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I’ve been on the receiving end of an April Fools’ Day prank or two over the years. I think the best one was when my younger sister tracked my car down in a huge car park with a spare set of keys and basically turned the car 180 degrees. When I returned to find the car facing out, I was 99% convinced I’d driven in and not reversed into the car park. I spent an entire week thinking I’d lost my mind.


Annoyingly, I come from a long line of practical jokers. If it is possible to look like the rest of the family but still be adopted. That would be me. The odd one out. Constantly embarrassed and cringing at their antics, which of course just seems to egg them on. Moving almost 5000 km away from them has helped but they seem to be on double time in the practical jokes department, when we do eventually catch up.


My mother doesn’t seem to need to wait for the 1st of April to throw an elaborate prank, any excuse seems to be her mantra and the more staged the better. As I result… I’m generally not a fan and don’t go out of my way to throw them. I’m sure if I did attempt one, it would back fire or be lamer than lame. I’m just not going there.


I remember just over 20 years ago, introducing my now husband to my mother. We’d been dating for close to a month and pretty much living together, although keeping that side of things to ourselves. My mother hadn’t really taken to any previous boyfriends (not that there were that many… that I took home), so I thought it rather peculiar when she produced the family heirloom embroidered quilt and insisted Mr C sign it.


There were several things that went through my mind at that point…


  • She really likes him
  • They all know we’ve moved in together
  • This is some weird form of reverse mother psychology and she hates him
  • This is going to come back to haunt me if/when we break up
  • I’m going to have to marry the guy now
  • Stitching can be unpicked but how do you get permanent marker off a vintage quilt?
  • What the dickens is she thinking?
  • I don’t know what she is up to but I’m pretty sure I’m screwed


and rather oddly, practical joke didn’t even enter my mind. Which is exactly what it was.


An exploding pen to be exact. Which had Mr C swearing in front of my family in the first five minutes. My first encounter with Mr C’s family wasn’t much better but let me tell you, there were no practical jokes or pranks being thrown about. More like security guards outside separate bedroom doors, child bearing hip measurements and baby bonnet knitting which made me wonder why they were insisting on separate bedrooms. But… marriage before kids was thrown around… a lot.


When we headed to bed that evening (after the exploding pen incident), Mr C swore again. Only much worse than the first occasion. This time it was for a giant battery operated tarantula. Little did they know, he has a spider phobia. Phobia or not that thing scared the life out of me too.


Nerves shattered and neither of us game to look sideways, I wasn’t sure my relationship with him would survive the weekend let alone another prank. 20 years later and we’ve become somewhat accustomed to dodging practical jokes and pranks when we return home.




I’m also not a huge fan of ‘a pinch and a punch for the first of the month’. Even though it really is a bit of fun, I find it far too painful and I’m always last in the house to remember.


What I am a fan of instead is… ‘A look and a feel for the first of the month’ which sounds all kinds of wrong without context. What I’m referring to, is of course checking your breasts for changes and/or lumps each month. With a family history of breast cancer, I also schedule an annual mammogram.


I also like to get behind worthwhile causes not only funding for breast cancer research but initiatives such as Breast Cancer Care WA. A fantastic organisation that offers free personalised emotional, practical and financial support for breast cancer patients in Western Australia.


This Sunday April 3rd, I’m looking forward to supporting Breast Cancer Care WA at their annual Long Table Lunch signature fundraising event. This year, their 13th, has a roaring twenties theme. I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing.


Breast Cancer Care WA Long Table Lunch Event


With a five course menu delivered by top WA chefs, featuring produce of the highest quality and free flowing, award winning wines, it’s going to be a fabulous day out. The day is hosted by Network 10’s Narelda Jacobs and Tim Gossage, with live entertainment by The Amplifers.


Guests can bid on exclusive prizes via silent and live auctions on the day. There are also hundreds of prizes up for grabs via raffles and competitions throughout the event.


There are only a handful of Long Table Lunch tickets remaining, which can be purchased via the BCCWA website {HERE} or clicking on the sidebar banner or phoning their office on 08 92324 3703.




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Have you given or been on the receiving end of a good prank or April Fools’ Day joke? What about a really bad one?


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  1. Not sure if I linked this comp already at the end of last month, but since it’s an April – May giveaway, it really belongs here.
    Your sister’s car prank is hilarious! I couldn’t have kept quiet so long on that one!
    Have fun at the BC lunch. Have a champers for me. I am very devoted to this cause. Too much cancer about and too many good people exiting life too soon, to such a stupid disease.

    • My sister didn’t even fess up. It was her friend that let slip.

      I’m so looking forward to the long lunch. Will definitely have a champers for you (& possibly everyone else). I’m treating the lunch as my last supper before I start my elimination diet next week. Hoping I can get to the bottom of and ease the inflammation and gut issues I’m currently having.

    • I NEED to win your giveaway.

      April fools was a non event here this year. It’s after 10, so I think I’m safe in saying that?

      I’ve lost too many friends to breast cancer. Thankfully family members (including my mother) beat the disease.

  2. Did you see the Placenta Pie that Jamie Oliver posted yesterday on IG? Such a great April Fool’s! Have a great time tomorrow. Such an important cause.

    • I did but not till late in the day. Tried to avoid social media and pranks for most of the day.

      Looking forward to tomorrow. Although I had the entire day at Oz Comic-Con today and I’m exhausted. #gettingold #cantfeelmyfeet

  3. Thankfully my husband is not much of a joker, although he does have a habit of creeping up behind me and scaring me silly lol! Just linked up my Giveaway, good luck to all who enter 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

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