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As a general rule, we don’t normally exchange Mother’s Day gifts in our house. With my eldest child celebrating her 18th birthday TOMORROW,  I thought it was high time we made an exception to the rule. I think I’ve earnt it. I’m also thinking of it as more of a gift to celebrate the 18th anniversary of becoming a mother for the first time.


As the whole concept of Mother’s Day gifts is foreign to my hubby family, I’ve been asked to compile a wish list. I suspect with my mother-in-law flying in today (a couple of hours before I fly out to Sydney), the wish list might just be to help hubby with a gift for his mother. As I normally struggle to buy for my mother-in-law, I’ve asked a couple of my blogger friends to link up their gift guides as well.


There’s even a blogger giveaway incentive (details here). I’m hoping between us we might just have gift giving sorted this year.




Wishful thinking…

When it comes to retail therapy, bags (usually Jessica Bratich) are generally at the top of my list, followed very closely by shoes but unless I give specifics, they are not normally something I would suggest hubby go out and purchase for me as a gift. There’s just too much room for error and disappointment.


For anyone that might throw ‘it’s the thought that counts’ my way right now… I would say you haven’t met my colour blind, allergic to shopping husband and if I’m only getting one gift every 18 years I want it to be to my liking.



Mother’s Day Gifting with Jessica Bratich



Mother’s Day Gifting with Betts


As a golden rule, for all non essential purchases, especially bags and shoes, I try and shop the sales when I can and have a running wish list on the go over on Polyvore. A bit like Pinterest but mainly for your wardrobe.



From the Jewellery Case…


Agent Mystery Case Gift Guide from the Jewellery Case


Gifting jewellery is such a great way to mark a special occasion but it’s also such a personal thing and it can be hard to get it right. Often a gift voucher or taking the gift recipient shopping is a better approach, as is casing their existing jewellery collection to get a feel for what they like. Paying particular attention to shapes, colours and designs.


Up until a few years ago, I had a fairly minimalist approach to jewellery. Up until recently, I just didn’t do bracelets.I still don’t. Although I’m warming to cuffs.


Bracelets are the one thing missing from my jewellery collection and I must confess, I broke up with each boyfriend (there weren’t that many!) that tried to rectify that situation by gifting me a one. I may have even written that bracelet gifting was grounds for divorce into our wedding vows. To me, gifting me a bracelet meant you just didn’t get or know me and it was time to move on.


As I made no secret of my distaste for bracelets over the years, when my mother gifted me a Pandora bracelet for my 40th birthday, it was accepted with thanks but it went to the bottom of the drawer with every other bracelet I’ve been gifted over the years, as I decided if I should disown her or not. Still deciding. I’m turning 46 this year. Care to guess how many bracelets I have stored away?


Moving on from bracelets in a way… a couple of weeks ago, I attended a Mother’s Day accessories style session hosted by Vicki aka The Fashionable Mum for Jet Empire Jewellery. It was the perfect chance to get up close and personal with Jet Empire’s latest collection and select a few wish list pieces for myself as well as have a piece custom made for my daughter’s 18th.


Agent Mystery Case Gift Guide | Jet Empire Jewellery


I already have a number of Jet Empire pieces in my collection. It’s a local brand I’ve come to love and trust. Not just for the design factor or the life time warranty on all their pieces but the affordability factor.


I’m honestly not testing hubby here but I suspect not everyone has a bracelet aversion like me, so I’ve included a bracelet in my wish list below. BUT hubby if you do head here for inspiration… DO NOT under any circumstances think bracelets are a good idea for me.



Mother’s Day Gifting from the jewellery case



There’s only one thing I love better than a good mystery and that’s a designer promotion! Jet Empire have a fab online Mother’s Day promotion running at the moment with 20% off and a FREE mystery gift with every order but you will need to order before May 4 for Mother’s Day delivery.


Jet Empire Mother's Day OFFER

From the Beauty Case….


Agent Mystery Case Gift Guide from the Beauty Case



The perfect way to keep things simple and on a budget. When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts on any budget, especially of the pampering kind, I don’t think you can go wrong with beauty gift packs.



