Eggspresso | When Coffee met Chocolate…

and people across the world ended up with Eggspresso on their face.


Karvan Coffee Eggspresso


Now I must confess… I have egg all over my face this week after a video I shared went viral but it is of the Easter egg variety… oozing with a shot of my favourite Karvan Coffee. If you are going to end up with egg on your face, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it!

Who knew a 16 second video, which I’m sure you’ve all seen by now, would create such a stir far and wide.  Not me.

For anyone that’s been hiding under a rock missing in action and internet free here it is…


OMG… “I’ll have what she’s having!” #Repost @karvancoffee ・・・Eggspresso anyone? ☕️? #karvancoffee #Cadbury #easter #easteregg #coffee #espresso #cappuccino #chocolate

Posted by Mystery Case on Tuesday, 22 March 2016


That particular Facebook post has now reached over 3 million people, with the video on that post watched over 1.2 million times. Mind. Completely. Blown.

Karvan Coffee may not have invented the Eggspresso but they’ve certainly made it famous this Easter. What started as a bit of staff fun in their barista training room, just prior to the Easter break, now has everyone drooling.

Coffee and chocolate lovers from around the country and the world are catching the Eggspresso buzz. Cafes that are trading over the Easter long weekend are quickly jumping on board.

Karvan Coffee Eggspresso Coffee shops

There were Eggspresso mentions on The Huffington Post (New York), Daily Mail and Mirror UK as well as blog posts and social media platforms far and wide. Oddly enough, local media, as far as I know, are rather slow off the mark with the Eggspresso trend.

While I can’t take credit for the actual video, I believe it was a simple regram from me, where I declared… “I’ll have what’s she’s having” (a reference from the film When Harry Met Sally), which I then shared to my Facebook page that set the original video on its viral way.




I wouldn’t have picked it, either did Karvan Coffee, who didn’t even brand their initial video, assuming that like most shares to Instagram they would receive around 20 to 30 likes from their small but loyal and growing community on that platform.

The Eggspresso video for them was just a bit of fun. This wasn’t (still isn’t) a PR exercise from my point of view either. While you could argue that as a blogger, I should be all over the social media side of things and be able to pick a viral video a mile away, I didn’t.




YES… I visited the team earlier in the week to be pick up my monthly supply of coffee and grab a Karvan Coffee smoothie recipe for my latest challenge {recipe hits the blog this week}.

YES… YES… YES… I was slightly annoyed that the video shenanigans happened after I left their warehouse (LOL) but only from the point of view that I didn’t get to actually try an Eggspresso until Easter Saturday.

YES… YES… YES… YES…YES… Karvan Coffee I WANT an invite to the next bit of shenanigans you get up to. I insist!

YES… YES… YES… YES… YES… YES… YES… OH YES…  the Eggspresso was worth the wait!!




I simply shared the video because it made me drool. Karvan coffee and Easter egg chocolate… two of my favourite things, coming together impressively in 16 seconds (nudge nudge wink wink pun intended).

I’m really only a small social media fish in the scheme of things and there were also a lot of big fish sharing the original Karvan Coffee Instagram video as well as my FB post. At one point, I was getting almost 60 comments a minute with people tagging their friends in. My phone, much like myself, was struggling to keep up.

So out of all the shares of this video, why did my post take off? You tell me?

Yes, I’ve been known to get over 400k page views per month here on the blog. Yes, I was one of, if not the one highest traffic ranking personal blog in 2014/15 here in Perth (ranking according to Alexa at just under 6k in Australia at one point) but with a wide demographic and no real niche, I’m more miss than hit on most social media platforms, especially Facebook.

I’m honestly thinking I was just in the right place at the right time and that I do, on occasion have a wonderful and engaging community both here and on Facebook (when Facebook let me reach them) that in turn have a lot of family and friends in high social media places but at the end of the day….




AND a quirky 16 second video, that was a bit of fun for Easter.

While the video may have created a lot of interest on my Facebook page, together with a trending #eggspresso this weekend and perhaps a bit of brand awareness for Karvan Coffee, what it fails to do is promote the fantastic people behind the brand and the amazing charity work they do. In particular their Coffee for Classes barista training courses. But now really isn’t the time for that. Or is it?

So without further ado… I’d love to introduce you to the people behind my favourite coffee brand Karvan Coffee.


