Event Ready in 5 (when you’re not looking or feeling the part)

Event Ready when you're not looking or feeling the part

Event Ready in 5, when you are not looking or feeling the part

 Slight rant warning after a weekend of dealing with faceless trolls (again).


September here in Perth, seems to mark the start of event season and Christmas decorations appearing in department stores.


The festivities generally kick off in the lead up to Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF). Before you even have time to draw a TPFF breath, there is the festival itself and then you pretty much spring (pun intended) straight into spring racing, with a hop skip and a small hurdle to Melbourne Cup.


Even before November is over, the Christmas party shenanigans is already underway, taking you right through December and up till New Year’s Eve. Exhausted, just reading all that? Me too.


Even since I’ve adopted a ‘don’t say YES to every invite that lands in my inbox’ approach, I still have more events than my current wardrobe can cope with. If I’m honest, my health issues have bumped me up a size, thanks to excessive swelling in my hands and feet. I’m also not looking or feeling my best.


The normal war paint and effort to get me out the door isn’t cutting the event mustard at the moment, as a result, I hardly want to leave the house in my current state. But I do actually want to go out, I do want to have a life, I’d just like to find an invisibility cloak or fairy godmother who could wave her magic wand, having me looking and feeling the picture perfect part that everyone seems to want you to be online and off.



TPFF2015 Mystery Case

My reality is that my less than picture perfect moments aren’t measuring up and for the most part I’m ok with that. I’ve always had a keeping it a little too real approach to social media. My instagram feed, much like my real life, isn’t picture perfect and I’m not about to mould myself or change for anyone.


At this point I should take a moment to thank the people that continually feel the need to drop comments, suggesting I take a year off, move away from the all you can eat buffet, lose 20 kilos (or more) before making an Instagram and blogging comeback, when I fit the mould and look the part.


One word… GO AWAY… actually that’s two words, there is no all you can eat buffet action going on… far from it.  I have an auto immune disease and another life limiting disease that is playing havoc with my day to day existence, so rightly or wrongly, I basically want or need bonus points for turning up these days, online and off. If that’s not your cup of tea, move along… quickly!



** the good, the bad and the keeping it friggin real side of me **

(yes half my face has drooped, yes I’m 90% grey, yes I’m getting good at disguising this)


With that little whinge out the way (and apologies to the person who recently felt the need to subtly pull me up on my health issue whinging – for the record I like to think of it as over-sharing), I really do want to attend and support a number of upcoming charity events. Especially the Frocktober ‘Event Ready’ event here in Perth with some of my favourite designers and creatives at the end of October. With my fairy godmother currently missing in action, I think I may have the next best thing….


Event Ready in 5 easy steps (when you aren’t looking or feeling your best)


Start on the Inside


With health issues, even though you wouldn’t know it to look at me, I have a fairly good diet and lifestyle but it could still do with tweaking. There is no partaking in all you can eat buffets or overly processed foods.  I’ve just had three months of reintroducing gluten, dairy and a lot of heavy carbs that were off the menu, for my latest tests. Even before tests results are in, I just know I (and my failing pancreas) function better without gluten and dairy in our lives. It’s nothing to do with weight either, just how much better I feel in myself.


I’m not suggesting you follow this way of eating or commence a super strict diet. Far from it. What I would suggest for both before and after party/ event season, is a little tweaking. Very much keeping things simple and achievable. Starting small….


Introduce more water into your day – I try and aim for 6 to 8 glasses per day.

Add more greens to your diet – Aim for 5 serves a day if not more!

Healthy Snacking – This doesn’t need to be boring!

Cutting down on the crap – Try to move away from heavily processed and packaged foods and start cooking from scratch.

Mini Detox or Cleanse – I rather like juice cleanses or green smoothies in small doses.


For me, I’m wanting a little detox to get me started and that means taking the nutritional guess work out of the equation and heading to Pure Glow Cleanse. Earlier in the year I completed their 5-day cleanse (see the blow by explosive blow report here) and was amazed by the results. Since then Pure Glow Cleanse have had a change in packaging and introduced some limited edition juices to their glowing line up.



With so much on at the moment, including school holidays which has me running around like a mad women with three girls heading in three different directions, I probably should be signing up for the same 5-day cleanse or even their 3-day one but I’ve opted for a 1-day cleanse this time round. It will be the perfect way to kick start removing gluten and dairy from my diet, hopefully getting myself looking and feeling more the part in the process.



