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Hair Makeup Year 12 Ball




I’m putting my proud Mamma hat on this week for Worth Casing Wednesday, which I appreciate isn’t exactly for everyone. So consider yourself pre-warned.


I’m finding it a bit odd that I have to give a warning for these types of posts but when I share images of my girls or myself to Facebook, I tend to end up with a lot of negative feedback on that platform although not the ultra negative feedback that my lack of a thigh gap tends to attract here on the blog.


The thing is though, it’s who I am (a proud mother not the thigh gap) and who I will continue to be, so if you find that side of me annoying or not to your style, just move on to something you do like or just stop following my Facebook page. Simple. Same goes for those that are offended by my lack of a thigh gap here. Seriously move on people nothing to see here!


But if you don’t mind me sharing the more personal posts… stick around.




This week my eldest daughter Ashley (17) headed off to her Year 12 Ball. Ash has had a trying 12 months with lots of highs and lows.


There was her whirlwind school trip to Greece. Her feet had hardly touched the ground at home and she ended up in hospital for an appendectomy that uncovered a burst ovarian cyst. She had only just recovered from this and we threw jaw surgery into the mix.


Much needed jaw surgery that didn’t go according to plan. As a result the recovery time has been a lot longer and the braces we anticipated would be off following the surgery and in time for her ball/ball photos are still needing to be on a little longer.


While it is fairly early in the year for a Year 12 Ball, that’s how they like to approach things here in Perth. Get the celebrations over and done with early on which means the students can get back to concentrating on more important things like actual study with plenty of time before major exams.


It’s only now that we are on the other side that I can truly appreciate how distracting a Year 12 Ball can be and why I’m so glad it is out of the way, even if we do have to do it all again next year, for our next daughter who is currently in Year 11.


Throughout the year, I heard all kinds of horror stories about last year’s different graduations and balls. Including the fact that some private school parents capped their daughter’s Year 12 Ball spending at $2kish. WT?


Which oddly enough, didn’t actually include any after party shenanigans, just the Cinderella element to the night which for me would include dress, hair, makeup, accessories and a solid gold pumpkin carriage.


Some even flew their designer, custom made frocks in from Paris. Again WT? But I suppose… each to their own and most would raise an eyebrow at our rather low key but still fabulous (if you ask me) approach.


Thankfully we had more than a few designer fairy godmothers that waved their designer magic wands in my daughter’s direction, with some amazing and affordable options. There was also my level headed, budget friendly daughter who knows the real value of money having saved up and paid for her school trip to Greece last year (almost $5k), which meant we were able to set a fairly strict budget and stick to it.


Even if we hadn’t just spent a small ($26k) solid gold fortune on our daughter’s recent braces and jaw surgery and the budget was there to play with, I’m not sure our approach would have been much different.


Ash hair & makeup - Year 12 Grad


Hair & Makeup – Moss Styling | Clutch – Jessica Bratich Designs |Jewellery – Tamara Harrison Designs | Designer Outfit – Jonté Designs | Heels – Betts Shoes


In the end after playing dress ups in Jonté Designs‘ studio for an event ready party earlier in the year, Ash opted for a two piece number. Not your typical ball dress but much like her mother (aka me) my daughter likes to do things a little left of centre to most.


Although I, for some unknown reason, left selecting a hire dress for my deb to the last minute. It meant I only had two floor length dresses to chose from in the entire small town I was living in at the time. A toilet dolly frilly look or the fluffy marshmallow dress.


Care to guess which hideous creation I ended up donning?


Oh the shame of it but as all photos have since been destroyed and I choose to follow a mantra… ‘photos or it didn’t happen’ it really didn’t happen. OK!


Ash on the other hand was super organised and while edgy, still well and truly looked the Year 12 Ball part, she certainly didn’t look out of place but she also didn’t end up looking like everyone else. The necklace, studded headband and cuff from Tamara Harrison gave the outfit a further edge as did the little black clutch from Jessica Bratich Designs.


I must confess, there was much discussion (& suggestions on my part) when it came to the heels but in the end the strappy stilts super high heels on sale for just $19.99 from Betts won Ashley over.





