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Coffee Catch 22

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My Coffee Catch 22


There’s a viral Karvan Coffee video doing the rounds, thanks in part to a share from myself on Facebook (all explained here) that meant I didn’t know if I was coming or going for most of the Easter long weekend. There were notifications and messages left, right and centre.



It didn’t help that hubby left for a stint of working out at sea, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, first thing Easter Sunday and I’m currently playing the part-time solo parent with our three teen girls.


With so much more on my plate than normal, I’ve been jokingly using #pleasesendwine on a lot of my Instagram and Facebook shares lately but what I really think I need is coffee, delivered hot and bothered at about 6am. A magic wand wouldn’t go astray either.


As hubby is the chief coffee maker in our house, I’m having difficulty getting started in the morning. You see, I need a decent coffee first thing, to be able to function. The main problem, as illustrated so beautifully in the image below, is I clearly need to be able to function before I can even attempt to make a half decent cup of coffee.


Coffee Catch 22


YES, that’s coffee beans in my plunger. I completely missed the step where I needed to grind them first.


As much as I love tea and it’s probably a whole lot easier to brew when you aren’t functioning at 100%, it just doesn’t cut the mustard or give me that much needed kick start in the morning like coffee.


So for now… it’s goodbye my lover and hello caffeine deprived headache as I haven’t found a nearby cafe, since we moved house, that opens early enough and serves my favourite Karvan Coffee. Of course, I may be on a mission to change that.


giving up coffee






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What have you been up to this week? What’s one food or drink you couldn’t live without?

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  1. I am a coffee lover first but do enjoy green tea. I would be hunting down the first cafe asap. I know instant wont cut it either….just not the same. I dont know how you do it with hubby out at sea with teen daughters.
    Wishing you a great week!

    • I do too. Have a massive glass of water on waking, with my thyroid meds and then have to wait over an hour before I can eat or drink a coffee. I haven’t had Sultana Bran in years.

  2. So, no coffee? mmmmm I think that’s not a good thing for you. If you cant bear to try to make your own with the machine there is an instant that is close to (for me anyway) a decent coffee via Nescafe called Short Black. I think it might be missing the person who makes the coffee more than the coffee …maybe? Take care. You got this (only so many times that you can keep on keeping on I know!) Denyse xx

    • Yes, I am missing the person that makes the coffee more. I’m also heading out for coffee but it is rather late in the day, which keeps me up at night. So I think for a little while, I will just drink tea. I’m also a bit of a diva when it comes to coffee and can no longer do instant.

  3. Wow a viral video by you! Thats so awesome and so good for your blog!

    I hope that your coffee maker will go home soon so that you can enjoy a cup first thing in the morning again =)

    • It’s been five days. My problem being. The car died, my girls are old enough to get themselves to school, and I work from home. By the time, I actually venture out, a coffee would have me up all night and I’m barely sleeping as it is. Hoping the car is re-fixed tomorrow under warranty. Until then I’m walking or Ubering it around. And yes… I know I’m a bit of a diva. I should just learn to make my own coffee.

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