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Aussie Giveaway LinkUp now at Agent Mystery Case

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I must confess, when I took the Aussie Giveaway Linkup over from Kellie O’Brien earlier in the year, I had no idea how time consuming it would be. Especially getting the word out, not only to bloggers and brands that are hosting giveaways but the online comping community and beyond. Some of which are already dedicated followers here on AMC thanks to our numerous giveaways.


Having a dedicated Australian giveaway audience has been a huge help and possibly the main reason I put my hand up to take over the linkup. It’s been a slow and steady start. Competitions and giveaways are just a small part of AMC so like everything else with blogging and finding your audience, the more effort you put in the better the outcome.


From the outset, I’ve keen to build some real momentum for this linkup, so that regardless of if you are here to link up or case the competitions on offer, it benefits one and all. Which is why, I quickly moved from hosting the linkup weekly to monthly. It just makes sense and gives me more time in the interim to promote not only the linkup but all the giveaways linking up.


I had originally planned to open the linkup on the first Sunday of each month but thanks to a lot of feedback and a little blog rescheduling the party will kick off on the 1st of each and every month. It makes perfect sense.


If you are here to link up, don’t link and run. Spend a couple of minutes entering the giveaways on offer and touching base with other bloggers and brands linking up. You just never know where it might lead. Of course if you actually manage to win a competition or two in the process that’s a WIN WIN in my books.


If you are blogger… I would start with the ProBlogger event giveaway with The Whole Daily (ending 25/6), it includes flights, accommodation and tickets to the ProBlogger main event of the year on the Gold Coast. I’m actually really wanting to WIN this one myself so I was really in two minds about sharing and highlighting this one but seriously it’s too good not to share.


With hubby heading to sea around the same time as ProBlogger and our nearest family over 4000 km away, winning the full ProBlogger package is my only hope of making it this year.


The money saved by winning the package would mean I could afford to fly a relative in to look after my three girls, the only workable alternative that sits right with me, given hubby is unable to be contacted while at sea for the month and I would be a plane trip and a half away on the Gold Coast worrying unnecessarily effectively cancelling out any real benefit the workshops might provide me with.


Of course if I don’t make it to ProBlogger again this year. I will be following along (as much as I can) via social media, especially Emily from Have a Laugh on Me who has been known to be a bit of a Cinderella and lose a shoe. I will also set up my Green with ProBlogger envy support group again this year. Like every other year it will include a giveaway or three.


Are you heading to ProBlogger this year?

Do you have a list of Bloggers or Brands you are hoping to connect with?

What prizes would you like to see up for grabs for my Green with ProBlogger envy giveaway?


Aussie Giveaway LinkUp now at Agent Mystery Case


Aussie Giveaway Linkup instructions:


If you’re a blogger or business wanting to take part in the Aussie Giveaway Linkup:

  • Only link directly to the giveaway post/s.
  • Include the prize and end date in the linky tool below.
  • Link each giveaway separately.
  • Leave a comment each time you link. It really is the quickest way to notify me of your giveaway, so I can start sharing the social media love your way.
  • Giveaways must be open to Australian residents and be run by Australian-based bloggers or businesses.
  • Grab the button below to add to your post or sidebar (optional but much appreciated).
  • A new list is added on the 1st of the month so bloggers and business owners need to add their links monthly.
  • Start entering the giveaways! Entry is at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for unfulfilled prizes or a blogger/business not abiding by their own terms and conditions.



Sharing the social media and linky love with My Home Truths for I Must Confess and One Mother Hen for Open Slather…..

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    • I would really love to meet you too Malinda. Hopefully on one of my blogging mystery tours if not at ProBlogger. It would be nice if funds and family circumstances allowed me to do it all. One day.

  1. I hope if I don’t win the ticket, you do. I had decided to go to the Melbourne Voices event but life got in the way, so that won’t be happening…argh!

    • LOL Lydia, if only it was a double pass, I would share it with you. I have tickets to the Voices event but flight changes mean I’m probably not going to make this one work either.

  2. I’d love you to win the ProBlogger ticket coz then I could meet you! Hope the new linkup goes well for you! 🙂

  3. Oh you must get over here soon – it’s just not good enough that we haven’t met yet! One day I will try and score a famil weekend with family to Perth and we’ll catch up. Promise I won’t lose a shoe this year, I’ll prob even more tame than last year.. getting a bit of an old and boring blogger to be a silly billy now! xx

    • Thanks for linking up your latest giveaway. I was just about to head over and grab the link.

      A family weekend to Perth would cost a small fortune. It’s rather ridiculous. It’s cheaper for us to have a week in Bali than head back East or even have a weekend at Rottnest (12 km by sea from here). How ridiculous. I would love to find a blog sponsor that would help me pull off more than a few of my blogging travel ambitions and a magic wand that makes it all happen this end. A girl can dream.

      Right now, I’m struggling to just get to Melbourne for one bloody day. Flights just aren’t lining up for a fly in fly out visit for the voices masterclass and I can’t afford for it to impact on the family by extending the trip for a few days.

      • Yes you’re right – we’d probably prefer an overseas holiday for the same price. I do hope you go to Voices, I’m going but only for social reasons, which I’m wondering if are good enough right now as you know my thoughts on blogging and bloggers competitions. BUT in saying all that it will be a nice weekend away… xx

        • You’re going to Voices this weekend? Well I’m slightly more determined to make it happen now. I’m going for the social reasons too and feel much the same as you. I really need someone to gag me or sit next to me with a stun gun in the workshops because I tend to question everything.

  4. I’d love to win that as i have no money whatsoever to get there on my own this year thanks to my Canada trip. If I don’t get through, count me in for the Green with Problogger envy group…I’m sure we can drown our sorrows over wine. 🙂

    • Our slush fund went to my daughter’s $26k braces and the surgery she needs to have with them at the end of the year. It’s going to make all the difference in the world to her.

    • Thanks Janet, I’m hoping once EOFY is over I will have even more time to promote this side of things. Failing that I might engage a comping intern to help in the interim.

  5. Winning that ticket would be the only way I will get to PB. I don’t know how much I will learn as I’d spend the whole time star struck!

  6. I just submitted my own giveaway on my blog for a $100 gift card from Catimini Australia… And oh gosh, just saw that PB contest so thanks for being altruistic and sharing haha – fingers crossed that I can win 😛

  7. I’ve not attended a blogger event… sounds inspiring 🙂 I’ve just launched the Write to Heal Signature Blend (pulse point) and Essential Oil Blend today. I’m interesting in linking with you, just not sure if I’m tech savvy enough to get it right! lol. Thanks Rach

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