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TPFF DR2 2015


On Saturday evening, two of my favourite designers here in Perth, Western Australia, showcased their designs as part of Designer Runway 2 for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF). They were among 12 designers showcasing that night, all of whom I hold in high design esteem, which is why this particular runway show (when there were so many fab ones to choose from) was always going to make my worth casing list.


It’s no easy feat, featuring 12 designers in the one show and in a certain time frame and true to form TPFF didn’t disappoint with this show but I found myself on a number of occasions wanting to hit the pause button so I could get a better look and freeze frame certain styles. It was all over so quickly and I found I didn’t want the show or the night to end.


I’m sure the designers felt the same way. Months of hard work and stress, especially last minute backstage shenanigans and it is all over in a matter of minutes.


Thankfully, the photographer pit was full to overflowing, capturing the moment for me so I could take the show in front row. Even still, I found myself craving a little backstage action or an up close and personal, meet and greet with all the designs and designers afterwards but I appreciate that’s not exactly how things work with shows running to a tight schedule.


With a host of talented bloggers and media also in attendance, that tackle the whole editorial after a show like this so well, I’m not going to give you a blow by blow report. Instead, I’m going to point you in their direction (see below), so I can turn the focus on my two favourites from the runway that night…


Jonté Designs


TPFF2015 DR2 Jonte

There’s something about Jonté’s designs that makes me wish her contribution to TPFF was more stand alone. I’ve seen a sneak peek of the entire collection and I have no idea how the designer ended up selecting just five pieces to showcase. As gorgeous as the selections were on the runway, this is just a small snippet and there really is so much more on offer with her latest collection.


While I probably need to be twenty years younger for a lot of Jonté’s innovative designs, the pieces that have made it into my wardrobe are fast becoming my favourites. Like the Relic kimono and my divine black silk shirt. Now if only I had the legs for the high waisted leather shorts that my daughter is currently living in.


Speaking of daughters, with two out of three in senior high school and graduations just around the corner, you can’t believe how delighted I am that Jonté designs is also offering a selection of her designs for hire as well as sale. More on the hire side of things coming to AMC soon as event season goes into overdrive here in Perth.


Jessica Bratich



You only have to scan through my Instagram feed, to know I’m a huge fan of Jessica Bratich. Jessica’s bags are my constant plus ones at local and interstate events.


Not that there is a competition or that anyone is really counting but I’m guessing aside from Jessica herself, I would have one of the biggest JB leather bag collections in town. I can’t get enough. Everything from travel bags, wallets, laptop bags, clutches and handbags. They are the perfect way to make a stylish statement, while keeping things practical, without needing to go to too much effort or calling a stylist.


Jessica has now moved away from leather with her latest collection, making her designs more affordable in the process. With four social media influencers acting as Ambassadors, all contributing to the design process, there is more than a little something for everyone in this latest collection.


Earlier in the month, I attended Jessica’s collection launch and met three of the Ambassadors behind the designs. Like the collection itself, it was a whole lot of fun. I already have my eye on one or two bags that will be making their way into my wardrobe and featuring on the blog soon.


Jessica, also designed the jewellery and jumpsuits that hit the runway with her bag designs on Saturday night. The jewellery side of things is already available for purchase via her website, with the latest body jewellery not far behind and we will have to stay tuned as to whether the jumpsuits will make it off the runway and into production.



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A little proof that I do occasionally get in front of the camera and that I clearly have no idea what I’m doing…… and yes I’m sporting a double chin and grey regrowth Jessica Bratich handbag. For all those that keep asking about it, since the Instagram share… It’s the Melissa and it is currently on SALE!


TPFF2015 Mystery Case



If you have a blog post worth casing this week, this is the place to link up….


Coming up….. Just who in Ptown is helping me get event ready and why I’ve been clutching at straws in this regard.


Thanks to The Fashionable Mum for the front row iPhone images. My days of dragging my DSLR front row or crouching in the photographer pit are well and truly behind me.

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  1. You look stunning and look ready for the red carpet, how fun to attend such an inspiring event to see upcoming trends and styles, some of which are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by the #OMHGWW this week to share the fun you are having!!

    Have a brilliant week!

  2. Wow that looks like it would have been a really exciting evening! Great photo of you Raychael! I really love your outfit and am especially keen on that long sleeveless cardi thingy (I am not a fashion person – please excuse my inability to know what to call that garment! lol). I am also going to have to check out the Jessica Bratich handbags!

    • I think you call it a long vest. I’m as clueless as you. Vicki Thompson aka The Fashionable Mum picked it out for me as part of her official stylist duties for the Katies new collection launch. Not something I would have normally selected but love it so much.

    • With so many other bloggers there, I couldn’t see the point in pumping out similar editorial content. This is probably my last year involved with the Festival as a blogger. If I do get involved again, I will make sure I employ an official photographer. I’m too old for crouching in the photographers pit and I just find DSLRs on the front row inappropriate.

  3. Sounds like it was a fantastic event and once again you looked fantastic . It is great to hear that designers are hiring gowns out for events especially when it comes to school balls as most dresses are only worn once . X

    • I didn’t take a photo at all this time round. I’ve gone off dragging my DSLR front row and I’m too old for crouching in the photographer pit, which is what I’ve done the last couple of years. These are iPhone photos from the blogger sitting next to me.

  4. Looks like it was a fabulous event and that you had a great seat. The Iphone pics are great! Looks like I might have to invest in an Iphone after all!

    • You too Hayley. I don’t tend to do a lot of blogger events these days but going to make the effort for The Fashionable Mum’s frocktober event on 31st October. Hopefully you can make it. I’m guessing details go out next week.

  5. What an exciting event and to be so close to all the excitement – wow, great seat! Your pics are fabulous too, and really convey the glitz and glamour of it all – as you do in your Star Shot – you looked beautiful and very red carpet, Raych 🙂

  6. you are looking really great raych!
    an interesting night! … and mix of designers!
    hope things are smoothing out for you! … love m:)X

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