Now I’d love to report the evening went off without a hitch but the fact is, the next morning I was online googling how to remove blood stains from a designer white skirt. Not even kidding and that wasn’t the half of it. You could say the evening went knees up early on in the night.


Knocked Knee


From what I can gather, my daughter tripped soon after getting out of the limo on arrival at the event. Busted her knee in the process (see the huge aftermath in the image above), ripped her designer skirt and had blood all over her white skirt.


I should add at this point that there was no alcohol or anything sinister at play just a case of really high heels bad luck.


True to her solider on and have fun character, my daughter managed to clean herself up as best as possible and continue on celebrating only to be struck down with a migraine about an hour into the event that resulted in a teacher needing to phone us to seek permission for pain relief to be administered.


For those that suffer migraines, you will appreciate that once they start, even after the strongest of pain relief, only a quiet and darkened room will help speed the healing process up. You can imagine what loud music and bright lights ended up doing to my daughter… far too much time was spent nauseous in the bathroom. Followed by a distress flare aka SMS requesting an early pick up.


The poor girl was home in bed before the official event was even over. She didn’t even make the after party. When I think of all those months that I spent stressing and debating the logistics of the after party and finally agreeing to allow her to go. Now isn’t that ironic?


At the end of the day (or night as the case may be here) what impressed me the most, apart from the budget friendly approach my daughter took for the evening was her couldn’t care less when everything went pear shaped attitude. Ash still managed to have a great time, in parts and she picked herself up and made the most of the night for as long as physically possible. I think I would have given up at the first hurdle which in this case was in the shape of a really large tumble limousine.



If you have a blog post worth casing this week, this is the place to link up.



What have you been up to this week? Do you remember your Ball or Graduation? Did it go off without a hitch?


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  1. Your lovely daughter is so brave to keep her chin up with tripping and headaches and all. I’m glad she made the most of it! Your dress story reminds me of my grade 8 dress shopping troubles and my prom dress shopping wasn’t much better. I think I just went with the flow and my mom left things kind of last minute. 😉

    • She is prone to migraines and definitely getting better at managing them but I think all the excitement and running around on the day, meant she overlooked the warning signs and took meds and time out too late in the day.

  2. Oh no, that is some bad, bad luck. I hope there is an end-of-year event that your daughter can enjoy as a make-up. As I said on FB, I love the mix of edginess that is still pretty and formal. She looked great.

    I bought my wedding shoes the night before on the Vegas strip and my jewellery from one of the hotel shops that morning.

  3. I managed to have a piece of steak from dinner end up in my lap at my prom…..I think Ash looked fab!! I’ll email you tomorrow…we have weird parallel lives! 🙂

  4. I have this to look forward to in November. We decided to get the dress purchase out of the way at the end of January so as Miss M could concentrate on her school work. So far it seems to have worked! Just need shoes and a clutch. Hair, makeup etc is booked.

  5. Lovely loving post there proud Mama! I didnt like the ending for your daughter but I sure enjoyed watching the preparation and more on the day via social media. She has been through so much is her life recently with her health as have you as her mum! Denyse

  6. Awww what a story! I hope shes feeling better from all of those things that are thrown at her. I can say that she is strong from handling everything well. And I am sure that you being at her side when all of this is happening helped and will help a lot.

    • I wasn’t at her side at all. She didn’t even phone to let us know. Just got on with things. We waved her off with the limo and her friends and then waited at home, thinking it would be a 3 am pick up from the after party.

  7. As if year 12 isn’t difficult enough hey? I think your daughter looks so much like you. It’s uncanny! I do love the outfit she chose, its so flattering and youthful. Bron x

  8. She looks really nice. I hope she had a great time.

    I didn’t go to either my senior ball or high school graduation (long story for both) but I do have pics of my kids at their senior balls.

  9. Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous. And in the headshot very much like you 🙂 And the outfit – wow – I love it! Very stylish. I could never walk in those shoes, so it doesn’t surprise me too much that she tripped. Glad she is o.k. though and had a good time.

  10. Oh wow – hugs to Ash, and I’m super impressed by her attitude. Yep, when my eyes start shimmering I know the clock is ticking until I need complete and total darkness, and complete and total quiet. Good on her for getting out of there instead of sticking it out because BALL. x
    (P.S. She looks absolutely stunning.)

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