Mystery Case Confession – 7 kilos in 3 days

Mystery Case Mission | 7 kilos in 3 days

7 kilos in 3 days | Agent Mystery Case | Mission Impossible


I must confess, I wasn’t really thinking straight when I went for 7 kilos of carry on luggage for my 3 day trip to Melbourne this week. If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time you would know by now how much I love a good challenge and just how much of a challenge this will be for me.


Joining me for the trip is Zita Hooke from It’s Time, who I’ve never actually met in real life but who I’ve enjoyed following and living vicariously through on her many travel adventures over the last two years.


Finally it’s my time for a bit of an adventure and while it’s only a quick trip to Melbourne, it will be nice to have a seasoned traveler along for the mystery ride.


Hotel bell


Zita and myself will be sharing a room, a bit of a mystery blogging adventure and catching up with a number of our favourite Melbourne bloggers as well. While I’m super excited about this side of things, even more than the blogging opportunities that have me in Melbourne in the first place, it’s feeling like a blogging blind date in a way and I suppose I find myself wondering if I will live up to expectations.


Strange really given I have no expectations on the bloggers I’m meeting. I’m just over the blogging moon that I’m finally getting to meet my virtual blogging friends in real life and have a blogging adventure. I wonder if it is the same for them?


With any virtual relationship, especially when mystery blogging comes into play where I’m not putting myself front and centre here on the blog so much, a lot of my online persona is what you make it. The perceived me.


This past year, I’ve opened up a little more, hosted a couple of blogging catch ups and overshared more personal posts than I ever thought I would. While I prefer a keeping it real approach, for the most part, it’s still very much snippets of me which are open to assumption and perception.


Mystery Case Style Challenge | Finding My Style


On a number of occasions recently when I’ve been discussing niches in reference to blog award categories, I’ve been referred to as a fashion blogger, it’s hard not to roll my no-niche eyes. I’m sure the fashion bloggers would take one look at the above photo and roll their fashion blogger eyes as well.


I suppose those that think of me in this regard, arrive here for the style challenges and the fashionable side of things which is how they see but I must confess I’m not as stylish or fashionable as everyone assumes. Not even close.


The fashion and style side of things are only a small percentage of what the blog is really about but I’ve always been interested in this side of things and for the most part when I’m coordinating photo shoots or helping a brand launch a product, I make a pretty good stylist. I just don’t feel as though I ever look the part myself.  A lot of that is not liking the body I find myself in and confidence but we should leave that side of things for another confession.


Agent Mystery Case | Wardrobe Chaos


Personally I was fearing my style and my wardrobe in general might have been beyond help. I kept falling back into my old matchy matchy or I have nothing to wear ways even though my wardrobe is full to overflowing. With the change in season and my upcoming trip this has been playing on my mind.


A lot like my approach to blogging, my style has always been a little left of centre and different. At the moment though, if I had to name my personal style in one word, it would be chaotic. In a sentence… camouflage and what actually fits me style, as I try to work with health issues, associated weight gain and hiding medical stockings together with a huge case of water retaining ankles, I like to call the wrankles.


Nikki from Styling You who I was lucky enough to meet when I attended her Unlock Your Style book launch and blogging workshop here in Perth last year has been a huge help in this regard as I attempt to sort my chaotic wardrobe ways.


Each season, I try to revamp my wardrobe so it’s working for me and not against me but like anything it is a work in progress. With winter approaching and knowing I was heading to Melbourne, I recently attended a back to basics styling workshop at Westfield Innaloo with their resident stylist Mikey Walton.


I’ve been a huge fan of Mikey‘s work since moving to Perth. He tends to do things a little left of centre to most and not only does it work, his style really appeals to me.




The style session with Mikey was 50 shades of fabulous and all about layering, just perfect with this in between weather, the change of season and packing for Melbourne.


Mikey has more than a few style and magic tricks up his sleeve, you should see what he does with a simple navy vest, it had everyone at the workshop talking and looking at their wardrobe differently.


Mikey has a knack for making you feel comfortable and confident. He has also been a tremendous help when I’ve needed to get hubby looking more the part for an event. I would like to say half the battle is getting Mr C to the store in the first place, but honestly that’s where the battle begins. It’s just less of a battle when I have Mikey in my corner.


If you are in Perth and looking for some style support, I would highly recommend signing up for a one on one session with Mikey or taking advantage of Westfield’s 2 for 1 offer at the moment either as a mother daughter session or sharing your session with Mikey with a friend.


Thanks to Mikey‘s hints and tips I’m all sorted for my trip to Melbourne, well as sorted as one can be with a 7 kilo limit.




My laptop and camera are definitely going to make the must wear accessories list and I honestly don’t care if I have to live in the one outfit for 3 days to fit them in my luggage. It’s a blogging thing.


