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BUT FIRST… a quick confession!


I must confess a few things this week. Firstly, we’ve never owned a dream kitchen and secondly, I haven’t exactly found my mojo in the kitchen following our recent house move (my 23rd). You could say… ‘My Kitchen Doesn’t Rule’.


Does having access to a dream kitchen really make you a better cook?


We didn’t have the best of kitchens in the previous house but we learnt to make the most of what we had over time. A whole lot of time. This house has us almost stepping back in time.


whirlpool envoy oven


No real bench space, minimal storage space, one power point (unless you include the one hidden behind a sliding door?), a vintage electric oven that is in Fahrenheit and the most elaborate floor tiling you ever did see. Tell me I’m not wrong….


kitchen tiles | Ornate Tiles


I’m guessing everyone was so nauseated distracted by the tiles that they overlooked the functionality of the kitchen? Or perhaps that’s just how kitchens were back then? A place to showcase tiles Simple, no fuss and no need for a multitude of appliances or any real prep or storage space and don’t get me started on the pantry. It’s basically a deep and dark cupboard where you throw things and hope to find them again.


With this just a temporary move, renting for 12 months while we secure our dream, hopefully forever home, I’ve been looking for interesting ways (without forking out $$) to make do in the kitchen. The basic three shelf pantry for starters.


It’s amazing what an organised, semi-functional pantry can do to your approach to cooking and how a disaster of a pantry can zap your cooking mojo. It’s the same with the rest of the kitchen. No bench space for prep, has seen me introduce a small table. It, like the DIY pantry makeover, isn’t exactly perfect but it’s making life and cooking a whole lot easier.


Pantry | Before & After | Make Over | Agent Mystery Case


The little bench space on offer in the kitchen, is near the only power point and now houses our microwave (on a weird and annoying to use angle). Behind it we’ve hidden a large power cord and depending on what is on the menu… we play a complicated game of what appliance will go where and in what order. I’m calling it Kitchen Appliance Twister and it is doing my head in.


Even toast for breakfast for the five of us, involves a lot of shuffling around because I need my coffee first and foremost. So much so, we’ve taken to having cereal.


In the interim, we’ve only unpacked a handful of appliances and kitchen gadgets. The ones we were using on a daily basis before we moved. I MUST CONFESS… this move has really highlighted just how much ‘stuff’ we have, especially in the kitchen.


While I was packing all our kitchen gadgets up, wondering firstly where they would sit or store in the new place and how we would manage sharing one power point, it got me wondering if we really need them in the first place and how we would cope without them?


How many kitchen appliances do you own and actually use daily?


I’m not sure I’m ready for a minimalist kitchen, or throwing them all out and joining a one appliance cult because I suspect it would mean a lot more time and effort spent in the kitchen and retraining? What do you think? Am I too old and set in my ways to be retrained?


One appliance that has traveled with me through thick and thin is our Kambrook hand beater (or at least I think that is what you call it – the packaging is long gone). It was gifted to us for our engagement party in November 1995 (which actually turned into our surprise wedding) and it is something we use week in week out.


20 years down the track and it is still going strong. It is by far the longest running appliance we own. Everything else has been replaced, again and again and again over the years. Which is why I’m so excited to be partnering up with Kambrook, both in and out of the kitchen, this year.


Kambrook mixer | Agent Mystery Case


This year for me, is all about working smarter not harder and I’m planning on having a lot of fun proving the point on the home front with Kambrook.


Blitz2Go in Review


I love my green smoothies and my blender. As a result I’ve gone through a lot of reputable brand blenders in my time. I wasn’t convinced that a budget product like Kambrook’s Blitz2Go would stand up in my kitchen or last more than five minutes but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


I’ve been putting my Blitz2Go through its paces since November. It also came with the new Kambrook Shake it Kit, taking my milkshakes and cocktails to the next level. Giving me the perfect excuse for more than a bit of ‘Casing the Cocktail‘ in the lead up to Christmas and over summer. I even managed to get hubby in on the act.


Espresso Martini | Blitz2Go Shake it Kit | Agent Mystery Case REVIEW


Hubby can now make a pretty mean espresso martini, with very little effort, thanks to the Blitz2Go Shake it Kit. His mystery ingredient… limited edition gingerbread Kahlua!


