Event Ready with a little help from my friends

Event Ready Frocktober event featuring Perth designer Jonte

Event Ready Jonte Event

Sometimes getting yourself event ready actually means organising or contributing to the event before you can even start to think about getting yourself and your outfit sorted. As was the case for the recent Event Ready open day at Jonté’s studio. An afternoon of fun, fashion and fabulous friends, where we also had a chance to support Frocktober and raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


In the end though, being event ready for me always involves a lot of help from my friends.


If you have been following the blog and my Event Ready antics, you would know I have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer, so I’m always looking for ways to support cancer research in this area. This year instead of hosting a blogging birthday giveaway, I asked a couple of my favourites to come to the Frocktober party instead. For some (like myself) it was a case of donating time to promote and help with the event, while others kindly donated products.


Today, I’m sharing the photographic highlights and the wonderful people behind the event…


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonté Designs – You can take me HIRE!


One of my favourite designers here in Perth. What started out as a request to introduce a few of my followers to Jontés brand turned into a wonderful collaboration and open day at the Jonté Design studio. An afternoon where Jonté was able to showcase her latest collection, together with her recently launched hire business.


YES… hire! You can now hire one-off designs and pieces from previous collections. It’s perfect if you are on a budget but still want to look the event ready part in a designer outfit. It’s also perfect timing as far as I’m concerned with the first of my three girls about to start HSC and attend formals early next year.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready


Perth Stylist – Vicki Thompson (aka The Fashionable Mum)


I love watching Vicki in style session action, especially when it involves all of my favourite designers here in Perth. Vicki has a way of mixing things up to help make a woman look and feel her most confident best. At this event Vicki hosted two style sessions, one aimed at Spring Racing for us over 18s and a second session aimed at the Going to the Ball school leavers.


It was a perfect way to demonstrate how versatile Jonte’s designs are across all ages, even us oldies who tend to give spring racing trackside events a wide berth and head straight for the more civilised marquees with outfits needing to make it through to the after five after parties.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jessica Bratich – A bag for every occasion


Jessica Bratich really does have a bag for every occasion and this gorgeous brand make a perfect addition to the Jonté design studio. Jessica’s latest range has her moving away from leather making the entire collection more affordable in the process.



You can view Jessica’s full range here or selected pieces are available for sale at Jonté Design studio. I’m also finally getting around to auditing and sharing my JB collection which I plan to share here on the blog. Any guesses on just how many JB bags I actually own?


Zamora Shoes – head over heels in love!


Zamora Shoes are also conveniently stocked at Jonte’s design studio and really compliments Jonte’s designs, which means you really can get yourself event ready from the ground up, under the one roof.


I’m loving the latest designs, especially the height selection in Zamora’s latest collection. There really is a little something for everyone. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Jolie Combat. It’s the perfect height for me, for longer events and the colour combo means it either matches or clashes with most of my existing wardrobe.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation System – Ageless skin begins here


A massive thanks to HoMedics who donated the major prize for our giveaway for this event. A Newa skin rejuvenation system valued at $499.


My initial review hit the blog yesterday (here) with a follow up Vlog scheduled around the 12 week mark. After just three weeks, I’m already super impressed with the results. Especially when I was asked at the event if I’d had Botox (for the record… I hadn’t).


HoMedics NEWA review

Pure Glow Cleanse – Will have you Event Ready in next to Glow time


The fabulous ladies at Pure Glow Cleanse, that keep me sorted with juice cleanses when I need it most throughout the year, kindly donated a 1-day cleanse to our giveaway. I couldn’t think of a better way to get yourself event ready from the inside out because when you are feeling good on the inside, it will most definitely show on the outside.


I have a 1-Day cleanse review coming to the blog soon but in the meantime you should head over and case my 5-day review. It’s the full explosive blow by blow details that includes everything you’ve ever wanted to know about doing a longer juice cleanse.


showmethejuice | Event Ready event Jonte

Sunbella – Have you sun covered in style!


I just adore these summer parasols from Sunbella. Unique and fashionable sun umbrellas that block over 98% of harmful UV rays with a 50+ UPF rating, perfect and stylish coverage no matter what your outdoor event. Sunbella kindly donated two parasols for prizes on the day as well as provided parasols so we could have a bit of photo booth fun on the day.


Jonte Designs Event Ready


Tamara Harrison Design – Weddings, parties… anything!


All headpieces for Vicki’s style sessions were created by one of my favourite wedding accessories designers, Tamara Harrison. Known more for her custom design bridal pieces and bespoke wedding bouquets, Tamara is slowly expanding her range to include ready to wear headpieces perfect for weddings, parties and just about anything, especially spring racing.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready

Fresh Flowers – Perfect Arrangements every time.


