Event Ready | Clutching at Straws in the Style Stakes

Jessica Bratich on the TPFF runway

Event Ready | Clutching at Straws


I must confess, my wardrobe is full to overflowing and back to being chaotic. I’m having far too many I have nothing to wear moments and I have more invites than I (or my wardrobe) can cope with. Health issues have bumped me up a size, something that by all accounts should be a temporary thing, so I’m not wanting to hit the shops and add to the chaos.


I’m wanting order. I’m wanting to shop my own wardrobe, even though some of it is a tight squeeze. I’m needing my existing wardrobe to work for me not against me. I’m wanting to be Event Ready at a moment’s notice and I’m needing all the help I can get, so I’m not continually clutching at straws in the style stakes.


To help me and my chaotic wardrobe ways, once and for all, I’ve put an SOS call to my favourite Perth stylist, Vicki Thompson, but like most stylists at this time of year with event season and spring racing kicking into overdrive, she is in demand.


Until my wardrobe audit, I’m determined to make the most of what I’ve got. To cover the weight and swelling issues, rightly or wrongly, I’ve turned to the dark and black, more forgiving, items in my wardrobe. I’ve been layering up a storm. I’m a master of health issue disguises and disguising the wrankles (water retaining cankles/ankles) that have me looking and feeling like I’m 46 weeks pregnant (I’m not!).


A perfect approach for winter but not so fine now that it has warmed up and more skin is on show, with event invites all spring and summery. It’s enough to make me want to hibernate till next winter.


While my weight and swelling continue to be an issue, I would prefer to stick to the black side of my wardrobe. I find it slimming and it gives me more confidence to get out the door in the first place. Which means, I’ve been looking at my statement accessories in a new and improved light. They are my stylish way out at the moment.


The perfect way to add to my wardrobe without adding to the chaos. The perfect way to brighten up a fairly bland and basic wardrobe while I find myself temporarily in between sizes with my weight fluctuating on a daily basis thanks to an auto-immune disease flare up.


With spring racing season and Melbourne Cup just around the corner, I’m not convinced black and bland is going to cut it. But with Perth designer Jonté opening her design studio and showcasing a few of her designer friends for an Event Ready event supporting Frocktober, on October 31st, I have the perfect place to get all the help I need. Especially with stylist Vicki Thompson hosting two dedicated Event Ready style sessions on the day. Spring Racing at 12:30pm, followed by Going to the Ball at 2:30pm.


You should join me!


Apart from getting yourself Event Ready and supporting a worthwhile cause in the process, attendees that sign up for either style session are also in the running for a pretty impressive Event Ready giveaway.



Event Ready starting with the Clutch & Heels


Jessica Bratich’s designer bags and Zamora Shoes are both stocked at Jonté’s studio and will be showcasing their latest collections on the day as well.


Two of my favourite ways to make a stylish statement when I’m stuck in a style rut and clutching at straws… A designer clutch and a statement pair of heels. You really can’t go wrong.


Right now, I’m really loving Jessica Bratich’s latest collection. The designer has moved away from leather, making her range more affordable. One of my favourite pieces from the latest range is the Alana clutch, specifically designed with race goer in mind. Featuring pockets for form guide, lipsticks and a chain strap for later in the day when you no longer want to hold a clutch, it will certainly have you winning in the spring racing style stakes. You can bet on it!


Event Ready with Jessica Bratich | Alana Clutch (also available in Pink)


Aside from my fascination with Jessica Bratich, when I’m putting my outfits together for an event, I tend to start with the heels and work my way up and Zamora Shoes never fails to impress in this regard. The perfect way to make a real statement from the ground up and my pick of a pretty impressive bunch in their latest collection, is definitely Indah – a strappy and stylish stiletto heel…


Event Ready with Zamora Shoes | Indah heel


I’m absolutely loving the height factor on these, I’m super short, even in heels and allergic to flats. Not even kidding. If I was to opt for a more sensible, but far from boring heel, then the Jolie Combat with a camouflage print with a pop of fuchsia would be at the top of my list…


Event Ready with Zamora Shoes | Jolie Combat heels


These heels have so much potential to make a real statement and either clash or match with all of my existing wardrobe.


Are they spring racing material? Time and a catch up with Vicki Thompson for Event Ready will tell.


Event Ready with Jonte featuring Perth Stylist Vicki Thompson



What’s your wardrobe obsession? Are you a bag or shoe kind of gal or is it something else entirely that tickles your fancy?

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  1. When I was carrying baby weight, I def became focused on bags & shoes (because buying actual clothes was depressing). Now I like bags – I’ve stopped on the shoes cos I just wear the same ones all the time until they fall apart….

    • We are so very similar. My favourite shoes are all falling apart right now and my focus has been on the bag side of things as well. I’m about to audit my Jessica Bratich collection and share it here on the blog before I add to it.

  2. I was at the races on Saturday and stiletto’s are just no good when grass is involved… Oh and champers for me too.

  3. Oh I so need a style session. Love those pink camo heels- they’re absolutely more fabulous than my latest shoe purchase- some new season havainas. They have hibiscus flowers on them.

  4. OMG I have shoe envy!!! I have an ankle injury which means I can’t wear anything higher than a 2cm heel (which most would argue is no heel at all!!). I’m all about flat boots and Birkenstocks. Very sad.

  5. I’m a bag lover – shoes leave me cold (as long as they’re comfortable that’s all I need and it’s only flats for me for the next few months while my knee recovers anyway!). I love a good clutch, handbag or purse!!!!

    • There’s a photo of me in heels with a couple of blogging friends and my youngest (& shortest daughter) and I’m still the shorty. I honestly need stilts. Hoping the knee is improving and you are following drs orders. My cousin that had her knee done just before you, is back in hospital with a nasty infection.

  6. I’m a shoes and bag gal raych!
    go you in those high killer sexy ones!
    I have never been able to walk in very high heels!
    i wore 3″ ones to my nephews wedding and had to change at the reception for the dance moves!; … I’ve got a thing for fabric shoes!
    hope you are ok! love m:)X

  7. I wish I lived in Perth!
    I am also getting event ready for Melbourne Cup day (although I’ll be at the Canberra track). Got my fascinator, got my blouse, just need my skirt and shoes … and clutch. Drooling over both pairs of those shoes!

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