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Looking for Inspiration 


I must confess, it hasn’t exactly been the best start to the new year. An unexpected relocation sprung on us, our daughter’s jaw surgery not exactly going to plan, our newly adopted cat attacked and the normal day to day things that keep me busy regardless of whatever else is thrown my way.


As I pack up our house for what I believe is my 23rd move (not counting the temporary accommodation we had here when we first moved to Perth thanks to Mr C’s work) I’m not sure if I should be laughing or crying.


After so many moves, many of which I’ve managed single handedly, you would think I should have this whole moving business down pat. Normally I do but this time around I find myself dragging my feet. Digging my heels in because it is not what I had planned and the timing could not be worse.


Our move to Perth saw me pack up our 4 x 2 x 2 house in just under 3 days. I did such a great job, that when each removalist arrived to quote for the big move, they offered me a job. It’s made me question why I don’t actually have moving or relocation tips here on the blog. Hmmm something to think about when I’m not neck deep in boxes.


This time though, I just can’t seem to find my moving mojo.


Rather surprisingly, hubby is actually around to help with this move. He normally is away at sea or the company move him ahead of us to start work and I remain behind with the girls to pack up and organise every little detail.


This move is just a local one but even still, Mr C’s lack of moving experience is really testing my nerves. Packing seems to be taking twice as long and is far more chaotic than it needs to be. I discovered tonight that all the school books and uniforms have been packed, despite the fact it is highly likely we will not move until after they start school. Which means I now need to find and unpack those boxes before school starts next week.


In two days we have packed just 15 boxes. Of those already packed we’ve had to open at least six boxes to find items that were needed urgently. Although my idea of urgent differs from the rest of the house.


Not really knowing where we are going or how much ‘stuff’ we will need to put in storage means I’m trying, in the time permitted, to have a major declutter. Even that is proving exhausting. I honestly can’t believe just how much stuff we own. Trying to decide what stays and what goes when you have five people weighing in on the debate, four of which have inherited hoarding tendencies (I’m one of them) is certainly making life interesting.


There have been tears (the girls) and tantrums (me) when we’ve discovered things that were important to us (& possibly had real $$ value) had already been tossed because hubby can hold on to and see value in his shirts (that no longer fit him) from the 80s and 90s but fails to see the value in my very small record collection (because we don’t own a record player) or the girls collectible cards because they never play with them (well yes…they are worth more in mint condition).


To even things out, there have been moments of joy when a friend emails an image of their child or children using something we’ve given away.


My laughable life on the lawn


I’m currently playing a game of Life on the Lawn, with a rubbish skip full of our unwanted ‘stuff’ sitting on our front lawn with a lot more that will be thrown, donated or given away over the next week.


Just when I think the skip can’t take another item, a car will pull up and someone will jump out and go rummaging through the skip (I’m not even kidding), taking stuff we considered trash and making even more room and motivation for the next lot of stuff to throw.


So much stuff but still so much more. So much time and energy wasted organising or moving it. So much stuff, it really makes you stop and think…


Just how many glasses (I lost count at 50) and pillowcases (close to 100) does a family of five really need? Please tell me… I really need to know.


Just how much more is life going to throw at our little family? Am I inviting trouble to begin with and how do I revoke the invitation pronto? Am I possibly at the end of my tether?


If the past fortnight has taught me anything, it would be you need a contingency plan for when your contingency plan flies out the window. I should have come to expect that If something will go wrong, it generally does and prepared myself for worst case BUT sometimes you just can’t predict what exactly will happen. Rolling with the punches and going with the flow definitely helps to keep the stress levels down but it is hard to maintain your cool, calm and collective composure when you are in the thick of things but I do at least try. What else can I do?


I must confess though, I already had more than enough on my plate and I kind of lost sight of the big picture momentarily, finding myself more stressed and overwhelmed than I’m use to being. Not really coping as well as I know I should be which had me seeking help and looking for inspiration.



My top 5 go to places when you are looking for inspiration


Jess McCallum | Confident Life


Clinical Psychologist Jess McCallum recently launched her website and blog Confident Life and it is fast becoming my favourite go to place when I’m looking for inspiration and a different perspective.




Confident Life, is a place for people to feel inspired and educated to pursue their passions, strengthen their mental health and wellbeing, form stronger relationships, celebrate their beauty and strengths, develop a positive outlook on life, love and accept themselves, and learn how to live a more confident life.


Just what I really need right now.


Business Mamas


Not only are Business Mamas holding my hand while putting me through my paces as I complete an online business diploma with them this year, they also have a fantastic blog series over at 52 Weeks. 52 Weeks shares the stories of 52 inspiring business mums. Whenever I’m lacking motivation or looking for inspiration, I only need to head to the Business Mama blog to get myself back on track.



It is mums like Alli Price (you can read Alli’s story here), that make me realise I still have plenty of time and manoeuvrability to move forward and make a success of my most ambitious project to date, my new business.


Kelly Exeter | A Life Less Frantic


I’ve been taking some time out amongst the chaos to recharge the batteries because there is only so much packing and stressing you can do in a day, which has me revisiting Kelly’s book ‘Your Best year Ever’. There has been a slight name change since I last read Kelly’s book but the lessons and positivity remain the same.



Kelly seems to have a knack for knowing what I need to hear when I need to hear it via her Facebook page and blog A Life Less Frantic. I just can’t wait for Kelly’s next book to be released later this year.


Female Entrepreneur Association


I don’t have much time for Facebook right now but when I do check in, I like to head to the Female Entrepreneur Association first. A wonderfully supportive community lead by Carrie Green.



It’s the daily inspirational snippets that have me starting my day on a more positive foot. When I have more time, I like to delve a little deeper on the website and revisit Carrie’s Ted Talk {Programming your mind for success}. A talk that will make you sit up and take more notice of the niggling voice in your head, the one that might be telling you, you are on the wrong track.


Entrepreneur | Lisa Messenger


When I first started my online course with Business Mamas they gifted me Lisa’s book ‘Life & Love – creating the dream’. The book landed on my bookcase at just the right time. A time when I actually had time to pick up and absorb the book from cover to cover. It offered a glimpse of the opportunities ahead of me, just when I was having doubts about starting in the first place.



These days I tend to follow Lisa on Instagram and Facebook for a quick inspirational hit each day but I also have my eye on her book ‘Money + Mindfulness – Living in Abundance’ as soon as we are moved and settled.


Do you have what it takes to keep going when the going gets tough?

Do you have any favourite places you like to head for help or inspiration?

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