PERTH GIVEAWAY | Gingerbread is back on the menu…

thanks to Rise & Grind Espresso Bar


Now that we are in Perth and over 4000 km away from extended family, I tend to go rather overboard in the menu department at Christmas.


Well actually it was only after I posted the menu online and people, lots of people started emailing me asking for an invite that I realised just how overboard it really is. I suppose in a way, I’m making up for the fact our three girls don’t have the option to visit family and be spoilt rotten by their grandparents, like their cousins are at this time of year. BUT who really needs an excuse to over indulge at this time of year?


Christmas Eve Menu Agent Mystery Case


Overboard or not?


Everything on the menu is made with love by myself with a lot little help from hubby. One thing you might notice missing from my menu is any mention of a gingerbread house. You could be forgiven for assuming that with so much else on offer, one really isn’t needed but the truth is my little Christmas confession.


You see, I don’t have a great track record with gingerbread houses. They end up looking like a demolition site or worse and the one and only year (2001) that a gorgeous McGinger Mini McMansion (not even kidding) stood pride of place on our coffee table, it was hand crafted and gifted by a friend who could easily stand in as a stunt double for Nigella Lawson in both the looks, the bust and the cooking departments.



Image Source : Gingerbread house failure

When good things go bad….


So why did one over the top McGinger Mini McMansion ruin all gingerbread houses for me?


That one good year and the perfect house turned into a complete disaster, which basically had me placing an all out ban on gingerbread houses up until recently.


What went wrong?  A number of things and all my doing I suspect! It was the placement on the coffee table for starters. Placed by my friend so my 1, 2 and 3 year olds at the time, could get a good look.  Can you see where this is going? Can you tell my friend didn’t have children of her own?


I left the room every so briefly to attend to opening a bottle of wine a pressing matter and left my three girls admiring the gingerbread house with my single no kids on board friend “Nigella” and well let’s just say she may have been a goddess in the kitchen but she was no super nanny.

I re-entered the room only to find Miss 3 standing on the coffee table so she could have a closer look down the bloody chimney and in an effort to get down quickly realising she had broken house rule #346 that I was back, lost her footing and landed bottom first on the house.  Bottom first! Not that landing any other way would have made things any more palatable.


On a positive note there were now perfect bite size pieces to share with one and all but even me, a mother of three under three, accustomed to all manners of food sharing wasn’t going there. Not even if Miss 3 had decided to wear undies on this occasion under her dress (she hadn’t) which flew up for all to see mid flight fall. If only smart phones and YouTubing was a thing back then. I could have made a small fortune.


Gingerbread is back on the menu


So more than a few years later, with my girls much much older and all being huge gingerbread fans, I was ready to face my gingerbread house fears head on but only with help. A lot of help.


I had contemplated the kit from the supermarket or IKEA that flat pack chain store nearby. They seemed reasonably priced and required a lot less effort than usual but they didn’t come with icing (another possible fear of mine) and the super long list of preservatives used in their gingerbread had me concerned.  Very concerned.


When I stumbled on Rise & Grind Espresso Bar on my morning coffee run (home to Perth Gingerbread) here in Doubleview, with their allergy-friendly baking, I knew I’d found my help.


Rise & Grind Gingerbread House Perth


Rise & Grind, one of my favourite places to grab a quick coffee, also sell all manner of edible treats and gifts including impressive ready made and decorated gingerbread houses and trees. GINGERBREAD TREES!




I can still get my gingerbread fix, have a nice Christmas Eve table centrepiece and not need to go near a gingerbread house if I don’t really want to.


Although having said that, their gingerbread houses are rather impressive. With a large variety of both trees and houses in varying sizes, it was actually hard for me to make a decision.


Gingerbread houses start from $35 for small and $45 for large, with gingerbread trees from $30. All would make perfect gifts this Christmas.


rise & grind espresso bar Doubleview for gingerbread houses and trees


A perfectly easy and fabulous way to spice up your Christmas table, if you can resist the insanely divine gingerbread smell and not take a nibble on the gingerbread before Christmas day. I opted to go with a tree this year. For research and development for this post, it may be one level shorter than it was when I took delivery. Shhh don’t tell my family.


Rise & Grind Espresso Bar Gingerbread treats with Littlesweet Baking Perth Food


Rise & Grind Espresso Bar is located at 255a Scarborough Beach Road, Doubleview just down from Chinta. They have recently had a name change and a revamp to their store. Apart from doing possibly the finest gingerbread in all of the land Perth, they also do a pretty mean (that’s a good thing) coffee. I like to pop in on my morning walk and take advantage of their $3 coffee from 6.30 – 9 am.


Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram feeds for news of a Gingerbread Workshop, as well as their daily mouth watering treats.


Perth Rise & Grind Espresso Bar Gingerbread GIVEAWAY




To be in the running for your very own gingerbread tree or house leave a comment below confessing your worst Christmas or otherwise cooking disaster. Don’t have one? Leave your favourite Christmas recipe instead or just tell me why you really need to win a gingerbread house or tree for Christmas.


  • Game of skill
  • You can enter more than once
  • Entries close 21/12/15 (9pm WST)
  • One Winner selected by a mystery judge
  • Winner must be able to collect their prize from Rise & Espresso Bar in Doubleview before Christmas.
  • BONUS! If the winner is also following Rise & Grind Espresso Bar on Instagram or Facebook your coffee (or tea) is on me when you pop in to collect your prize.


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    • I love doing our Christmas Eve over the top cook up. It means I don’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen for Christmas or Boxing Day but we still have all our favourites on hand.

