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Pieces of Perth | The Boat Collective | Agent Mystery Case


Pieces of Perth | The Boat Collective | Agent Mystery Case


Thanks to Perth Blogger Malinda from The Style Within, I was treated to an afternoon of cruising with the Boat Collective last Saturday.


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


With so many other talented bloggers on board, I left the majority of the photo taking in their capable hands. Surprisingly, for photos or it didn’t happen me, I switched my phone off (after I’d checked in and scored my 1/2 price drink), found myself a comfy seat in close proximity to the bar and settled in for a three hour cruise down the Swan River.


It was the perfect weather for an afternoon cruise. There were a few moments initially where the water was a bit choppy but thankfully I’m not prone to sea-sickness. Unfortunately, I have this knack for land-sickness once I’m back on dry land. So the three hours on the boat, led to three hours of the room spinning, once home. Nothing to do with the crispy apple cider… promise!


It was a fabulous afternoon with lots of laughs and blogging shenanigans which no one really seemed to bat an eyelid at, even the non bloggers in attendance. Even the before and after style shots in and around Elizabeth Quay went unnoticed with everyone going about their touristy, having fun in the sun, business. It was the perfect place for a blogger taking a blogzillion selfies, shoe-elfies and style shots to blend right in.


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


The Boat Collective cruises run Saturday and Sunday. Their three hour cruises are just $20 with food and drink options available at reasonable prices, especially if you check in on Facebook to take advantage of 1/2 price drinks. It’s an over 18 venue, otherwise I wouldn’t mind heading back this weekend with my little under 18 family.


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


The Style Within | The Boat Collective


For more images head to Instagram and search #tswboatcollective.


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What have you been up to this week? Do you suffer from sea or back on land sickness?


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  1. It sounds like a wonderful time and so worth it! It’s neat that no one batted an eye at the bloggers and all the selfies and such. Wishing you all the best for this year and selling your home and getting your “dream home.” How’s Pepsi doing?

    • Pepsi is still rather stressed and off his food. He has taken to hiding in the couch. We’ve started letting him outside again (with supervision) but I’m not sure if that is helping. He managed to get himself stuck on the neighbours roof and caused a kerfuffle late last night.

  2. This looks like it was so much fun. Perth looks so pretty. I have never been over your way. I didn’t even know there was water in your city! Oh god, I sound like a tourist in my own country! (I thought it was basically desert there!) 😀

  3. That looks awesome and what a great price for $20. Love to meet some of the other Perth bloggers some time. Let me know when you have the next event.

    • It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. Wouldn’t mind heading back this weekend but hubby is heading to Darwin with work and I’m guessing I will be playing taxi driver for my three girls who have more of a social life than I do these days. LOL

    • Not sure I’m settling in but Pepsi is doing much better. Still not his old self but I think the attack before moved has changed him. We let him out on his own for the first time this week and he came back (eventually). LOL

  4. You must be down south or down under, what a warm and beautiful day for a harbour cruise! It makes me long for summer time 🙂

    • I’ve only been the once, for this cruise. So haven’t spent too much time casing the place. It was so busy which was nice to see. I’m hoping though now that Fringe Festival is finished it won’t be so busy.

    • If you ever return to Perth we will have to organise another cruise. So much fun. Actually I wouldn’t mind taking the cruise thing up a notch and doing one of the larger cruise ships when they do their 3 day stint out of Fremantle.

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