I must confess… I’ve been known to text hubby with my martini order when I’m with my driver (I love to Uber…Uber) on my way home from an event, so it is ready when I walk through the door. Which makes me sound like a bit of a diva or a desperate housewife here but… why not?! I call it the perks of 20 years of training my man marriage.


The Blitz2Go isn’t going to compare with your super expensive commercial grade blenders but for under $50, I’m amazed at how much capability it has.


More than just a smoothie on the go machine. It handles my smooth Choc Chai Puddings with ease, as well as my Pink Lady apple sauce and my gluten free, banana, berry pancake mix. Recipes coming to the blog soon.


The ready to go bottles with screw on drink bottle style lids, mean I’m ready to go without a whole lot of fuss and cleaning up in the morning. When it comes time to clean up… too easy. Saving me a whole heap of time and money as I get back to making my own green smoothies at home before I race out the door, rather than grabbing an over priced one while I’m out and about on the morning run (which I should clarify is the school run, in a car and nothing to do with me running or breaking a sweat).




Never blend without some form of liquid in your blender.

Cut all fruit and vegetable pieces no larger than 2.5 cm. Freeze beforehand for extra chill.

Do not use carbonated drinks. Unless you film the results and send me a copy!

NO throwing the bottles in the dishwasher because I’m told they don’t do too well with excessive heat.

GET THE SHAKE IT KIT (RRP $29) because… cocktails, mocktails and milkshakes!




The Blitz2Go comes with two 600 ml bottles as well as a handy 300 ml bottle. Bottles are also available for purchase separately at most retailers. The Shake it Kit is another optional extra. It’s definitely worth casing at just $29. Not just for the cocktail and mocktail options but the frothiest home made milkshakes.


Want to know more?  Just ask and keep an eye on my YouTube channel because you never know what I will be getting up to this coming month.


SMOOTH OPERATOR | 30 Day Smoothie Challenge


So after ‘Casing the Cocktail’ over summer, I’m starting a much needed ‘Smooth Operator’ health kick this coming month. More for the energy level benefits and getting my health back on track following an auto immune disease flare up and not so much to do with the frumpy photo that is circulating of me at the moment sitting front row but still… nothing like an awful photo to help with the motivation.


Throughout March I will be starting my day with a different smoothie. To help keep me on track and accountable, I plan on sharing my smoothie each day over on Instagram and Facebook. YOU should join me!


Blueberry Mint Smoothie | Agent Mystery Case | Perth Review Blogger

While I have a tendency for the greener than green smoothie, the rest of the house doesn’t, so I will be mixing it up to include a variety of smoothies. I’ve also called on a few of my smoothie loving blogging friends to share some of their favourite recipes. In the smoothie line-up I will also be sharing my top five smoothie recipes from Kambrook’s recipes over on A Perfect Pantry.


My smoothies generally have a very small serving of fruit (to keep things sweet but minus the sugar rush), a huge serving or more of vegetables, the greener the better and I tend to opt for water based smoothies (just tap water) but don’t mind rice, coconut or almond milk occasionally. I’m also experimenting with coconut water and aloe vera juice.


Speaking of JUICE. A lot of the Kambrook smoothie recipes online, include some form of juice (like apple or cranberry). I’m not a fan of adding already juiced or processed juice products into my smoothies (it generally means more sugar than I can deal with). I would much prefer adding water and the whole product (chopped into 2.5 cm or less cubes). It may mean my smoothies are a little more chewy than smooth but they are packed full of nutrients and fibre with less of a sugar hit and I’m not talking about added sugar here, just what’s naturally in the fruit.


If you know of any great smoothie recipes that fit my bill or are a bit left of centre or perhaps include a weird (for smoothies) ingredient… I NEED to hear about it! A couple of vegetables I’m keen to experiment with are pumpkin and sweet potato. I also have more than a thing for peaches right now. Bring on the juicy peaches and someone please invent a peach cobbler smoothie recipe. Pronto.


