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You may have noticed that I haven’t exactly been out and about that much lately. Well not like I use to. I’ve been putting into practice my new and improved mantra (see here), the one where I tend to say NO a whole lot more than I probably should.


For a number of reasons it’s what I need to do right now. When I do venture out, you just know, there’s a very good reason.




Last Thursday evening that reason was Intan (pictured above), the talented Perth based designer behind SOB (Siss on Bare), who was showcasing her Autumn Winter 2016 collection and raising funds for PMH (our local children’s hospital).


If there’s one thing I love more than an exclusive fashion event, it’s an event that supports our local charities. It was also the perfect opportunity to catch up with some of my more fashionable and designer friends.




While you couldn’t exactly call me a fashion or style blogger, I do take more than an interest in fashion and love to support the designers behind the labels here in Perth.


It was a fabulous evening and I had a whole lot of fun sitting front row and even said ‘yes’ to an official photo or two (regretting that now that they are circulating online) but I suppose I’m more at home and in the my element behind the scenes and amongst the chaos backstage.


This time round, I was lucky enough to receive an invite to head backstage to indulge in a little horsing around shenanigans with The Fashionable Mum before the show. Mindful not to get in the road and anticipating the backstage chaos I’ve come to know and love, I was more than a bit taken aback.




There was absolutely no backstage chaos. It was all a little too calm for what I’m use to, which I found rather unsettling. As far as I could tell, the show went off without a hitch much to the designer and her wonderful team’s credit.


Sitting front row though, wasn’t the best position for taking photos, so I’m now handing you over (with permission) to photographer Ryan Ammon with a selection of my favourite looks from the runway that evening.


Can I get a drum roll please Ryan….




SOB - Siss on Bare Event - Drums












Such a fabulous night and a wonderful collection. I’m really looking forward to getting up close and personal with some of the designs and the designer herself.





If you have a blog post (or two) worth casing this week, this is the place to link up.



What have you been up to this week? Did you see the photo of me front row (cringe)? Did you know I’d referred to myself as a mummy blogger this week? Who knew? Can I not just be a blogger? Do I really need to niche things down and put a label on it?


If you had to put a label on your style of blogging what would it be?



Images from Runway thanks to Ryan Ammon Photography
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  1. I love that black dress up there with the diagonal patterned panel.
    I enjoy attending fashion shows. It was never something I thought about until my daughter started modelling. She often walks for emerging designers which is really cool …
    It’s great you got to go!

    • I could easily see myself wearing that top/dress. You must get to see some amazing shows. I often sit beside the models mothers. They are so proud but so nervous at the same time.

    • Styled to perfection. The hair, the makeup and the model choice.

      I’m a bit behind with blog hopping and reading this week. Will be popping over to yours soon. Hope you are having a great week Tina?

  2. That’s a clever and creative designer for sure. So glad to see you are getting out again Raychael. I thought you looked marvellous!

    • Thanks Denyse. I wish I was looking and feeling better than I am but I’m giving myself bonus points or a pat on the back for getting out in the first place. Just might go back to my no photos ways for a little bit.

  3. I do like the equestrian theme of the designs – I’m rather taken with the military design of some of the jackets in the first few photos! Glad you got to have fun and enjoy the show.

  4. You look great Raych! And I love the clothes designs….too bad I’m not on the same continent! 🙂 I’ll email soon….I have another surgery in my future…

    • I have another fashion event tonight. Could use your photography skills. I much prefer to sit back and enjoy the show.

      Sorry to hear about the surgery. Email me when you get the chance. I’m back online now following the move.

  5. Well if you’re going to get out and about it might as well be a fashion showcase! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Good for you Raychel 🙂

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