In the Bag with Kristy from Sash and Belle

In the Bag | Inspirational Women | Handbag | Feature Agent Mystery Case

In the Bag | Inspirational Women | Handbag | Feature Agent Mystery Case


Welcoming In the Bag, our latest blog series to Agent Mystery Case. It’s all about catching up with the people behind our favourite brands and sneaking a peek inside their bags.


Following our recent collaboration and giveaway with Sash & Belle, it was only fitting that Kristy the owner behind this gorgeous and affordable handbag label, be our first cab bag off the rank.




Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your business?


I am 36, happily married with two gorgeous children aged 6 & 3 and live in Canberra. I am also the creator and owner of the Sash & Belle handbag label. I created and launched my own handbag collection in February 2014. I had a passion for handbags and wanted to start my own business but didn’t want to sell someone else’s brand/creation.


The Sash & Belle look is classic, functional and stylish. Most of my handbags are crafted from polyurethane (PU – a type of vinyl or faux leather). I made the decision to stock mostly PU bags as it is hard to find stylish high quality non-leather handbags. I recently introduced a limited edition leather range – which has been popular as the bags range from $75 – $110, soooo affordable! I create two Sash & Belle collections per year, autumn/winter and spring/summer. You can view the range online here.


So far it has been fun and challenging, with two children and a mortgage I couldn’t quit my day job so I work four days a week in the Public Service, but one day soon I hope to say I work exclusively on Sash & Belle!


Canberrans have been very supportive and are loving the quality of Sash & Belle bags for the price, and now I would love to let the rest of Australia know about them. We offer free shipping so it is easy to get your own bag.


I also have a blog, it has fashion tips, parenting stories and business tips, pretty much whatever I feel like writing about. I love to share photos of clothes I have found and match them with my handbag collection, you might get some great outfit ideas.



Kristy - Sash & Belle Abbey clutch



If your everyday bag could talk, what would it say about you? How much does it weigh and are you game to share a photo of the contents?


My bag would say ‘essentials and organised’. I love functional bags that have compartments to separate my things and that is why I am using the Sash & Belle “Kerry” in Magenta. The weight of my bag varies too, it can be super light when it is just me and I am heading to the shops or it can be super heavy when I am going to work or on the weekend when I am also carrying my kids things.



In the bag - Kristy from Sash and Belle



The picture of the contents of my bag is when it is super full. I am very lucky because I have a huge range of handbags to choose from – I change them with my mood or activity!



Inside my bag with Kristy from Sash and Belle



What is your idea of the perfect date night?


I am picked up in a limo, whisked to the airport where I board a private jet with my husband to France or Italy (this is a very long date night) I am then wined and dined on a very large yacht on the Mediterranean and treated to massages and pampering.


However when I wake from that wonderful dream what I do love is good food and good champagne (Veuve Cliquot in particular) with my husband. We love to try new restaurants but with two little ones date nights are a little rare and valuable so we certainly make the most of it.



What is on your Worth Casing list?


I love people casing my Sash & Belle collection and telling everyone what they thought, people listen to their friends about good products they have found. If I had to pick something else that I am interested in at the moment it would be casing what will be the next big fashion piece for summer, this winter we saw the poncho/blanket cape and flat ankle boot – what will be the piece to have this summer?


Kristy holding Sash & Belle Carmen handbag


If you had a theme song what would it be and why?


I don’t have a theme song, I sing along to anything I like but don’t take the words in that much. The music I listen to changes with my mood though, if I am feeling serious or nostalgic then I love a Beyoncé ballad like Halo. If I am happy and in a party mood anything that has got a beat and in the top 40 is for me, I love to dance and sing (but I didn’t say I was good at it). If I want to chill out, lounge music is my choice.


More ways to case



Have you discovered Sash & Belle? Have you ever weighed your everyday handbag?

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