Peach smoothie | Agent Mystery Case | 30 Day smoothie challenge

Unless disclosed otherwise, all smoothie recipes that I will be attempting and sharing for my 30 day challenge, will be my own and will be made using my Kambrook Blitz2Go.


Full recipes of all your favourites will be shared here on AMC in the coming weeks. Although, I must warn you… I’m pretty much a chuck everything in, make it up as I go along and hope for the best, kind of cook. Even the cook part of the equation is debatable. You have to remember… I’m the one that had my hubby vow on our surprise wedding day to ‘cook, clean and slave after me’. YES. HE. DID. (AND yes he is loving this whole me being in the kitchen challenge and may have nominated me for an ironing one next – I don’t even know where we keep our iron!)


I honestly can’t wait to get started with Smooth Operator and I would really love for you to join me, even if it is just playing along offering your support on Facebook or Instagram. If you do end up indulging in a smoothie yourself in March, it would be fantastic if you could share an image or your favourite recipe with me for inspiration. I will be using #AMCsmoothoperator over on Instagram (@agentmysterycase).


Agent Mystery Case | Smooth Operator | 30 Day Smoothie Challenge




Want to WIN your own Blitz2Go blender?


  • Comment below letting me know what you would create if you got your hands on a Blitz2Go.


  • Share your favourite smoothie recipe.


  • Share an image of a smoothie you’ve made and tag me in on Instagram (#AMCsmoothoperator @agentmysterycase).


Then head back here on March 31st for my round up post, where I will announce the winner.


Mystery Case Signature


Terms & Conditions: Open Australia Wide. Game of skill. Several ways to enter, see above. Entries close March 30 (9pm Perth time). One winner. You can enter more than once.

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  1. Coffee machine is all I use daily…and the stove – that’s an appliance, right? If I won the Blitz2Go I’d whip up a fresh grapefruit or lychee and mint Gin concoction….and keep trying til I got it right 😉

  2. Fahrenheit?! At least if you use US recipes that will be easier, I guess… our rental has a shit stove. Only one burner works properly, two don’t work and one only works on full. And the real estate/owner/somewhere between the two of them they don’t give a crap. I’m very used to cooking one pot meals. It saves on washing up…

    • Good idea with the US recipes and the one point meals. I’m all for saving on washing up. I think our slow cooker (if I can find a space and a power point for it) is going to get a lot of use in this house.

  3. Oh man, after 23 moves I sure hope that forever home becomes a reality for you! I bought a nutra ninja thingy before Christmas, which was a bit pricey but I’m loving it. The kambrook one seems like a good budget option.

  4. I can’t even cook in my kitchen if it’s disorganised Raych, so I get you!

    My favourite “smoothie” involves coconut water and frozen raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I guess it’s more of a slushie juice but it’s damn good!

  5. I have a $20 Target blender which does the job for my favourite smoothie – banana, frozen raspberries and almond + coconut milk! I’d like to get more adventurous but not sure how verdant I’m willing to get with it . . . despite the health benefits. Our kitchen is small with limited benchspace but luckily we have a large laundry cupboard just off the kitchen which can store all the appliances and items not often used.

  6. I don’t do much blending but then again, I don’t do much cooking either. I noticed last time we moved, just how easy it is to create a poorly designed kitchen. Argh still working on mine

    • I’ve been thinking a lot about what my dream kitchen would look like but more importantly how it would function. Years of living in bad ones have given me a rough idea of what I don’t want.

  7. Knowing me, I’d probably create a big bloody mess by failing to read or follow the instructions. I like to think I know what I’m doing, but so often, I don’t!

  8. We’ve fallen off the smoothie wagon since Christmas. But this gives me a reason to get back on it as Nathan was making some pretty damn good smoothies late last year!

    • Yah! Do you have any favourite recipes? You should invent one and call it… ‘I must confess’.

      In other news… don’t tell anyone but… Sydney trip in the pipeline for end of April and I’m hoping to bring The Fashionable Mum with me.

  9. I showed you my smoothie ar cocktail before – now you reminded me Baileys mmm.
    It’s a rare treat I’m more likely to have celery I’ve juiced, with smoothied pear, ice, or watermelon, orstrawberries and whatever else ginger, lemon – the colour is always not so attractive.

