?!?! All grandparents love to spend time with the grand kids 🙂

  5. I would make her up a photo book of everything you and the kids have been up to throughout the year. Since she lives so far away it might be nice for her to have it to look through all the time. {not entering the bloggers giveaway, but would love to be considered for the movie tickets because I’d go with my mum}.

  6. Since your kids have been whipping up a storm in the kitchen, they could bake some cookies and pop them in a quirky cookie jar with a “handmade with love” label. Or if she is a tea drinker, T2 have some funky teapots…..I love that shop!!

  7. If my mum and I lived in the same hemisphere, and she was in better health, I would totally take her to see that movie. It looks fabulous! Seeing as she loves to cruise and travel, how about travel currency for her next holiday destination or a tasty passport cover/luggage tag/travel journal?

  8. My mother-in-law loves to travel too, although she isn’t a crafter, but she does have a wicked sense of humour and if you start laughing with her, it is almost impossible to stop!

    My thoughts for her 70th birthday were around family, travel and photos. So I was thinking a photobook. A selection of photos from her travels along with goofy shots of my kids mocked up to look like travel photos or impressions.

    So her photos from Egypt next to a picture of my boys building a sand pyramid.
    Photos of her at big ben next to a photo of the boys with the kitchen wall clock.
    A picture of the living statues she saw in Italy next to a picture of my boys pretending to be statues.

    Sort of silly but also full of memories. Would definitely work as a gift for mothers day too.

  9. I love my mother – in – law and all she wants is to be part of her grandkids lives. The simple set up of her phone with their numbers so she can send messages and receive photos was perfect

  10. I’m giving my mother a subscription to a magazine she likes OR a gift voucher to the local theatre as she goes there quite a lot and sometimes worries about how much tickets to certain shows cost!

  11. Yes, you deserve a leave pass! We were overseas when our son turned 21 last year – on our silver wedding anniversary trip. We checked with him before we booked, and we knew he wouldn’t be interested in a party or anything (supreme introvert!). Heck it was a struggle to get him to go to a Japanese restaurant for his fave sushi on his 18th! He likes to tease us that we weren’t here for his 21st but he has also confided that he LOVED batching while we were away 😉

  12. I am looking forward to finally meeting you on Friday but I had no idea that you’d be missing your daughter’s birthday along the way. I’m sure your husband and mother in law will keep everything in hand – I hope she has a fantastic celebration.

    • Looking forward to meeting you to. Timing wasn’t great but it was too a good an opportunity to pass up. As you know I’ve been trying to get back to Sydney for a little while now.

  13. My mother is also difficult to buy gifts for. It helps when they start collecting something and you can easily add to the collection.

  14. You always have such great giveaways running. Does your MIL like beauty treatments? You could pamper her while she is staying with a facial or manicure.

  15. Our winners are…. Toni, Let Me Be Free, Kate, Paula and Donna. Thanks to everyone that entered. Our next giveaway hits the blog soon. Something just perfect for mixing things up for Mother’s day. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Aussie Giveaway Linkup.

  16. I love these prizes!!! No gift ideas for your mother in law from me I’m afraid. I have no clue about my own mother in law. I do love how the guys make so much effort for their own mothers. Bron x

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