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Our latest featured blogger Bron from Flat Bum Mum, is a Melbourne based blogger and stylist on an epic styling adventure. Utterly obsessed with real-life style this mum of three shares lifestyle, fashion and general mum goodness on her blog. Follow along, you may just discover a stylish, new you.



How long have you been blogging and why did you start?


I started Flat Bum Mum in January this year.  I wanted to create a place to help other mums develop their own style. I try to keep the blog somewhere between ‘mum blogger’ and ‘style blogger’.  I am no model.  I am a real mum with a real body showing other mums that style is not defined by the size of your thighs. (or the size of your income.)


Flat Bum Mum style



Tell us a bit about your blog and what we can expect to see in the next 12 months?


Flat Bum Mum is a place to learn a bit, share a bit and try new styles.  It has had such a great response already that I am now taking my Flat Bum to the masses through my styling services.  I look forward to sharing my e-book and style videos very soon.



Do you have a favourite place or dedicated space for blogging?


I have a cute little desk area that houses my laptop and camera.  It’s usually in such a state that I blog from the kitchen table.  I do have photo evidence of it looking fab though.  Let’s just pretend I am this orderly all the time shall we?


Flat Bum Mum Office



What are your must have tools and resources when it comes to blogging?


Blogging is a BEAST! The more you learn, the more you are desperate to know. I am amazed at what I have been able to teach myself.  The main tools I use for Flat Bum Mum are my laptop, my camera and tripod (for those glamorous style shots) and editing tools such as pic monkey and Canva.  I am loving sites like Secret Blogger Business and groups like Blog Exchange for inspiration and help develop my understanding of the more technical side of blogging.



Flat Bum Mum Style



Have you ever experienced blogger’s block and what are your top tips for when it strikes?


At the moment I am bursting with ideas and trying to edit them down and find appropriate content.  This idea overload can be exhausting if I don’t do a brain dump every now and then.  I have ideas rolling around the cavities of my brain constantly and writing them down really helps to separate the good from the bad (or sometimes the ugly.)



What have been your blogging highlights and biggest challenges?


Highlights – Watching the readership grow.  Readers commenting on my posts.  Being featured by other bloggers and brands.  What an honour.


Challenges – Promotion.  How to promote my work without sounding like a wanker? This really is a tough one for me.



Who inspires you and what’s on your Worth Casing list when it comes to other bloggers?


Styling You, The Mom Edit, Inside Out Style and Fox in Flats were and remain my style blog inspiration.



What advice would you give to anyone that is thinking about starting a blog of their own?


Put on your big girl pants and just do it!  There really is nothing to loose.  Except your sanity and that was probably hanging by a thread anyway.



Flat Bum Mum Style



What styling services do you offer?


I have a few packages.  Wardrobe Audit, Shopping Trip or a Complete Package. I am also introducing Style Parties in your home and fundraiser workshops.  I aim to help you understand your shape and style personality so that you can shop with confidence for yourself.


You can find out more about my styling services here.



If you weren’t in the business of blogging what would you be doing?


I would be styling the world one mum at a time.


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Message from Mystery: I don’t know about you but I’ve been finding Bron aka Flat Bum Mum a real breathe of fresh air when it comes to keeping it real and style blogging. Definitely worth casing and a blog to keep your eye on.

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  1. Flat Bum Mum. LOL. Love it! I am so with her on the promotion side of things. That’s where I struggle the most as well.

  2. thanks raych! … worth casing indeed! … great blog name bron! … i will take a look because I like your style! very wearable clothes! great hair too!
    btw a very cute little nook for blogging! love it!
    love m:)X

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