Event Ready Event – Are you ready for this?

Event Ready Frocktober event featuring Perth designer Jonte


Event Ready Frocktober event featuring Perth designer Jonte


Are you ready for this? An Event Ready event, here in Perth, with some of my favourite people supporting a worthwhile cause in the process. I honestly can’t wait to fill in the blanks for this fabulous event on October 31st, in support of Frocktober.


Frocking Up for Ovarian Cancer Research


Throughout October, Frocktober partners with Everyday Hero to raise funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) through their classic Frocktober Challenge. A month of challenging women to wear a dress every day, sharing their Frocktober endeavours with their family, friends and online communities and collecting donations for OCRF in the process.


Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the ‘silent-killer’ as symptoms are vague and often misdiagnosed. With no early detection test, actual diagnosis is often in the late stages of the disease with a low survival rate beyond five years. Early detection is crucial to increase a woman’s chance of survival.


OCRF aims to raise ovarian cancer awareness and vital funds for the development of an early detection test that will save women’s lives. Surprisingly, OCRF receive no government funding and rely heavily on the support of the community, including business supporters and initiatives like Frocktober to assist in driving their research forward.


Looking for ways to get involved?


With a history of breast and ovarian cancer in our family, Frocktober is the one fundraising initiative I like to get behind each year but I don’t necessarily want to be throwing myself in front of the camera, frocking up once a day or sharing the results online. It just isn’t going to happen. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to get involved.


Each year, I tend to support other friends and bloggers that are taking part. Both through donations and featuring them here on AMC and across other social media platforms. I also love to attend and promote local events that support this worthwhile cause. No matter how big or small. It all counts.


Suggestions for how you can get your Frock On this October:


  • Frock up every day, once a week or just once during October. Share your efforts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Frocktober2015
  • Hold a ‘Frock Friday’ at work or school with a gold coin donation.
  • Invite friends to a frock-themed afternoon tea or garden party
  • Tie in a designer studio open day by asking your favourites to come on board for an afternoon of Frocktober fun √


This year, one of my favourite designers here in Perth, Jonté will be opening her design studio for an afternoon of Event Ready fashion, supporting this worthy cause in the process AND we are all invited.


I couldn’t be more thrilled. So excited… that instead of doing my annual blogiversary giveaway here on AMC with my favourite brands, I’ve held off and asked a few of my favourites to come to the Frocktober party by helping me put together an amazing Event Ready giveaway.


The Main Event


If you are in Perth, you can join Jonté and her designer friends at her studio in Balcatta on October 31st between 12 and 4 pm for an ‘Event Ready’ afternoon of style, bubbly, cupcakes and more. It’s going to be a whole lot of fashionable fun.


You can just drop by when you have the time or you can sign up for one of two dedicated style sessions on the day…


12:30 pm Spring Racing

2:30 pm Going to the Ball


with special offers, end of season sale items, an introduction to Jonté‘s designer hire business, as well as a host of GIVEAWAYS that will see you Event Ready and basically ready for anything.


More details on the event together with how I’m getting Event Ready (inside and out) in the lead up to my upcoming 45th birthday, coming soon to AMC. Including some fabulous Event Ready sponsors and contributors, as The Fashionable Mum and myself continue to fill in the Event Ready event blanks with a lot of help from our friends.


For now though, head over and start casing Jonté designs’ Facebook page and keep an eye out for their FB event page, so you can hit RSVP and save the date.




Not in Perth but want in on the Frocktober festivities? Stay tuned!


Will you be supporting Frocktober this year? Are you free October 31st?


Looking for Worth Casing Wednesday?



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  1. Sounds like a great event Raych… though I’m not in Perth and much of an event goer. I might look at other opportunities to participate however. (I only own one dress and it currently doesn’t fit, so I won’t be frocking up… that’s for certain!) 😉

    • We might need to do something about all of that. Although, I’m not sure where to start. Finding you a sponsored flight to Perth? I’m a lot like you at the moment, not feeling like I can face frocks or events. This will hopefully drag me out of my rut.

  2. I’m a bit of a shut in, and being in Tasmania doesn’t help… I only manage to get out to things a couple of times a year, but I’m actually sad not to be able to make it to this one. I have a few frocks in my closet at the moment, the products of a misguided attempt to rework my wardrobe into something that contains grownup clothes instead of yoga pants, singlets and baggy jumpers. I could hashtag some of that this October – It’ll give me something to put on my instagram which is otherwise woefully underutilized!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I’m casing the wardrobe today to find as many frocks to rock as I can. I don’t own many so I may have to hit up the old op shop to add to my collection. Bron x

    • If only you were in Perth, I would open my wardrobe to you. I’ve just donated a couple of designer frocks to another Frocktober event the weekend before this one and I still have far too many. Just can’t wear any of them at the moment. My arms and legs are super swollen and covered in welts and I just need/want to cover up or not venture out in the first place.

    • Any excuse to wear a frock Ann. I remember eyeing off a rather elaborate dress while shopping with hubby and he asked ‘where on earth are you going to wear that?” my reply…. ‘gardening’. lol not that I garden but clearly made my point.

    • Frocking up every day isn’t my thing either, which is why I love this event. I’m hoping I’m not the only one that wears pants to this. As the weather warms, I’m increasingly getting anxious not just about my wardrobe (or lack of) but of what I can do to minimise the swelling in my legs, so I feel comfortable leaving the house. I’m super short so maxi skirts and dresses are out.

  4. What a great initiative! I’m not much of a fashionista myself but as a survivor I fully support anything that raises money for cancer research.

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