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Finding My Style | Mystery Case Style Challenge featuring The Fashionable Mum

PERTH STYLE challenge


With every change of season,  I make a renewed effort to somehow get my chaotic wardrobe in some sort of order. At the moment it would seem I’m in the thick of event season with one or two invites on the same night most nights each week and my wardrobe just isn’t working for me.


Last Thursday we had four invites across town and somehow managed to make it to three, one of which included the new Russell Brand film. What an eye opener that was.



I can’t say that I’ve ever really taken an interest in Russell Brand. His humour doesn’t exactly appeal to me but The Emperor’s New Clothes certainly has me looking at him in a new light. While I do feel his approach to politics throughout the film was simplistic and sensationalised for effect, it’s all part of his charm (can hardly believe I’m saying that) and an excellent way to actually get his message across.  I’m convinced there is more than meets the eye to this man.


While the film had little to do with new clothing, I was struggling to pull outfits together to keep up with all the invites from my existing overflowing wardrobe and felt a shopping expedition would help.


Knowing I would undoubtedly fall back into my adding to the wardrobe chaos ways, I asked Vicki from The Fashionable Mum to not only join me but kick start our latest Finding My Style challenge.



This little challenge has been in the pipeline for a little while but we’ve both been knee deep in mystery projects and collaborations. Knowing Vicki was about to launch and announce her personal style sessions, I also thought it was a fantastic time to put Vicki through her stylish paces.


Coffee Martini - Shingle Inn - Westfield Innaloo


Our morning started with a quick catch up over coffee Martinis and a spot of tea at Shingle Inn, Westfield Innaloo.


True to mystery form, we shared a little snippet of our $50 Finding My Style Challenge and asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook to decide our style challenge fate between Fitness Fashion, Winter Wardrobe, Homewares or Start a New Trend.



I was really hoping to Start a New Trend but Winter Wardrobe was a clear favourite and we set to work casing the stores at Westfield Innaloo for bargain buys. It was amazing to see Vicki put on her stylist hat and get to work.


Outfit Under $50 The Fashionable Mum


I’m normally fairly nervous when I have a store stylist in tow. Worried I’m going to be talked into going over budget and pushed out of my matchy matchy comfort zone which possibly isn’t such a bad thing?!


Outfit Under $50 The Fashionable Mum | Agent Mystery Case style challenge


There was none of that with Vicki, she really is the queen of sneaking style into your grocery budget after all. She is also a mum to three like myself and can relate to a lot of the body issues and anxieties I have to deal with when shopping for clothing.


The entire morning was a whole lot of fun. Not something I normally associate with change rooms, unforgiving mirrors and a strict budget. Why normally that would be a recipe for tears, tantrums and a whole lot of stress with not a 2 year old in sight.


Outfit Under $50 The Fashionable Mum



You will have to head over and see Vicki’s impressive results for yourself. Not only did Vicki manage to pull together an outfit for under $50, but she also found more than a few bargain buys along the way.  Including the fabulous Betts boots (above) and more than a little something from Katies (below).


Outfit Under $50 The Fashionable Mum



For me, well here’s the next mystery twist… My wardrobe is that chaotic that I’ve decided to employ Vicki’s services for an in-house wardrobe audit. I couldn’t think of a better person to hold my hand for this. I can’t say, I still won’t have the odd ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment but I’m hoping to have my wardrobe working for me not against me with Vicki’s help.


With this in mind, I’ve decided I will be outsourcing my side of the challenge by giving my $50 voucher away to one lucky Perth lady who thinks she might be able to match Vicki in the budget style stakes. Not only will the winner receive $50 to spend at Westfield Innaloo, they will also join Vicki and myself for a coffee and style catch up.


Finding My Style | Outfit Under $50 The Fashionable Mum



Are you in Perth and up for our style challenge? Could you pull together an outfit for under $50?