Fresh flowers kindly donated $200 worth of absolutely gorgeous flowers for the event. I’ve never had so much fun selecting flowers. The entire process was super easy and efficient and the arrangements worked perfectly for the event. You can read more about my Fresh Flower experience here.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Kingdom Cupcakes – A party without cake is just a meeting


The gorgeous and talented Deb from Kingdom Cupcakes donated the most delicious and delightful cupcakes for the event. I’ve been dreaming about them ever since.


Jonte Designs Event Ready


SC ARTISTRY – Event Ready Makeup


In between Halloween and bridal obligations, Simone from SC Artistry somehow managed to also fit in an informative makeup session with the afternoon Going to the Ball style session. It certainly went down a treat with everyone from school leavers to little old me. I will be booking myself and my three girls in soon for one of Simone’s workshops.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready

Theresa Goh – Event Ready Hair


Theresa Goh was the hair stylist for the afternoon and worked wonders on Vicki’s models for the afternoon style session.


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Supporting Superstars


Like any event there are always people working tirelessly behind the scenes and this event was no different. Special thanks need to go to a number of wonderful women on this occasion.


Firstly Michelle Pike from MP Illustrations (you really must head over and case her illustrations on Instagram @mp_illustrations) who made sure the entire event ran smoothly and everyone that walked through the door was taken care of.


Jonte Designs Event Ready


Secondly, Andrea Lewin aka Fashion Addicted Panda who is currently interning for Jonté Designs and doing a fabulous job both online and off. Andrea did such a fantastic job at the event, that I didn’t actually manage to grab a quick photo of her. We might need a do-over because you know me… photos or it didn’t happen.


Thanks also needs to go out to the super gorgeous and rather patient models for the event, especially Jo Castro (Lifestyle 50) and Kyles Delic (The Candy Shop) together with Em (The Illusive Femme) and Demelza Buckle


Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready

Jonte Designs Event Ready


Pincarnie Photography – because photos or it didn’t happen!


All photos featured here are thanks to Samara from Pincarnie Photography, who captured the Frocktober festivities for our Event Ready open day.   I’ve worked with a lot of photographers over the years and Samara certainly gets my worth casing seal of approval. An absolute delight to work with for Event Ready, Samara also does the most gorgeous newborn baby photos, just looking at them makes me cluck, cluck, clucky.


Jonte Designs Event Ready



Blogging Friends & followers


Thanks to all those that dropped in on the day or followed along via social media. Especially Zita from It’s Time… blog, a travel blogger who flew in from Queensland for a week of mystery adventures and ended up helping out at a fashion event.


Jonte Designs Event Ready


I had hoped to do something live on Instagram from the event but we were all rather rushed off our feet in and out of the change rooms for most of the afternoon… and nothing to do with the free flowing bubbly (promise).


Event Ready event Jonte | Pincarnie Photography

Event Ready event Jonte | Pincarnie Photography


If you weren’t able to make it on the day but have an event coming up (or even if you don’t), the Jonté’s studio is open by appointment during the week for both sales and hire or you can drop in between 12 and 4pm most Saturdays.
Not all of the collection has hit the new website, so it’s really worth popping in to see what is on offer. In the meantime head over and case both Instagram feeds (@jontedesigns & @jontedesignerhire or #styledinjonte) for inspiration.    


What’s next for Event Ready?


You will need to head over and ‘case’ The Fashionable Mum for more Event Ready events as I’m needing to wind back my involvement in the fashion and style event side of things for the time being, mainly due to health but also so I can concentrate on the new business and Blog Agency together with some charity work.


I will be heading to Melbourne briefly this week before returning to Perth so I can attend Breast Cancer Care WA’s inaugural Spring Day at the Races next Saturday at Ascot.


springraces Perth Nov 14 2015


You can guarantee, a quick trip back to Jonté’s studio will be in order before then.


Event Ready event Jonte | Pincarnie Photography





What have you been up to this week?

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  1. This looks like it was a fabulous day. And what a bonus to be frocked and tissied up by professionals. It looks like everyone had a blast. I know my friend Jo enjoyed it.

  2. I am flabbergasted at how busy you are. Well done on a fabulous event! The races sounds like fun, enjoy xx I’ll be hosting a tribe of noisy kids for the girls’ birthday parties that day. I will be thinking of you!

    • Even saying NO to 80% of the invites that land in my inbox, things have been rather crazy lately but all that is about to change. My daughter is having major surgery on the 23rd and will require 6 to 8 weeks recovery and I will be clearing my schedule, apart from my online studies and catching up on the blog side of things during that time.

      Good luck with the birthday parties. I will be thinking of you too!

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