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I’m almost at the other side of the move. Internet is now reconnected, after an almost 3 week break and there isn’t too much more I want to unpack. I’m slowly re-introducing myself to social media land and looking to have more than a bit of fun on Facebook. One post that I shared recently from Writers Write has certainly given me a good laugh…..



Mine would read ‘Just had a reply email saying “no longer available”?’ Which is better than what it would have read yesterday, which isn’t fit for publication let alone a tombstone. Your turn…

Posted by Mystery Case on Sunday, 14 February 2016



The replies so far, have been hilarious. Here are just a few of my favourites:



Vicki: Anything in your mouth feels huge


Tamara: See you in half an hour


Heidi: Won’t be home for dinner


Teegan: Also need weed management


Michelle: How good is that, sitting up unaided and smiling


Amy: I’m here!


Rachel: Sweet Don’t think I need.a.whole bottle – but a few glasses would be lovely 🙂




Beth: Anything else?





If you have a blog post (or three) worth casing this week, this is the place to link up.


What have you been up to this week?

What was the last text message you received?

What do you think Vicki’s text message was referring to?

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  1. Nice to read your getting sorted now from the move 🙂

    I think my last text would be “I’m watching you”

    The last text message I have had is “I am not on wifi at the moment”

    I have such interesting texts every day lmao have a texttastic week 🙂

  2. That is an interesting thing to ponder.

    I think my last text would be “Thanks for the Memories.”

    The last text I have had is “Good Morning Sunshine”, it is from a close friend.

    I usually get texts asking for things from my kids.

  3. “Aghhhhhh!!! I need chocolate!” Sent to my husband after an extremely stressful day trying to organise my daughter’s surgery for Friday and then have no electricity, followed by having our fridge die and having to deal with expensive tradesmen who at the end of the day did nothing but tell me I need to buy a new fridge!

  4. I played along somewhere else yesterday with this one. Mine is “on my way” …when my hub or I are away from home, we let each other know we have left..type in OMW…which the phone translates and then…we know we can expect to see each other in (x) time. I think On My Way is a cool one for the tombstone! Denyse PS great to read your post and update! Woot for almost unpacked.

  5. My last text received today was about somebody asking if my daughter wanted to go to a graduation ceremony with her daughter…. exciting stuff indeed!

    The last text I sent was, “He’s Pope Francis.” That would make for an interesting tombstone!

      • We took him to two different vets in our town concerning a growth on his eyelid. The first one said that he would be fine and we could take him home, but he wasn’t fine. Instead of going back, we went to another one who has a “small town country vet” feel to his place like in the storybooks. The second vet was extremely helpful and, even after performing a small op on our dog’s eyelid and giving us ointment for an infection in the eye that our dog had before treatment, he still charged us very little money. We could easily pay cash. That kind of service is so rare and irreplaceable. I’m sure our dog will start feeling much better. You’d never guess that he was an old dog. He is still spritely and loves going for walks. 😉 Thanks for asking! How’s your kitty doing?

  6. My last text was to a client of my daycare business so can’t share but if my most frequent text was the brief it would be “Roger that” lol.

  7. hi raych! glad to here you’re sort of there!
    I seem to have this text often! … ok see u there!
    this week is warm here! we must be getting your weather at last!
    now don’t know what to do with it!
    was vicki at the dentist! one hopes so!
    lol m:)X

    • Yes, I fear I’m turning into a broken record. Onwards and upwards. You know… I completely forgot to ask Vicki what the text was in reference to when we caught up for a blogger cruise on Saturday.

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