Around the Outside


My skin hasn’t faired well following winter, I’ve also just turned 45, with fine lines popping up like a birthday present from hell and I’m time poor. More than time poor.


Heading off to my favourite day spa for regular treatments to address my skincare and ageing concerns, isn’t an option at the moment but thanks to HoMedics – Newa skin rejuvenation system, I have the next best thing. A take home skincare system that offers long term results after 12 weeks, with a reduction in fine lines after just one month. A super easy system that I can use each night in the privacy of my own bathroom/bedroom in my bathrobe.



This skincare system provides so many benefits, that it almost sounded a little too good to be true, so I honestly couldn’t resist putting it to the test  (review post coming soon). It’s also a great way for a little bit of, much needed, me time each night. Time that is helping me get my skin back on track by addressing the fine lines and the more than fine lines. OMG so many lines, since turning 45… I’m drawing a line and NEWA is helping me do that.



Sleeping Beauty


Let’s face it, getting a good 8 hours sleep a night is always going to impact positively on how you look and feel. When you aren’t able to get a good night sleep over a long period of time, things are inevitably going to impact negatively on many areas, including your ability to function. It’s a given. I know.


This is, without a doubt, my biggest problem area. At the moment I’m averaging 2 to 3 hours per night. Not by choice. I blame my thyroid condition and meds but I wonder if the lack of sleep isn’t actually adding to my health issues. The more I seem to work and focus on sleeping and getting a full 8 hours a night, the more issues I have actually getting 2 to 3 hours. If you have any magic tricks in this area, I would love to hear them. For now, I’m going to take the following approach:


20 to 30 minutes gentle exercise each day.

Yoga and meditation of an evening.

Cut down on the caffeine, aiming for one cup (if that) per day, preferably early in the day.

Remove screens, smart phones, laptops and other devices from the bedroom and the menu after 9pm (this is going to be hard).

Find a bed stunt double for when hubby is away for month long trips at sea (not really sure how to go about this one).



The Style Factor – Organisation is Key


I’m all for faking it till you make it, especially in the style stakes. Just as long as you aren’t being a complete copycat in the process. Finding a friend or stylist that you can trust, that knows how to accentuate your best bits and hold your hand when you don’t feel like you have many best bits to offer, is a perfect place to start. It’s amazing what the right style and stylist can do for your confidence.


For me, I’ve put my trust in Perth stylist Vicki Thompson who is going to help me organise my wardrobe, so that it is working for me and not against me, especially in regards to events and all the issues that have me struggling to just get out the door at the moment.


Aside from personal styling and wardrobe auditing, Vicki is also hosting ‘Event Ready’ style sessions, starting at Jonté’s design studio on October 31st (see event details below), supporting Frocktober and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in the process. With Jessica Bratich (my favourite bags), Zamora shoes and SC Artistry offering makeup tips and special offers on the day, I think it might just be the perfect place to get my spring racing and end of year ball looks sorted.



The Friend Factor….


If I was being my cheeky self, I’d probably say surround yourself with people that make you look good. Which really could be taken in so many ways. The right way and the right approach would be to surround yourself with people that lift you up and make you feel great about yourself, even when you aren’t looking or feeling your best because we all get by with a little help from our friends.



More, more, more with a GIVEAWAY…


More on Pure Glow Cleanse and my NEWA skincare system coming soon to AMC, including your chance to WIN a 1 Day Cleanse and a skincare package worth ($499) with Event Ready. In the meantime, if you are in Perth… head over and RSVP for the event (here)!




Apologies for some of the negative tone of this post, I probably should have placed this in draft and waited till the initial shock of finding out one of your faceless trolls, the one causing the most grief, is possibly someone local and known to me. If you’ve had any experience with trolls and taking things further in a legal capacity I would love to hear from you.

Linking up late for I Must Confess (My Home Truths) and early (blame daylight saving) for #IBOT (Essentially Jess)


Do YOU have a special event coming up? How do you like to get event ready or are you one of those lucky ones that can be ready and out the door looking a million dollars in next to no time?

