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Like most ongoing photographic challenges, I start off on the right foot full of good intentions. I gain some pretty decent momentum and then life gets in the way. When I’m time poor, getting out and about with the camera, following a prompt, is an indulgence.


52 Weeks of Memories photography challenge 2015


You could say the 52 Weeks of Memories photography challenge with Finding Myself Young is one of the easier ones to keep up with. Just one photo, once a week but I’ve even struggled on this front. I did try to keep up by going through old photos that matched the prompt of the week but ultimately, I joined the challenge in an attempt to get out and about to use my camera more and I failed.


Recently I was gifted a rather impressive Sony Xperia mobile phone. With it’s 20.7 mp rear camera packed full of features, I’m having a lot of fun road testing this one. All of my brunch review photos and the majority of my Worth Casing Wednesday images of late were taken on my new mobile phone.


Most images, hit the blog unedited but require resizing due to how large they are to start with.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch


To say I’m impressed is an understatement, it was the only camera I used during my recent Melbourne Mystery Tour. While I do miss some of my iPhone apps, the camera on this phone is more than making up for that side of things.


I’m currently looking at a couple of Sony Xperia workshops with the release of their latest phone later in the year and doing something on a regular basis for Worth Casing Wednesday that involves my new phone in the meantime.


Melbourne Docklands | Sony Xperia | Melbourne Mystery Tour with agent mystery case


Agent Mystery Case Melbourne Mystery Tour | Sony Xperia


Perhaps getting back on track and playing a quick game of catch up next week with 52 weeks of memories is a great way to start? You should join me!



Worth Casing Wednesday

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Also worth casing this week, is my latest blogging collaboration… Blog Exchange!

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Do you host or are a part of any photo challenges and do you manage to keep up? 


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  1. It’s been a while since I had a Sony phone, those photos came out brilliantly those photos are so clear enough to make me almost grab that coffee and food heheh!
    Have an xperiatastic week 🙂

    • With most gadgets in the house Sony, I’m surprised it has taken me this long to embrace the phone. No going back for me now and will snap up their latest one when it is launched later in the year.

  2. I find it so hard to commit to things, I always start off so gung-ho and then motivation starts to fade. Ever since changing to the iPhone 6, I am thrilled with the quality of photos! Makes taking random snaps so much easier 🙂 Your photos look great!

  3. I really need a way to take random shots at the spur of the moment. Currently my photos are being taken with my iPad, which is a bit too big to take everywhere with me. I really either need a new phone capable of taking good photos or a little pocket camera.

  4. Don’t feel bad lots of people have stopped joining in. Most only last the first four weeks. I really want that phone just for the camera. I’ve just bought a new Olympus camera so hopefully it’ll take better photos than my old galaxy phone.

  5. These are phone photos! wow! I am slow in joining this revolution, but I can see that I am just going to have to get with the new order. As for the yearly challenge. It is a challenge, I know, but keep going with it, but don’t beat yourself up as it is “your” challenge, so you should set your own rules. I did a 365 challenge in 2014 (that WAS a challenge), and this year I am doing a 52×2 – 1 colour & 1 B&W – much easier. Have fun with it, and thanks for hosting. happy travels.

  6. enjoying your photos thanks raych!
    that’s great that they are from your phone!
    especially love the coffee shot! … a perfect colour combo too!
    enjoy! … love m:)X

    • H isn’t a bad effort. I’m going to try and dedicate a weekend to catching up and also getting the remainder of the prompts out of the road, so they are here ready to go.

  7. Your phone takes impressive photo’s I am Googling your phone now!! As my phone and camera both take terrible pictures. Not sure I am up for the photo challenge. 🙂

    • They have a new one coming out towards the end of the year, which I’m assuming might mean the latest one is reduced? I’ve only been using the 8mp setting which I believe is similar to the iPhone? I’m going to put it on full (20.7mp) over the weekend and see how I go but I already need to reduce the sizing for the blog the images are so big.

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