  10. I discovered a super yum recipe a few years ago for a breakfast smoothie. It has bananas (frozen if you want it to be a bit cooler), skim milk, a splash of vanilla and oats. It tastes like banana bread batter and is so decadent.

  11. I like to keep things minimalist with kitchen appliances, but even so I can’t live without my hand beater (like yours, an engagement present!); my air fryer; my kettle; toaster; and rice cooker. Hubby has a juicer/smoothie type contraption that he likes to blitz drinks in, but it’s not really my cup of tea …

  12. I present to you ‘The Anti-oxidant Booster’
    my quick ‘breaky’ to go. Its what I have early every morning. There’s
    minimal preparation as most of the ingredients you can get frozen from
    your local supermarket. All you have to do is
    throw it all in the blender. Its also time saving as it takes 1 minutes
    to make and 1 minute to drink it all down which makes it good for those
    who like to sleep in and too lazy to eat breakfast. It has everything a
    good breakfast cereal has and more: B vitamins for energy, fibre for
    healthy digestion, lots of anti-oxidants to ward off cancer but more
    importantly it has such a sensational taste.

    1/3 cup blueberries
    1/3 cup strawberries
    1/3 cup cranberries
    1/3 cup blackberries
    1/3 cup goji berries
    1 1/2 cups orange juice


    Place the blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, goji
    berries, and orange juice into the large personal blending jug;
    securely seal the blade assembly inside the blending jug.
    Lock the blending jug onto the motor base by aligning the arrows and press the ‘PULSE’ button for 15 seconds or until smooth.
    Remove the blade base and secure the drinking lid on top of the cup.

  13. I love smoothies and trying new recipes so will be keen to see what your favs are! I’ve just started the Maxine’s Challenge so am having a lot of protein shakes but no smoothies, so won’t be able to try and new smoothie til I’m done with it!

  14. My favourite smoothie recipe is so simple but super yummy. Frozen banana and milk ice blocks, a little cinnamon, Greek yogurt and some milk.

  15. I have a 12 week old baby and yesterday I attended a session on SOLIDS (seriously milk is just sooo easy). I would be using the blitz2go blender to make my cherub some delicious baby food!

  16. This is a whole new world for me as don’t own a suitable smoothie making appliance but Ive come across this awesome recipe that I am dying to try should the opportunity arise. The flavors sound yummy but it is the visual appearance that has me salivating.
    Hawaiian Berry Smoothie (two layers)

    1 orange, sliced
    2 frozen bananas, sliced
    1 cup frozen mango
    1/4 cup orange juice
    1 small berry yogurt
    2 cups frozen mixed berries
    1 frozen banana, sliced
    1/4 cup milk

    DIRECTIONS (repeat separate for each layer)
    Place ingredients into blender in the order they are listed and combine. Add more liquid if required

    Layer the smoothie mixtures in glasses.
    To serve top each smoothie with a skewer of fruit. (if desired)

  17. I am having the same green smoothie every morning these days, trying to up my fibre intake and lots of anti-inflammatory goodness. My secret is to pre-chop all of my fruit and veggies on a Sunday, so I can just grab and go each morning.

    I have celery, cucumber, pear, tsp of psyllium husk, tsp of vanilla protein powder, and water. Simple, healthy, and packed full o’ goodness!

    • I really need to be more organised but I kind of like walking to my local fruit and veg each day and finding something fresh that tickles my fancy. I think once the challenge is over, I will go back to my same old ways and have the same smoothie (or a small variation of it) each day.

  18. A Banana and Walnut Bliss. It’s a great pre work out smoothie. Skim milk, banana, honey, vanilla extract and walnuts.

  19. Chop up a few kilos of all types of fruit at the start of the week, mix it up in a big bowl and divide it up between freezer bags. Then get one out mix with coconut water, yoghurt and ice. Good thing is each bag of fruit will have a slightly different fruit ratio so you get a bit of a different flavour each time.

  20. I’d like to try my favourite gelati flavour… Blitz2Go white peaches with ice and a dash of rosewater. Sit back, close eyes and drink while you’re imagining that you’re in an exotic Arabian location.

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