Karvan Coffee Team

KARVAN COFFEE the coffee roasters behind that video


Karvan Coffee is the coffee (BEAN) roasting side to Perth local family business Leaf Bean Machine, owned by Brad & Fleur Cassidy. Tea (LEAF) lovers are taken care of with their Pure Tea selections and the MACHINE side of the business covers everything from domestic to commercial machines as well as servicing and barista training.

The fact the baristas that serve Karvan Coffee in cafes here in Perth are trained the Karvan Coffee way, is probably the biggest reason why I always seek out Karvan Coffee when I look for a coffee shop. If you’ve ever had a bad Karvan Coffee experience, you need to flick feedback through to them because I’m guessing it’s all down to a new, not yet trained staff member and something a training session with Karvan Coffee will quickly fix.

Brad and Fleur also do some amazing charity work throughout the year and have recently started a wonderful initiative ‘Coffee for Classes’, providing free barista training at their purpose built training facility, for community groups dealing with youth in crisis.



Due to being inundated with questions regarding the Eggspresso they made trendy this Easter, Karvan Coffee recently released a blog post {HOW TO MAKE AN EGGSPRESSO} with the not so secret recipe. It includes hints and tips for the perfect brew for this concoction. There may also be an Eggspresso Martini in the pipeline.

What comes next?

I’m thinking I may become a quirky food blogger after all the fuss dies down or failing that go work for Karvan Coffee because… how much fun do they look like they are having? What do you think?

What did you make of the Eggspresso? Would you have picked the video would have gone viral?


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  1. Who knows what’s going to go viral these days? I certainly wouldn’t have been able to pick that as a viral video beforehand. But go you! I’m not a coffee drinker so I wouldn’t try it out myself but it looks great – it’s one of those times I wish I liked coffee!

  2. Watching from here…as I did…it just looked like a lot of fun and I know you looked like you were enjoying it too. Glad to read the back story and more. I hope you get a free coffee card for life from them! Denyse xx

    • I drink far too much coffee so that might send them broke. They are coffee roasters not a coffee shop, so I don’t think they do coffee cards. I already have frequent purchaser points with them for my coffee beans. LOL And yes it was a whole lot of fun.

    • I think there were a lot of shares from the original that didn’t have any branding. Then shares on the shares, which meant credit wasn’t always going to Karvan Coffee. I at least did the right thing and included their name on the video image through a regram before sharing to Facebook.

      After the blog hack, I removed all plugins to secure my site. I have no idea what sort of stats I’m achieving at the moment but given I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo and only doing the absolute minimum, I’m guessing they would have dropped. I’m really hoping the hack attack which had the blog down for over a week, hasn’t wrecked my hard earned google rankings.

  3. Chocolate and coffee! What could be better? Of course I saw the video with the millions of others! You have to love a company that a) knows good coffee and b) gives back to the community. “Coffee for Classes” sounds like an awesome initiative. Bravo to you and Karvan!

  4. Coffe and coffe and a little chocolate sounds like my kind of Monday drink – Oh and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday. I’ll have Sunday off.

    • Me too. Only with hubby away, I need to make my own coffee these days and well basically, I need a coffee to function first thing but I need to be able to function before I can make a half decent coffee.

  5. How every exciting Ms Mystery Case. I guess you can never predict what people will like the social media is a funny old world. I don’t drink coffee but the eggspresso definitely looks worth a try.

    • No need to move to Perth. Cafes around the world picked up on the trend over Easter. You might need to wait till next year though but gosh I do love my Karvan Coffee and that would be worth the trip to Perth.

  6. Saw you mention a viral post on Aussie Bloggers today so was of course dying of curiosity to see what it was – how completely random! Bit of excitement, though a bit of a pain to have to change your email. 🙁 You’re the first Perth blogger I’ve found and as I’m a sandgroper at heart I think I may just have to follow your blog for the nostalgic feels. And I’m sure it’s also awesome!! Also I’m plotting to bring the family over at some stage and hubby is a massive coffee nerd so it’s good to have some inside skinny on where’s good to go!

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for popping over. It’s always lovely to see a new and friendly face here. That post on FB is still getting comments and shares.

      We’ve been here in Perth for just over 7 years. I’m originally from NSW although after 23 moves, it’s hard to remember exactly where I’m from. Perth is home now though as hubby’s job is now permanent and years of contract and moving at short notice.

      Where are you from Michelle both location and blogging? Please feel free to pop back and share a link from one of your blog posts this week, for my Worth Casing Wednesday blog linkup.


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