WIN WIN!! Leave a comment below (or email us) letting us know why you are the perfect person for this challenge. Feel free to also include a photo of your stylish efforts. Not feeling so stylish? Let Vicki know why you need her help with this one.


Vicki (The Fashionable Mum) is judging this one, so it might actually help your cause if you head over and case the competition and leave a bit of comment love while you are there.


Mystery Case Style Challenge | Finding My Style | Featuring Perth style blogger The Fashionable Mum


Not in Perth? No worries, there will be another $50 available Australia wide, so get your Outfit Under $50 posts and images ready and stay tuned. This side of things will kick off over on The Fashionable Mum soon, as part of Vicki’s Fashionomics Friday Linkup.



Terms and conditions:

$50 voucher to spend at Westfield Innaloo

Perth residents only

Game of Skill

Entries Close 13/06/15 at 9pm (WST)



No Affiliate Links. 100% My Style. 


If you entered our latest GIVEAWAY for the $100 Sash and Belle voucher, keep an eye on your emails, we will be emailing the winner this afternoon. 

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  1. Thanks for laying down the gauntlet of the $50 outfit challenge – it’s awesome that we finally managed to fit it in! I know I’m like a stuck record but you really don’t need a huge budget to look great every day. You just need a few good basics and build from there. I can’t wait to see the entries for the competition and another coffee date, woohoo!

  2. Love your challenge! Well done on getting an outfit for $50 or under! Love what Vicki is wearing there in both pics! I need a Vicki here in Brisbane. I go into total panic attack mode when faced with middle-age spread, clothes shopping and unflattering change rooms!

    • I completely get the “stage fright” thing in changing rooms! I advice wearing control knickers and a singlet so you don’t have to contemplate complete nakedness when you go into them! 🙂

    • LOL, I’m sure I say that all the time now that I’m in Perth and all the fun stuff is happening on the East coast. I’m planning on taking this little challenge on the road as part of my mystery tour lineup but we also have the Aus wide online challenge kicking off really soon.

    • Hey Sammie, like Raych said don’t worry, we’ll be going Australia wide with this competition soon.

  3. I adore Russel Brand…funy, cheeky, wise and loves to shock! You will love your wardrobe edit…best way to cull and then start building your new wardrobe and style.

  4. I wish I had style! I’ve become addicted to scarves and chunky necklaces… they are kind of the cheats way of looking like you have made some kind of effort and possibly have some idea what you’re doing. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself 😉

    • Agreed, Michelle, a great scarf is an ideal way to add oomph to an otherwise basic outfit. It’s fab that Perth is cooling down so that I can dig out all of my scarves and play with new ways to wear them.

  5. that is a good idea raych, getting Vicki to cull and sort your wardrobe! …
    I’m sure you have some great pieces ready to go!
    enjoy your weekend! love m:)X

    • I’m betting Raych’s wardrobe is chocker with great stuff, but thinking it just needs reorganising – I can’t wait!

  6. I’m not sure I could pull together an outfit for under $50 but I would love to at least give it a try because my wardrobe is a lot like yours and in urgent need of help. Heading over to look at what Vicky has come up with.

  7. Dang! Another reason why I so desperately want to live in Perth! My wardrobe needs a MAJOR overhaul. I’ve got to stop buying and start throwing stuff out. It’s just starting to confuse me on what I should wear…Agh!

  8. I love the stripes and the short boots. Vicki looks fab! $50! that’s crazy!!

    I like Russell Brand. He’s a total dick, of course, but he means well. He gets involved in all kinds of stuff. x

    • That striped dress/top was just $5. This isn’t Vicki’s $50 outfit though. You will have to head over and case her post for that. Actually she managed to come up with more than one outfit.

  9. Ah! Great post – I love a good bargain hunt – op shops are my specialty! Would love to grab a coffee with you two lovely ladies one day – whether I win or not! Would love to chat with you about blogging and balancing life and what not! Xo

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