I suspect I may end up looking like inspector gadget with everything attached to me that doesn’t fit into my carry on bag and/or puts me over the weight allowance. They are actually weighing your carrying on luggage when you check in for your flight these days, including your handbag…. I’m screwed and will probably need to allow more time to get through security.


On a positive note… I can see the inspector gadget look trending this winter. Trust me.


If you are in Melbourne and would like to join Zita and myself for brunch on Saturday, leave a comment below or drop me an email. If you are wondering about the dress code…. it’s keeping it real and come as yourself style, something I think we are all good at without even trying.


It's Time & Mystery Case do Melbourne | Blog Mystery Adventure


Could you describe your style in one word? Dannii Minogue recently attempted this as part of her style ambassador role for Westfield, only she had a bit of a blonde moment and ended up using two words which Dannii then proceeded to hyphenate.   It kind of worked. More on Dannii, Westfield #fashionobsessed together with a Dannii Minogue giveaway coming soon.


After hosting I Must Confess the past two weeks, the confessional party is heading over to Living My Imperfect Life this week and you will need to confess all those Embarrassing Songs from your iPod, although you could be like me and be off topic.

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  1. oooh, I’m jealous! Would love to meet you both. On a different note, I did 7 kilo hand luggage to Singapore once – then they asked to weigh my handbag too! Fortunately, the handluggage was only 5 kgs, so I made it under (but I did have my book on my hand at the time…that would have tipped the scales.)

  2. My style at the moment, in one word (or two). Depression chic. And not the period in history. Am so porky and blah I can barely be bothered getting out of my PJ pants and oversized tshirts. I’d hate to be meeting people I hadn’t met before (like this). However… I know I wouldn’t care what they looked like. If I love their blog and their voice is authentic I’ll surely love them too!

  3. Sounds like a fun adventure ahead and I find it ludicrous that they are now weighing handbags . . . will we be reduced to scraping all the coins out of our purses to shed any available weight??

  4. Ohhh have a lovely time in Melbourne – look forward to some mysterycase stories 🙂 My style too often chaotic, occasionally boho-chic (is that one word?!)

  5. I hope you have a great time in Melbourne! I’m glad you’ve found a great stylist to give you some advice too! One of my instagram friends put me in touch with another instagram lady who was a personal stylist and I had her come over and help me tackle my wardrobe. Everything had changed so much post-baby and I had just been struggling to slim down the size of my wardrobe and make it easier to find those pieces that just fit and work for me right now. It was really really valuable!

    I think a session with a personal stylist is something everyone would benefit from 🙂 It’s definitely an eye-opener, and great getting an impartial review of what you have and what works 🙂

    • I’m really good at walking into someone’s wardrobe and doing this for them, not sure why I struggle to do my own. I really need to get back to my ‘should it stay or should it go now’ challenge and start sharing snippets of the more questionable items in my wardrobe here on the blog or via Instagram.

      • Oh that would be a great series! 🙂 I try to give my ‘maybe’ items one last wear to help me make up my mind, and of course that means they end up on the blog too. You get some good input that way.

  6. I have classic relaxed style – and I’m jealous of your style. I prefer exercise and casual gear and I’m so lucky I work from home and the kids catch the bus. So I’ve little need to dress up.

    Have a fabulous time in Melbourne.

    • Thanks Trish. I’m always trying to sneak exercise in, so do opt for exercise gear when I’m working from home and I know I’m not actually going to see people that day.

  7. That sounds like an exciting trip up ahead. I’ll be honest when I first started following you ages ago, I did think your niche was fashion! 😀 I love your style and that outfit you’ve got is lovely.

    Enjoy Melbourne! 🙂

  8. What time and where are you guys brunching? I have kids sports in the morning but I might be able to sneak out for a bit…

    • It’s all still a bit of a mystery at the moment. We are staying in the CBD near Southern Cross Station and just looking at venues at the moment. The place I really wanted to go is closed for renovations and doesn’t reopen until after our trip. If you can suggest somewhere that would be great. Time wise, we were looking at around 10ish.

  9. I feel similarly about ProBlogger (although a much longer wait). I cannot wait to meet up with all the amazing bloggers I feel like I kind of know. Niches Smiches I say!

    • I was hoping to do ProBlogger this year but it’s just so far away from Perth and hubby will be at sea around that time, so I will miss out again this year. Determined though to head to Sydney, somewhere in Queensland and Adelaide with blogging this year. Can’t wait.

  10. Love love love that fabulous Seed trench! I’m not a fashion blogger either, although this is what I’m called all the time. I prefer the term Style Blogger. It’s more about how and why we wear things, rather than what is currently on the Hot List.

    • Me too with the trench, thankfully you shared yours that day and reminded me in doing so to go and check their sale. I’d been wanting the minute it hit the racks just not at full price. Still can’t believe it was just $36.

      I’m not a style blogger either. I don’t really mind not having a niche or a label or an award category I can be pigeonholed into. For now, I think I just like doing my own thing.

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