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  1. I love your 1 word – why do people hound others online until you crack. I have had an email like that today – oh please, visit me face to facer and say what you said in the email – I dare you. Hope you are doing OK>

    • Must be something in the air because a few of us are experiencing this at the moment. I’ve been well and truly hounded but I’m OK. It seems to happen each time I have big news or a big campaign on the go, which is a frustrating distraction.

  2. I love the look of the drink… looks like strawberries in lemonade (I’m sure it’s not!) …and you look gorgeous at the ‘Alcohol Think Again’ event. Wishing you well ♥

  3. I’d like to think I’m one of those people that are good for you to be around, haha! I’m looking forward to getting stuck into your closet, we will have lots of fun. I completely love my NEWA and think it’s made a huge difference to my skin – what a fab giveaway.

  4. I rarely go out so no need for me to have a getting ready plan! However, we did attend a wedding this weekend and I was forced to wear makeup for the first time in a long time. Nice to know that I was still able to get my makeup done in 10 minutes (even if I’m out of practice!)

    • How is the knee holding up Kirsty? I can’t remember the last wedding we attended. I also tend to make an event out of the most ordinary of events, so always looking for ways to dress up.

      • The knee is getting there, slowly. Still stiff and sore but I’m being a good girl and doing my exercises so I guess it’s just a matter of time. I should be able to drive again in a couple of weeks – looking forward to being independent again!

  5. You look great! What’s the Dita Von Teese thing? ‘You could be the prettiest, most perfect peach in the world but there’ll still be some people that don’t like peaches’ Head high, lovely lady!!

  6. I have been working on the sleep part of my life and moving more. The water seems to be a problem so going to work on that some more. Never apologise for being real Raychael – it makes others feel human too. People are often very cruel in person let alone when they have some anonymity. Go gently. Mel xx #IMustConfess

  7. I struggled to pull myself together for a high tea just today. You see I had a REALLY bad dream last night; so bad I woke up to find myself literally sobbing and my face wet with tears. It took me quite a while to settle down and it has haunted me a bit all day. Thank goodness it was just a dream xxx

  8. I’m so sorry to hear your health issues are flared at the moment Raychael! I know how it is – I have auto-immune problems too. I need to eat really clean, drink lots of water and have regular activity. However, I don’t always do that and often pay the price! I don’t know how you go to all these events. I guess it’s because I’m an introvert – I just couldn’t cope with it all. Hope you’re feeling much better soon! xo

    • Thanks. I always tend to over do things in the lead up to hubby being away and while he is away. Not by choice mind you. I’m hoping with a bit of rest and time and with me focusing on the diet side of things, I will be back on track soon.

      Not that anyone can actually tell but I’m actually an introvert too. I tend to need a lot of time in hibernation mode following events. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. 😉

  9. I’m sad you’re not well. Not good! BUT I do love all of your tips for feeling splendid anyway (and I need them, I really do… I hate getting dressed up at the best of times). x

  10. I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with trolls. I’ve copped it in the past but only as a one-off thing and never on an ongoing basis. Just keep being yourself and keep being fabulous. Another blogging friend posted about criticism on her personal FB feed and I offered a little slogan that I adapted: Those who can, do. Those who can’t troll. Take care of you (and no need for apologies – that stuff stings) x

    • Thanks, it seems to happen each and every time I launch a campaign or take on a new client. It really is hard to know how to deal with it. In the end there is a lot of time wasted deleting but everything now is copied and on file, in case I feel the need to take things further later on. But seriously who has the time for that crap. Not me.

  11. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe people actually say that to you! That’s awful! Meanwhile, I’ve also put on a lot of weight due to health reasons. I decided to take a deep breath, realise it’s not the point and just buy bigger clothes and smile. When my health stabilises, so will my weight. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this rubbish xx Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT.

    • I’m just baffled and disappointed and trying not to think the worst. It all makes no sense to me at all but seems to be a given each and every time I launch a new campaign or make an announcement. All deleted. So much time wasted but I’ve kept copies for future reference if I find I can and should take further.

  12. I think you scrub up fabulously! Thankyou for being so real xx Great advice on how to eat! I found when I ate well my skin improved as well as my health. I hope those trolls piss off for you x

  13. Oh my goodness, I would not be able to function on only 2-3 hours sleep a night. Here’s hoping your sleep and health issues improve and your trolls find something more positive to do with their time!

  14. You look awesome, I wish I could look half as pulled together as you do and I only have small child fatigue to blame. As for the haters, well they can just rack off.

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