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Beauty Review, Product Review, Review Blog, Vlog, Giveaway, Skincare, Homedics

Beauty Review, Product Review, Review Blog, Vlog, Giveaway, Skincare, Homedics

Skin+ GIVEAWAY thanks to HoMedics & Kids Business



I must confess, my skin and skincare routine took a beating over Christmas and New Year. It’s a crazy busy time of year, which had time poor old me struggling to make looking after my skin a top priority.  Just when I thought things were settling down, we threw a house move into the mix.


A temporary move for 12 months that has seen us downsize slightly while we get things in order for building or buying our new home. It means five of us are now sharing the one bathroom. Three teen girls, all getting ready in the morning at the same time. What on earth were we thinking?


Since the move, I’m even more time poor, especially when it comes to pamper time in the bathroom. It always seems to be a case of joining a long queue. With five of us needing to be ready and out the door at the same time each morning, I’ve set up a separate makeup station in our oversized laundry to help cut down the time everyone needs to get ready in the bathroom. So far it’s working. To a point.


But… still my beauty routine was minimal for someone my age. Well any age really. I’m not getting any younger (who is?). Now more than ever, I know how important it is to look after your skin. You are never really too old or too young to start a skincare routine. At 45 (shhh don’t tell anyone), I’m on the older side of the scale. Fine lines, not so fine lines and enlarged pores are my main concerns in terms of skin right now.


I had some amazing results after using the HoMedics NEWA Skincare Rejuvenation System late last year. I was close to the end of testing the product when I was asked at an event if I’d had Botox (I hadn’t). When I mentioned what I was using, they went out and purchased the HoMedics Skincare Rujevation System the very next day. I don’t blame them. If you have the time and the money to invest in your skin and you are looking for something to use at home, this would be my first choice. I was over the moon with how my skin was looking and feeling after using it.


As great as the NEWA system is, especially in terms of results, it was more than a little time consuming for my liking. I was struggling to find the 24ish minutes at the end of each day to attach myself to a corded device. When life got even more chaotic, I fell back into my quick three minute morning and night routine and I’m the first to admit, even with the picture perfect makeup on, it was showing.


In the hunt for something to boost my normal routine, using my existing beauty product favourites, without wanting to spend too much extra time on my skincare routine, HoMedics sent me their skin cleansing rejuvenator system Skin+ to try. They’ve also offered a second system for one of my readers (see my latest giveaway below).


Beauty Review and Giveaway


HoMedics Skin+ In Review


This is a compact two-in-one portable skin rejuvenating and cleansing system for your face. The system aims to boost the absorption of your own skincare products, helping to hydrate and smooth your skin in the process.


Now, I don’t know if it’s just me but I found it took me a little while to get use to the system. Once you get the hang of the system though, it really is fairly simple to use and implement into your daily skincare routine.  You will need to invest a little more time and effort with this system (for me it’s around ten minutes all up) but it’s not too excessive and the results I’m seeing, just two weeks in, are certainly make it worth the effort.


My fairly haphazard approach to cleansing lately, where I was probably only scratching at the surface in less than three minutes a day, now has a lot more substance to it. I feel like I’m making a difference and I’m getting better results from the skincare products I’m currently using. That has to be a win win?


So what’s in the SKIN+ package?



The system consists of two portable USB rechargeable devices. So very handy if like me, you are in a 1950s house with limited power points don’t necessarily want to confine your skincare routine to finding a power point.




With 22k sonic vibrations per minute (when you pop it on high), this little device offers you a more effective cleanse. Unlike similar devices that spin, the ultrasonic cleansing head works with the skin’s natural elasticity not against it. The sonic action loosens oil, dirt and impurities from your pores and primes your skin so it’s ready and able to absorb your skincare products.


The brush head is detachable, so that it can be inter-changed easily with the makeup applicator pad. The pad is just perfect for applying your foundation and will give you a flawless finish in under 2 minutes.


The second part of the SKIN+ system is the SKIN REJUVENATOR & APPLICATOR.


This device has two functions. A hot massage, as well as a cool massage function. Both modes have an ultrasonic vibration option, which is said to make the skin look smoother,tighter and more supple. I’m only two weeks into testing the unit, so I will have to keep you posted with how I go.


The warm massage operates at 42 degrees, which I initially found a little too hot on my skin but I seemed to have warmed to this feature over time. Its aim is to open your pores for a much deeper cleanse. It also helps boost absorption of your skincare products. If you click the device into ultrasonic mode, the vibration apparently increases the effect and also improves circulation.


The cool massage, operates at 6 degrees, which I found rather refreshing. I must remember to pull the device out next time a hot flush hits me.  This mode aims to reduce puffiness around your eye area, reduce redness and shrink your pores (YES!! because mine seem rather enlarged since hitting my 40s). Cool mode is also really great for headaches…. and like the hot flushes, I’ve had more than a few headaches to test the device on lately.


Sounds like a pretty cool miracle worker to me. What do you think?


The head on the device is slightly larger than what I’m use to but it is designed to fit the curve of your face and seems to hit more of your face in the one go which reduces the time factor. There is an auto timing system with 2 1/2 minutes for each setting. I was pretty impressed that you can go from 42 degrees to 6 degrees in just 4 seconds.


The system is priced at a fairly reasonable $149 and available from leading retailers including Priceline. There are no batteries to worry about thanks to the USB charger and you can use both devices with your existing skincare products.


It’s still relatively early days for me and the HoMedics Skin+ system but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing. At the very least, it is forcing me to have a more structured and targeted approach to my skincare routine.


TIPS – Ultrasonic cleansing brush


Apply the cleanser to your face not the device. Wet the cleansing brush with water before using.


Remove any eye makeup by hand before using and make sure to avoid using the cleanser brush around your eye area.


Place the cleansing brush head on your face and move in a circular motion, aiming for 30 seconds in each area.


TIPS – Skin Rejuvenator & applicator


After cleaning your face, apply skincare product and use the hot massage together with the ultrasonic vibration mode to allow for better absorption.

Move in a circular motion from inside to outside, bottom to top of your face.

Alternate between the hot and cool massage settings for smoother, brighter and more supple skin.


The hygiene factor is just as important, if you want to keep your skin glowing. So please, no sharing your device and remember to change your cleansing brush every 3 months and the make up applicator pad every 2 months.


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Want to WIN your own HoMedics Skin+ system? Thanks to HoMedics it is super easy to enter.


Just comment below letting me know your current skincare concerns!


A mystery third party will select a winner on March 31st at 9pm (WST – Perth time).


Terms & Conditions:

  • One Winner
  • Game of Skill
  • Enter by leaving a comment
  • Australian Residents Only
  • Prize sent directly from HoMedics & Kids Business


More Vlogs and reviews just around the corner, I’m thinking a nail tutorial for my hand stunt double in the Vlog above is in order and before then, I really need to work on my Vlogging voice. Anyone else not keen on hearing the sound of their own voice or is it just me?.

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