      The smell of the gingerbread is driving me crazy. It is so tasty. I might need to go back and get a house as well, so we can nibble on the tree in the meantime.

  1. Now THIS is a Christmas Eve menu!!!!!! Holy moly!!! I love the idea of cooking everything the day before and just being able to relax on the day. So cool! Hehe I made a gingerbread house a few years ago with my little nephews and it was a pretty big failure. We’ll have to try again!!

  2. I was admiring these on your Instagram, I love the trees!
    My worst cooking disaster (and I’ve had a few!) was slow cooking a chinese chicken hot pot for 8 hours in what I thought was a few cups of rice wine vinegar but it turns out it was white vinegar. I couldn’t even get the fork near my mouth the smell of the vinegar was so strong and the whole house stunk for days!

  3. I’m going to pop in next week and pick up some last minute Christmas gifts. Those jars look perfect. Can’t recall a Christmas cooking disaster but I don’t do that much cooking at Christmas. I would really love to win a gingerbread house, as I’ve never had one.

    • I’m going to do the same thing Andrea. I’ve left my Christmas gift shopping to the very last minute and edible treats, especially ones I don’t have to make myself are going to be my saving grace this Christmas.

  4. I am in GingerBread freak out mode, do they do MEGGA sized ginger bread? I ordered several kits and they did not arrive 🙁 Now all I want is that magical gingerbread house look to set the Christmas atmosphere in full swing. I’m more than happy to skip the mess and chaos of self build, although seeing they do workshops I may just be tempted! So happy I saw your instagram post from Rise & Grind, to mix coffee and ginger bread? I’ll be heading there next week for both a ginger bread rescue and a much needed, pre-Christmas caffeine fix.

  5. Oh I love creating the Christmas Eve dinner menu!
    Family each brings a plate and I do a series of sides.
    We usually have a macadamia, orange and cranberry turkey roast and baked glazed ham. (Brought by my dad and wife)
    Hubby’s AMAZING Tiramisu.
    Roasted parsnip, carrot, pumpkin and potatoes in truffle oil.
    Beetroot, rocquet, cous cous and Persian feta salad.
    Asparagus spears and french beans with a garlic mustard butter dressing.
    A sizeable cheeseboard, roasted nuts, and fancy garden salad. (Brought by my brother and wife)
    Prawns and plum pudding with all the trimmings. (Brought by my mum)
    Have a great Christmas this year with your family Ms Mystery Case! My kids (7 & 2)are always fascinated with the gingerbread goodies like the star trees and houses too. I haven’t yet got past just making gingerbread cookies or “ninjabread men”. Any effort would end up looking like a condemned dwelling! LOL

  6. This is rather appropriate after my recent gingerbread disaster.

    I decided it was time to make my own gingerbread house from scratch
    My friends made it seem easy enough, there didn’t seem to be a catch
    I poured, i mixed and i kneaded it by hand
    I was becoming quite impressed with my efforts you understand
    Baking away in the oven it looked quite divine
    When the timer buzzed to say it was ready there was a disastrous sign
    No sweet smell of ginger seemed to fill the air
    I was franticly going through my ingredients, i became consumed with dispair
    I noticed the ginger in the cupboard instead of the bench
    I took a bite of the cooling biscuit in the hope i hadn’t been a silly wench
    But sure enough it was as plain as day, I’d ruined it you see
    By forgetting to add the star ingredient i was not happy!!

  7. My mother once made the Christmas Pav with salt,
    Which made everyone except my Nan bolt.
    She sat there and ate the entire plate,
    then gussled down water for the rest of the date.

    {My little brother – aged three at the time – had spent an afternoon hiding in the pantry and pouring the salt into the sugar container}.

  8. That is such an impressive menu – have you got room for two more? LOL! I am good at eating and decorating gingerbread houses but the world’s worst at building them. I can just about pull off a gingerbread Christmas tree, although mine look nowhere near as classy as Rise and Grind’s!

  9. You are a well of local Christmas information. Only just discovered you, after a friend shared your MYER giveaway. I had no idea this place existed and its on my way home from work. Of course I’ve gone and mixed up my entries and told you about my worst cooking disaster on the MYER one.
    It was all about giving my about to be inlaws food poisoning when we hosted Christmas and served up dodgy prawns. It was only last year and I’m still recovering. I don’t think I will ever be able to stomach another prawn. I will have to compensate with a gingerbread tree… so please please please pick me.

  10. Not a disaster by any means, but one Christmas my darling mum decided to make a gingerbread house for our two and a half year old daughter. The gingerbread house in the recipe book looked a little small, so mum decided to DOUBLE the dimensions. It ended up huge – almost the size of our child!
    On the plus side, gingerbread and lollies aren’t really suitable foods for toddlers, so hubby and I had to demolish mum’s masterpiece over the following weeks.

  11. My disaster was when I finally finished my uni screen production assignment, I invited friends and family to a pre screening of the short film. Of course it went along with a yummy bbq dinner and my famous lemon meringue pie. Only thing is, getting carried away with convo’s etc, I completely forgot about times, and totally burnt the meringue topping! I had to quickly re do, and managed to semi save things… But talk about last minute stress! Blah!

  12. I always sign up to bake for our family Christmas get together and it always ends up being in the middle of a heatwave. I’m sure as a result there I can say there is literally sweat in the blood, sweat and tears that go into my cooking at this time of year.

  13. I can never resist gingerbread as its so very tempting – Dear Xmas angel, please make this gingerbread Christmas dream come true??

  14. I once put two chickens with potatoes and lots of veges in the oven and realised when my guests came that I forgot to turn the oven ON!! Embarrassment all over!

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