Mother’s Day Gifting from the beauty case


Target always seem to be on the ball and on target (pun intended) when it comes to affordable pamper packs and I wouldn’t mind any of the above selections.



From the Book Case….


Agent Mystery Case Gift Guide from the book case


Not hinting here for me, as I already own these fab books and the only real books I have time to read at the moment, revolve around my business diploma studies. All these books have resonated with me this past year and are on my worth casing list.



Mother’s Day Gifting from the book case



Pure escapism with a little fiction because I love a good mystery from the talented Kim Carter. Mrs Woog’s Primary Confidential for the belly laughs. Nikki from Styling You for wardrobe inspiration. Kelly Exeter for self-help and support in general with the overwhelm I’m constantly finding myself in lately with the lead up to the launch of my new business, a blog agency (more on that coming soon)!



From my Blogging Friends….


I always get by with a lot of help from my blogging friends, even the #uselessblogger ones like myself. If you have or know of a great gift guide that would help in the Mother’s Day gifting stakes, please link it up here. There’s a month of advertising that you can utilise yourself or gift to your favourite charity, as well as a mystery prize up for grabs for one blogger that links up (more details here).



From the Case Kitchen….

  Agent Mystery Case gift guide from the kitchen  

Now I’m in two minds about gifting practical gifts for Mother’s Day. According to my mother, having been gifted a food processor one year from my father, it’s just not the done thing. Although her gifting my father a power tool was seen as acceptable. In her eyes, practical tools that chain you to the kitchen even more, are not acceptable. I should probably mention my parents are long since divorced but I don’t think it was a bad gift that lead to the divorce proceedings.


My take on this… gosh it’s a gift, it’s going to help you in the kitchen, perhaps make your life easier and it’s not a bloody bracelet. I can’t see the problem. I’m all for practical, especially when it aids productivity. WHAT DO YOU THINK?    


Which brings me to the Kambrook PowerMix that I’ve been road testing this month. I think it would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It’s certainly helping me bring more muscle to my kitchen endeavours and my family are loving the results. You could say I’ve finally found my baking mojo following our recent move where I found myself in a 1950s kitchen with a 1960s Fahrenheit oven and a chaotic cupboard posing as a pantry, where I almost lost the will to go on, let alone cook or bake.    


As I already own one, I was thinking (MAJOR HINT MR C & MY GIRLS) that I would love to combine all our favourite family recipes into a professional book with images. Perhaps even an eBook that I could share with family and friends for Christmas (even more practical).




My full review of the Kambrook PowerMix is coming soon together with a handful of tweaked family recipes. There’s also a fab GIVEAWAY (see below)!  




giveaway | Kambrook PowerMix Agent Mystery Case



Thanks to Kambrook, I have a PowerMix up for grabs for one lucky blog reader. Just follow the Rafflecopter prompts to enter. Super easy. I’m not going to make you jump through too many hoops for this one but it’s such a great prize (valued at $149.95) it would be worth jumping through a few rafflecopter hoops.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


As another treat for the 18th Anniversary of giving birth for the first time, I’ve also taken leave of my senses parental leave and will be missing my daughter’s birthday and party tomorrow, as I fly across the country to Sydney for a blogger event and mini mystery tour. I mentioned last week how I wasn’t feeling one bit guilty about taking off {HERE}. That may change.


I must confess, I’ve had one chaotic week in the lead up to flying out, with my three girls only heading back to school on Wednesday after an excessively long school holiday break. It means I’ve had to try and squeeze a week of work into just two days, as well as prep for the Sydney trip and finish my latest major assessment for my business diploma studies. I had plans to do the majority of the 18th birthday party prep before I left but it just didn’t happen.


Hubby and Miss almost 18, assure me they have everything under control. I’m not convinced. The party is in less than 24 hours. The invitations only went out two days ago. Nothing, as far as I can see, has been done. Kind of makes me glad, I’m on a flight to Sydney and my mother-in-law is flying in but it also kind of makes me wonder if I shouldn’t be staying at home.




GIFTS…practical or pampered? Or perhaps somewhere in between? What are you thoughts on the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Am I going to regret missing my daughter’s 18th birthday party?

Who wants to WIN a Kambrook PowerMix?

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